• #42 Ghosthunter14

    Guys, I replaced Phantom Dancer with Statick Shiv, and it worked out great :D Higher attack speed, and passive allows u to farm waves and finish them in 8 seconds :) 

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    Quote from Ghosthunter14 »

    Guys, I replaced Phantom Dancer with Statick Shiv, and it worked out great :D Higher attack speed, and passive allows u to farm waves and finish them in 8 seconds :) 

    Yeah its right works better with statick

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    Since the homeguard nerf, wouldnt it be better to have furor, since it synergizes with your passive?

  • #40 matrixerror

    great guide, but I prefer ga or banshee's over qs and I also start with boomerang on lvl1, cause it helps you to farm from a safer distance (e. g. the enemy botlane hits lvl2 before you). Imo Sivir is a very strong pick in most team compositions but currently there is no way around Lucian.

  • #43 Ghosthunter14

    If u use Boomerang to farm, u will use up ur mana quickly, which can make u an easy pick if the enemy adc is good 

  • #35 Hunter0421

    What about a statikk shiv would that work


  • #37 whentheleveebreaks

    It works pretty well but a Phantom Dancer is far better given the stats and the passive which (allows you to walk through minions and in turn) will allow you to chase targets better. You don't need the passive from Statikk Shiv, as your Q and W already gives you plenty of splitpush potential. :)

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    Yes, it will actually work great on sivir, especially with the passive 

  • #32 Betilac97

    Hello guys, i've been playing on Sivir for a long time, i've been trying many builds, but i must say to you, or just to be helpfull, that instead of mercurial scimitar, you can go black cleaver, which is pretty good, in going out 1vs1 , gives you a lot of armor pene and your basic attacks do a lot more dmg,  and as last item you can go guardian angel, which is very helpfull in teamfights, when they focus you. Would like to say that i rush stattik too, gives you pretty good pushing and farming abilites. There arent many champs who can counter her, and btw if you are good on sivir, you can shut down mf very easy, all you need is support like leona or thresh. :)

  • #38 whentheleveebreaks

    If the enemy team doesn't have any CC, then Mercurial Scimitar is pretty pointless. However, you're already buying a Last Whisper for armor penetration, so the Black Cleaver isn't really needed unless they are HEAVILY stacking armor. Quicksilver Sash (QSS) or Mercurial Scimitar works better in alot of situations.

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    lol bro you need a statick shiv 2

  • #28 Maquili

    This guide needs to be updated with the release of her overhaul.

  • #27 toansix

    she really need a muamana 4 her mana problems, and maybe a trinity force 2 get some AP power


  • #30 Mr_Ramsay

    First of All. Manamune does not go well with sivir because she has shit auto attack range(the muramana will not be used to its full potential). Secondly Sivir does not need ap nor does she benefit from a triforce like she does from a Bloodthirster. The Ability Spam is not enough so that sheen procs would outweigh damage from her q/w. Lastly the Sheen doesnt work with her that well due to the range of her autoattacks. Even if you could proc the sheen a lot that would also require extended time(that you dont have) very very close to the enemy 

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    ola k ase

  • #25 Innurendo

    Quick question, does Hurricane proc your Ws? Was just kinda thinking getting some cdr and spamming W and burn down many people. 

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    I recently started playing her a bit more. I like this build a lot, but I was thinking maybe taking Statikk Shiv over Phantom Dancer on her. This helps her split push so much while providing similar benefits as well as slightly more offense. Plus its a bit cheaper and easier to get since it builds out of Avarice Blade. Just a suggestion, let me know what you guys think about it though because it seems to have been working quite well for me so far.

  • #29 Lolidragonz

    Oh my, thank you. I tried it out and it helped me out wonderfully. Thanks for the idea :3

  • #39 whentheleveebreaks

    PD gives you more potential to chase and better stats. Given that Sivir already has a very strong pushing kit in her Q, W and ult, I don't really see why people build Statikk Shiv. Phantom Dancer gives you more sustained damage in fights.

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    Have you tried the new Manamune/Muramana on her?

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