• #58 Shogo1307

    Would boots of swiftness work to? Would help with his issue with kiting with the slow reduction and stuff.

  • #52 Amagda

    not that i doubt your build, but i'm curious why no twin shadows?  roaming AP mid, seems like a decent buy early/sell late?

  • #53 thechosenone124

    That would help lock down enemies out of your pathetic range. Seems decent

  • #54 palcladd

    id avoid twin shadows. twin shadows functions well on champions that have scaling since there will actually be a point where you'll sell it for something else. sion starts falling off after the mid game, both in terms of damage and utility, so if you want roam, mobos should suffice and you should start working towards cap/dfg to abuse your strong midgame picking.

  • #55 palcladd

    dont think its worth delaying actual damage on a champion with poor scaling by 1800 gold instead of mobos and a codex for midgame into dfg/cap.

  • #56 thechosenone124

    Mobility Boots are not for chasing. Get hit once and the move speed is gone. The issue is, how do you catch a champion that is 550 range (stun range) away? I'd say you'd get Twin Shadows as a fourth item after Lich Bane, DFG, and Rabadons

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  • #57 palcladd

    you get mobos to roam and kill. chasing shouldn't really come to mind that much in actual fights since you'll mostly use your stun to disrupt and/or burst. if you properly weave autos after stuns/shields you should always stick close to your opponent anyways. lich gives some ms as well to help keep in range.

    1800 gold for a slow, some movespeed and ability power as a fourth item on an ap with poor scaling? i'd say no. on top of that, the ghosts from twin shadows signal an initiation and can ruin getting someone off guard. twins is mostly an early-mid item to gank sidelanes when roaming and works well on champions like tf and kennen that can kite with the ms as well (tf has gold/red cards and kennen has stuns). any item post cap/dfg should be more damage or a defensive item of sorts to keep dishing out damage/utility. you fall off way too hard to warrant using 1800 gold on just initiation.

  • #42 GothicPlague

    Should add an AD part imo. I think it still does well since no one expects it nor expects sion to played since hes a rare champ.

  • #43 thechosenone124

    No one expects AP Sion. Everybody expects AD

  • #44 poopster101

    AD sion isn't viable season 3. Although he has AD steroids, he lacks a distance closer and is the easiest champion in the game to kite.

  • #45 thechosenone124

    True, but if he survives until late game, he is very strong, if you're guaranteed a low aggression lane and jungle (Nasus top. and mundo jungle ). I would never first pick AD Sion of course


  • #46 poopster101

    Wither and cleaver are pretty rough for AD sion.

  • #47 thechosenone124

    I had some trouble with wither. To lower jungle pressure, you need an aggressive early jungler to babysit you through laning phase (Lee Sin, etc). Mundo's only dangerous if you don't see him coming, just keep the place warded.


  • #38 RockemSockemRetards

    Could an AD/AP hybrid sion at top work? i mean in theory it is possible to balance it out...he has the right AP scaling and AD skills to pull it off and possibly throw off the enemy team, its just something ive been thinking about

  • #39 thechosenone124

    What would he max first?

  • #40 RockemSockemRetards

    haha thats a good question i mean it could vary dpending on the team itself (both yours and opposing) as a generic it could be W as you would still have a decent AP ratio to shield a good amout of damage while still having AD to auto attack with enrage on....again just a theory but the more i think about it the more i want to try it out although i've never played him before i think it'll be fun and if it doesnt work i can always flip flop btween AD or AP

  • #41 thechosenone124

    So, you want more tankiness wihile maintaining the strength of Q and W nukes without completely condemning the ultimate? Sounds good. Guinsoo's Rageblade would work very well on hybrid Sion, and you can increase your CC and healing with the Gunblade. I still find it difficult to see what you want to max first though. Maxing W means you lack the tankiness E gives you, which means casting R before entering a teamfight is a sure way to die without that extra 500 hp. If you max E first, then there's no point in building AP 

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  • #34 thechosenone124

    I think Sion is best played AD. AP Sion has pretty much no ultimate at all. AD Sion maxes E, so you can get far more tanky than maxing any other stat. Your stun will always be useful, and the shield provides excellent waveclear (to fuel your E). However,  AD Sion has one of the best ultimates in the league. Every autoattack for 20 seconds becomes and AOE heal and extreme damage nuke, you are pretty much immune to silences (a silence means no stun, that's really it), and you can buy Sion's ultimate item: Atma's Impaler. The impaler gives you bonus AD based on your (infinitely scaling) max hp, making you another Nasus, if Nasus had AOE heals on autoattacks :D

  • #35 thechosenone124

    I go Wriggle's Lantern (AD Sion really needs minions) Beserker Greaves (MOR HEAL) 2 Phantom Dancers (MOR HEAL) Infinity Edge (Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge Crits...), and of course Atma's Impaler!!!!!! Late game i replace Wriggle's with Hydra, which gives you AOE autoattacks, pretty much massive wave clear and max hp boosts. I probably should fit a Maw of Malmortus and Frozen Mallet in here somewhere... And QSS really needs a spot, because CC shuts you down hard

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  • #33 Protocall10

    What Swaggafagit said is what i would say. thx for reading my mind

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