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    N E G G A

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    Personally i Love Dfg on Syn, it allows her to practically one shot anyone on the enemy team if utilized well. In the 4 seconds for the active you can land a Q-E-W-R combo. If that somehow doesn't kill then your Q will be back off cooldown. So as long as im not getting completely shut down/camped in lane, i will get a chalice into Dfg. Also after you finish both athene's and Dfg, your gonna be sitting on 30% CDR. That combined with the mana regen from the athene's and if you have a kind jungle a blue buff. Its just a won lane at that point.

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    Some mana reg runes¿


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    As Syndra, you shouldn't be spamming your Q to CS early on, and careful mana management plus blue buff can easily give you enough regen to win your lane. Syndra has no innate escapes, and since she won't want to sacrifice damage for survivability, out goes the MP5.


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    the awkward moment when in the pros list you call synndra a guy.....


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    • Great farming champion and easy to last hit with his AA's animations
    • the awkward moment you realize that depedency
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    Small error in the 'runes masteries, and summoner spells' page. Both the quick guide and the text here recommend scaling mana regen seals, but the image is for flat mana regen seals. There are also some differences in the masteries.

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    Excuse me everyone, but the following is the items I get for Syndra, in order. Please tell me if there are any kinds of improvements.


    Doran's ring + 2 pots or Boots + 4 pots or Faerie charm + pots + ward or Crystalline Flask + wards or pots

    Normally I take dorans and 2 pots.

    MUST GET CHALICE ON FIRST BACK, then take boots, pots and wards if any left over money.

    Later go straight for rabadon by buying atleast needlessly large rod, zhonya if AD mid or losing or being focused way too hard.

    Then depending on situation either get DFG or upgrade chalice into athene's.  Sorc shoes are somewhere in between.

    Then void staff, and start going for guardian angel


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    After getting the chalice, you should finish the athine's and then get the rabanon or DFG . The CDR , and the 60 ap that the  athene's gives you will help you harass your opponent in lane and spam your Q, it will also give you the 20 magic resist witch you will need against an ap caster  .I always build athine's as my first main item and it is really useful !

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    Why don't you build DFG? It provides tons of AP and syndra can 100-0 anyone with it.

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    i've played syndra a few times at botlane, and it seems to work pretty well, here's my build that i use for both mid and botlane:

    Crystalline Flask, 2x Mana Potion, and a Health Potion. then:

    Tear of the Goddess > Sorcerer's Shoes > Archangel's Staff > Haunting Guise. and lastly:

    Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff > Liandry's Torment > Athene's Unholy Grail



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    syndra is very awesome champion but i see , theres more better building items .. you can start with doran's ring for more ability power and also mana regen on killing minions .. 

    Athene's Unholy Grail would really solve Syndra's mana problem till end of game .. and focus on have 40% cooldown reduction to have max reduction for all her abilities and also it help lot to Ultimate with 6 balls with can equal to 900 damage if u have only 300 ap :) 

    i tried it and it really worked .. and about her counters .. Talon and Kassadin is very good counter to her .. Else i dont think so :) 

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    After playing a LOT of Syndra, I can definitely say that basically anything with high mobility (especially jump abilities, ie Kat, Talon, etc) typically counter out skillshot based champs like her. People like Zil can be countered with a banshee's veil, or other item(s). High CDR is definitly a plus, and stat priorities for her i'd prob rank at:


    For itemization, Blackfire Torch is definately the best item to grab on Syndra and I rush it in all maps applicable. For Summoners Rift however and Liandry's Torment, I usually start with boots+pots and rush Haunting Guise or a chalace if I can tell it will be a farm lane/ or a onesided duel against more burst than me/ ...or im just harassing them out of lane so well that i want to keep them out longer lol. Haunting Guise + PenBoots gives a great ammount of early-mid spell pen, and from this point I'd either try and keep blue buff on me and either start building a deathcap or Rylai's Scepter. Rylai's + Liandry's Torment gives you the tanky damage you need against higher burst teams, or very tanky teams that are hard to burst down. From here you want to finish your chalice (ive been prone to entering mid game with penBoots, HauntingG, ChalaceOfH, and a codex for the extra CDR. 

    On Syndra, if you can afford it and are getting extremely fed, the IDEAL burst to death build would be:

    ---Average enemy team: Boots > HGuise > penBoot > NLR/ Full Deathcap < > DFG*  (DFG gives more burst than Deathcap on one target imo, mainly because it does %based damage + buffs your burst. This helps a lot on TANKY teams or teams that have good escapes where you need to burst from full to dead in under 2 seconds...)

    --Tanky / Bursty enemies / your team sucks: Boots > HGuise > penBoots > Chalice > Codex/GiantsBelt > Rylai's, Liandry's and Grail (in whichever order you need, wheather you need more cdr, hp+slow, or %based damage). From here you can decide on what your final items should be, either one Defensive and one Offensive, or 2 def / 2 off. Good items being, banshee's veil for burst teams or teams with strong single target abilities, deathcap for more rounded burst, Zhonya's for armor, ap and utility (syndra has low cooldowns at max level when built proper, that couple seconds of stasis can AND HAS BEEN the deciding factor in getting aced or scoring a pentakill), or even a Void Staff if the enemy team recognises the danger you bring and has begun building MR.

    As for dealing with high-mobility characters, there's little you can do buy build the tankier route, though if anyone has any additional opinions on this i'd be glad to hear suggestions.



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    Updated build eh? Starting with flask five pots ward and mana pot seems a tad outdated to me...

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    Updated, sometimes some things slip through the cracks.

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    Great farming champion and easy to last hit with his AA's animations

    Pretty sure Syndra is a she...

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    This guide needs to be updated... with the increased cost to Crystalline Flask, is it still worth buying?

    Also, is it really okay for Syndra to only get Athene's after Liandry and Archangel? does she needs both? 

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    For cristalline flask, yes it is still worth it.

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    Athene's will help you ALLOT !! the ap it gives is not crazy but the CDR and the magic resist will help you against any ap caster


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