• #68 UndeadSpetsnaz

    I have a few questions on the Items in this build If you don't mind answering.

    Why do you have Athene's, Talisman, and the Locket all in one build?

    As far as I can see, It's wasted stats due to the CDR over capping.

    20% from Talisman, 20% from Athene's, and 10% from Locket. Plus another 5% or 10% depending on the masteries.

    I Run a 9/0/21 Setup with 10%CDR @ Lvl #1, While my rune page compensates for the missing defense in the masteries page.

    My rune stats are: Armor: +21, Magic Resist: +12, Health: +72. (3x Armor Quints, 9x Armor Marks, 9x Health Seals, 9x Magic resist Glyphs)

    Why wouldn't I just trade out the "Athene's Unholy Grail" for a "Mikaels Crucible" if mana regen and Resistence is the problem?

    It provides the Same MR, same Passive, Cleanse active effect, and is 1000 Gold Cheaper. 

    For the masteries why do you run +1 in Strength in Spirt? (Weakest mastery in my opinion)

    The reason I ask of this is because wouldn't you rather Increase your mobility by putting the last point in fleet of foot,Or using that point in scout to increase the cast range of your Greater totem to plant the ward over the walls and into the deep edges of the bushes without having to possibly face check and going around, or even recall faster with Phase Walker?

    And my last question is, Wouldn't it be more suiting to have 9x Glyphs of Magic Resist over 4x and 5x Mana Regen?

    The meaning behind this question is that you already have +3 mana regen from the Ancient coin, and +3 Mana Regen with full points in the meditation mastery. The 5x Glyphs only have 1.65 mana regen to offer every 5 seconds, and Since 100% of supports have magic damage and CC (which is why I rush Mikaels first) wouldn't It be more Suiting to have 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist?

    I would Like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks :)




  • #64 bgrute

    i am still fairly new to sona but have fell in love with her playstyle i play a very aggresive sona which does get me into trouble sometimes :( .

    i have a dif build than most went more for the AP than anything with runes being: greater marks of abil pow x 6, greater marks of  mana regen x 3, seals being: 5x greater abil pow, 4x greater mana regen, and glyphs being: 9x greater abil pow, quints being all ap. that gives me starting 32 AP,  2.4 mana regen/5 in just runes. then on my masteries i went with 4/4 sorcery, 3/3mental force, expose weakness, spell weaving, arcane mastery, 3/3 executioner, 3/3 archmage, 3/3 devestating strikes, arcane blade, havoc. then in the utility tree i took  fleet of foot, meditation, summoners insight all maxed for a 21/0/9 build. i get my 40% cd reduction from talisman of ascension and boots of lucidity( and the other 5% from sorcery). i then build archangels staff, ruby sightstone, rylai's scepter, rod of ages, and liandry's torment for a core build it veries from time to time but that seems to work really well. only thing is you are sona which means you are squishy but the poke with a good adc is just overpowering. i usulay hit them with a single q with power cord for 50% of their life in one poke. does anyone see where this is completly wrong and why? thing is with such big poke i do ks often not trying but it happens frequently. i also take heal and clarity most times for SS.

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  • #65 Dacchei

    If you read through the guide (especially the strategy and tips section), you'll understand more why the decisions to pick these items, masteries and runes, etc. were found to be optimal for Sona. Of course you should always play your champions the way that fits your playstyle best, as long as what you are doing is actually working. Going AP Sona as a support could make you take too many kills from your AD carry ... which could lead to an underfed ADC who falls off hard late game. Also, if you are concentrating more on damage, you aren't providing enough peel for your carries. Having Aura items helps your team have an edge on the other team as far as stats go and actives are essential for engages and disengages. In general, it's better to leave the damage dealing to the carries while you provide with the opportunity to get the kills or to help them run to safety when things aren't looking good. Having high AP could be good for winning lane, but your items choices should also be selected for mid to late game as well.

    Don't take heal and clarity. You have your own heal that heals you and your carry and if you guys are playing correctly, that should be enough. Clarity might seem great because it's good in lane but it falls off hard in mid to late game. Instead, build a chalice and that should solve your mana problems. Flash is the best summoner skill, especially for Sona, because it helps you set up great engages when combined with your ult and it also gives you a 'Get out of Jail' Free card when you end in out of position.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more specific questions! :)

  • #66 bgrute

    thank you for your advice ill give it a try and see how it works for me 


  • #51 Jabbernaut

    Why greater steath totem if you already have sightstone? Why not Sweeping lens/oracles or greater vision totem?

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  • #52 Dacchei

    Most people have been starting with a warding totem and getting a red trinket later if necessary, just for the extra vision in lane (especially since buying a gp5 now means less money for wards). Switching to a red trinket mid game could be great for your team if no one else has gotten one or if only one other person has one. Lately, the norm is that each team has 2 reds and 3 yellows (occasionally 3 reds, but that's less common). Just make your selection based on how the game is going and what your team is buying!

  • #59 Jabbernaut

    You're repeating the point I'm trying to make: that this guide is making a very poor late game trinket recommendation. There is basically no reason at all to keep the totem once you have a sightstone, it should be switched for sweeping lens immediately, and under no circumstances should you blow 475g upgrading it as this guide suggests. I've run the numbers, and the only paid trinket upgrade that makes any kind of sense to get before you hit full build is oracle's, and even that is kinda iffy since it's not nearly as strong as the old oracle's elixir and costs more.

    I strongly recommend waiting for full build (if you ever get there) to upgrade your trinket, and to buy either oracle's or vision totem.

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  • #62 Dacchei

    The guide should have had Oracle Lens. I've updated it to this

  • #49 Jabbernaut

    "new changes in S4" immediately followed by "Shurelya's Reverie" wat.

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  • #53 Dacchei

    Thanks for pointing this out! It has been corrected to "Talisman of Ascension"

  • #48 VLFORCES

    Well, this looks kinda weird, because I play what my friends call "aggressive support", so I buy mana, AP and boots of speed, some times I buy life and armor, but it's very rare to see those objects in my inventory when I play with Sona.

  • #45 cherielyca

    just wanna ask, why ad runes? 

  • #46 kingnelson

    So that your auto attack harass will do more damage, which works well with your Q


  • #47 Lazule

    Voidle from Gambit uses Hybrid Pen same as Edward I think... Whatever works for you, depends a lot on the match.

    This guide should encourage Sona with ignite as well

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  • #50 Jabbernaut

    If you're gonna be autoattacking often enough to warrant hybrid pen marks, wouldn't it be worth going spelltheif's edge over coin? Seems to synergize better with Sona's kit than any other gold income item.

  • #44 Soul_Taker1982

    hi im new to supporting, i just wanted to ask; why the attack damage marks?

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  • #42 Zenkushi

    There is only 5 items in the full build.

  • #43 kingnelson

     1 slot should always have wards

  • #41 TwDDaner

    This guide should be updated. Saying that Clairvoyance is one of the only SS you can take is really outdated

  • #38 suljokodajs

    why no mana regen if sona need a lot of mana

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