• #11 WorrEU

    I forgot to choose champion and was randomly assigned Shen, so Shen jungle it was. This guide helped me, but when looking closer at item section it feels rather incomplete (item section, didn't have time to read anything else yet).


    Sight Stone on a jungler? Ruby Crystal is a great item for junglers. As gold efficient as Giant's Belt but in a smaller package which is great when you haven't got as much farm as laners. However, when you upgrade it into Sight Stone you should picture yourself buying 6 wards. Once the 6 wards are placed the gold generation starts. If 6 wards or more is a part of your core items, then Sight Stone is great. If not, then you should upgrade your Ruby Crystal to something else. Sight Stone gives no additional stats than wards, for 475 gold. I think there is a reason why most junglers like to rush Kindlegem instead, as it costs only 375 gold to upgrade and gives 20 more health and 10% cooldown reduction. It also builds into Locket of the Iron Solari, which is more useful to the team, provided someone else keeps your jungle warded. Taking off pressure from support to buy all support items is great, but I think Sight Stone should stay on support. Rather get early Locket + Aegis + Sight Stone than double Sight Stone, right?

  • #9 TyrannonvanDazok

    Wickd is capable of manually interrupt his teleport with shen and you also mentioned that. How exactly can i reproduce this? Which command? And is the time of the teleport also the time when the bar finishes channeling?

  • #12 WorrEU

    I think you can simply walk somewhere before the teleportation started. If that doesn't work, I think there is a stop command. You can probably find this if you look through Key Bindings. I don't know all this stuff, just guessing, but you should be able to try it out fairly simple in a bot game.

  • #7 gtriky

    i believe there should be first wraiths instead of wolves?

  • #6 phyrose

    i have  a question, why in the "defensive" masteries tree, you are not using Tough skin and bladed armor? those 2 are essential for junglers, as it helps sustain and faster minion killing (the reflect of 6 damage helps a lot clearing jungle faster)

  • #8 IBorbarad

    Neither of them are essential, and the reduced jungle time is only minor.


  • #5 Sansprenom

    I asked myself -  and now you - if a Rylais instead of forzen mallet wouldnt be more or at least as well effective. Especially caused by the slow the Q would affect this could be better while chasing enemys.

  • #10 Hjalmarr

    No, Frozen Mallet is more effective seeing as you would be getting more auto attacks off than you would be spamming Qs.

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  • #4 gmafiota

    TF mid and Shen jungle is such an OP combo

  • #3 philipov

    Dragon has a 6 minute respawn, not 7.

  • #1 Niceguydan8

    Galio also has a taunt

  • #2 dudewitbangs

    what is you point?

    and i quote: "This skill is what makes Shen unique. This is one of the two skills in the game that can taunt multiple targets, the other being Galio's Ultimate. What makes this skill better than Galio's Ultimate is that it has a MUCH shorter Cooldown since its not an ultimate, and it can also be used to escape. "

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