• #94 RunicEagle

    update the mother Fing skarner guide. the skill tips and comments are still wrong and everything!!!!

  • #86 CarryHard

    Heyo Gustaf,

    I tend to have big problems against Shyvanas lately.

    Short description of my problem:

    The elo range is Plat 3


    Shyvanas farm faster, fight better pre-6 and have better objective control past-6. They always get more gold -> wards -> dragons, and towerdive everything once fed. Lategame they push every lane with Hydra, are unkillable and win every fight until game ends.


    I as Skarner cannot really gank much pre-6 against a Shyvana jungle, i fall behind in levels and gold if i attempt to, and my relevance drops as the game goes on because my laners will be weak -> no teamfights. Also, i do have problems keeping vision up as Skarner

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  • #87 GentlemanGustaf

    It's a rough matchup. You need to abuse your teamfight and pick potential from level 6 until about the 20 minute mark. You also scale decently well. If you're in this matchup, you NEED blues.

  • #85 Shogo1307

    i actually run mobis or swiftness instead of tabi or mercs. More utility is always better


  • #80 CarryHard

    wow so much tank                                can peel doge

          that guide                            much explanation

                            very detailed               

            skarner op                 i like gustaf

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  • #78 Techtronic

    This build looks nice for a pure tank support against a pure ad champ but it does nothing in team fights especially if there is 1 or more ap champs who will nuke you down to nothing in a matter of seconds. it also makes skarner more useless in team fights with the lack of any damage items whatsoever. if he has no damage he can't assist with taking them down nor can he survive them with this build. there is a total of 115 armor and 0 magic resist. i know there are plenty of higher output items and he really doesn't need that much ms when it comes down to it after the mobility boots. It's not like he's rammus, he scales off of ad or ap. better to get hextech gunblade or bloodthirster so he has sustain.

    maybe mobility, ancient golem, gunblade, zephyr, guinsoo, wota. one could argue spectral wraith but he could still use the passive sustain while he is building for the life/spell steal. this is the build I use on jungle brand and it works quite well. since skarner scales on ap more han ad i would think this would work quite well plus it keeps the mobility boots in there so he has the speed he needs to catch up and nab someone.

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  • #79 GentlemanGustaf

    Jungle Brand. I see.

  • #83 PrOgSeB

    I think (as a low elo new player) That Skarner vs Ez should more focus the Apc with his ult to deny the burst from him. Builds are always situational . Exemple : Stuck vs a full ad team , Zed Darius Jarvan Twitch and sona (support) You get this build for sure and in an other hand vs AP champs like Vlad Kass Teemo Elise and mundo support (not meta) (which is very squishy team and a bad exemple but only ap) you should get Wit's end for more damage and more Mr. Locket is pretty good for the support, Reveries. Not much of a great player but i would try out Abyssal for the MR and AP and Aura so the teammates AP can burst down even faster. Tell me if im wrong but my logic would tell me that


  • #76 Jadehex

    I would like to propose the addition of ezreal to counterpicks. With the infamous blue build and his escape, it's almost impossible to get in on him and ult, i couldn't ult him with shurelia's, mobility boots (with homeguard), tenacity, and an acceleration gate from a fellow jayce without the use of flash. Even when you juke it, the q'll hit something nearby and the aoe will slow you all to hell.

  • #77 Techtronic

    mobility boots, shureyla's, and w all give movement boost and his e is a slow. if you can't catch him noone can. also i soloed him with a modified version of this build.

  • #75 Rubaduck

    I typicall go for a spiritstone and boots of speed at my first back.

    The aegis of legion is my first big item. Depending if im ahead or behind i build the Glacial Shroud into Frozen heart or Iceborn Gauntlet. If i'm ahead i usually just grab as much benefits to damage as possible to be able to go to victory. For magic resistance i get the Runic Bulwark and a  Spirit Visage. The spiritstone is build into a Golem if they are AD dependant and i would need the early armor and health and if i'm ahead i get a Lizard instead to be able to chug down more damage.

    Since i don't use a build that is written in stone, its difficult to say what i would use, but i focus on getting defensive items in a team and feed the kills to my lanes while i focus more on damage when i play by myself in SoloQ

  • #73 Martin_Furry

    Meh I like to take fracture early, but great guide.

  • #74 Rubaduck

    While i agree that Fracture is a good ability for sustain and damage, i don't really feel its useable pre 13 due to its mana cost. In some occasions when i'm ahead and i've gotten the glacial shroud pretty quick i grab the fracture on level 8. But since its cost really don't justify the damage and sustain it provides in early levels, id rather spend it on an ability that can maintain the mana cost and still do the damage.

  • #72 lundberg0410

     Excellent at taking advantage of teammates out of position with his ultimate.


    Do I read that wrong, or doesn't that needs a little fixing?


  • #71 NiGGlDa0ne

    machete+5 is ok on himi play +15AP essences, but this depends on taste.
    Spirit of ancient golem is rly good, you can get ninja tabi or Trollboots, cuz you still have tenacy.

    Iceborn Gauntlet
    is rly rly underated, in S2 i build early sheen and armor anyways.The slow, armor and sheen effekt on this item is good for skarner,
    mobility and dmg is added, while he still gets tanky.

  • #69 EYEtriforc3

    so not updated, no machete, heart of gold....

  • #64 shadogi

    Heart of Gold no longer exists, yet it's in your "updated" guide.

  • #65 Nagashi

    True, i also realized that when i read the guide.

  • #67 shadogi

    This is something I would welcome; do you have a source for that sweet piece of info?

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