• #79 Jabbernaut

    Is this guide ever gonna get updated/replaced? This hasn't been updated in half a year since the bounty reduction nerf. If proxy singed is no longer viable/realistic in competitive play, you guys should contact InvertedComposer and see if he'll write a guide for lolpro. Singed is still a reallly strong champ played correctly, even without the lv1 proxy shenanigans.

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  • #78 Dixizje

    ryze is a hard counter in lane for singed

  • #77 Argius_

    Lol, this guide is so troll :D

  • #73 ByDevilEUW

    It is a ****ing awesome playing method. Awesome build, thx :D 

  • #69 M4ss4cr4

    Does tear of the goddess give you mana every time you turn on your poision trail?

  • #70 gsm_mast

    No, it just increases the capacity of your maximum mana.

    At the end it will result in having more mana.

  • #71 GuiOP

    so basically, yes .

  • #72 PanDan808

    If you buy tear and leave your poison trail active, it will proc the tear every chance it allows you.

  • #68 Ezgera

    After 3.9 death strikes changes, how viable is this strategy now? The pressure is still the same, but the enemy gets a lot more gold.

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  • #67 Pikohchu

    Please finish the purple side instructions! 

  • #66 Phyt

    How does this build take the enemy jungler into account?

  • #64 BreeBotJr

    Wait, where did RoA go? This not only gives him the sustain he needs in lane phase but the health, mana (plus passive health), and AP he needs

  • #65 KesslerCOIL

    Tear is cheaper and Singed converts mana to health.
    Also RoA is rather expensive to build and takes at least 5 more min to get full stacks than tear.

  • #59 maravis

    lol from merc treads to beserkers greaves alacrity?

  • #60 RicochetSaw

    Generic picture.. 

    Guide says nothing about zerk greaves...

    reading OP

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  • #61 maravis

    does it matter i read the thing and i know it doesn't mean that but i would like to point it out

  • #62 RicochetSaw

    "Enchantment: Alacrity"

    But you know, you read it right?

  • #63 mellored

    The site uses the zerk greaves pic for all enchantments.

  • #58 LordXyroz

    I love to play Singed and I rarely loose a game when I play him, but I use a different setup than this guide when I play.

    First I take Ghost and Flash as summonerspells. Ghost is an absolute must for Singed, you just run straight into the enemy team and fling the squishy targets at the back. Flash is also very handy in both escape- and initiatesituations. I also pick Teleport a few times but as Singed you always have alot of movement speed, so getting back to lane doesn't take long.

    Secondly, I use some different and some the same items. I usually start with a mana crystal, but if there is a risk of lots of poking from the enemy I start with mana and health regen items and pots. Then I often tend to buy Philo-stone and the Catalyst. The Philo-stone will I turn into an Elaisa's Miracle for the extra hp and mana regen bonus, the items leaves your inventory after 3 levels and the bonuses are permanent, handy little extra.
    I build the usual Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart but then it changes. Boots of Swiftness, Warmog and Spirit's Visage are the other items i build. That leaves me with 1 slot left that I tend to use for either Banshee's Veil or Will of The Ancients. This gives me all the tankyness I need for late game.

    Third: My skill tree is more or less the same, but I also have a TrollTree where I go 0/9/21 to get mana and max movement speed in the Utility tree.

    Last about the skills: I go E,Q,W and then maxing my Q, Poison Trail, first. Afterwards I max Fling and as last Mega Adhesive, taking Insanity Potion at 6, 11 and 16. 

    Side note: The old Elaisa's Miracle gave tenacity so I used it much more before it changed. I also use Force of Nature (*sniff* you will be missed *sniff*) Instead of Warmog. The health-regen, movementspeed and magic res was just perfect for Singed.

  • #48 Melkonka

    Hmm, i rarely put mega adhesive in lvl4 (and as i saw in dyrus vids he rarely do it too. :P), cause that level you don't have the mana pool to use it, so better take one more point to fling (MUCH more harash /killing potential).

    Anyways i like to build liandry, with the new penetration system don't think it's worth to stack that much resistance... actually i think that build work well, but you can get 4-5k hp with just AP items, you can basically one shot they carries then, and because of your ult you will be still tanky enough, but you can have much higher damage.

    If i wanna do the tankier way i think randuin is still a bit too much of resistance, so i prefer building liandry instead, and last item can void staff IF the enemy stack MR, anyways abyssal, warmog or even GA viable.

    Anyways i don't think signed have bad early game, he can harash and kite well against most champs, against meelees you can harash with invisible poison really effectively and that way of harash cost about... nothing, enemies don't see and even if they know that trick they can't do anything if they want the cs... the only problem with singed's early is that before the first shop he should use his mana carefully, and it's hard against ranged champs when you should play agressively if you wanna stay in lane... but against meelees it's not that hard.

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