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    *sniff sniff. The Crs Doublelift days... mann..

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    yea ages ago, just like when this guide was made :)

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    Which item build is recommended for the standard AD caster mid? Vid says Merc Threads -> Brutalizer -> LW -> BT -> TF -> GA -> Merc Scimitar. The quick guide shows something different and the item page suggest a third build which is close to the vid.

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    I have discovered that infinity edge > sword of divine > bloodthirster is very effective.

    First, the infinity edge makes crits do extra damage along with flat ad

    Then, sword of divine can give you massive burst damage when activated

    Lastly, you will heal immense amounts with your bloodthirster

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    I run Frozen mallet, which procs his Passive giving an extra %10 damage after the first hit with every regular attack... that and it gives me more health so I can stay around longer. Gonna try other items with Icy Unique.

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    Trinity Force gives icy proc too.. or you could just pick up a red buff if you really want that 10%

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    Can't you switch one bloodthirster for a ga? I like to use it because you get focused down pretty fast (in my case at least)

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    I have been having a problem with Talon when I play him mid, I followed this guide and did awesome in lane, I zoned my opponent and I fed myself off of them. But when it came around to teamfights I had the biggest problem, I would get focused immediately regardless of whether I came early or late to the teamfight. The guide reads that I should come late (I most always do) and jump onto the AD/AP carry and when you get focused pop your ulti and attempt to get away and possibly kill jungle creeps for health sustain then attempt to clean up from the teamfight. I do all of that and I get bursted through my ultimate. Do I not have enough sustain? Not enough health? my build around team fight phase is Merc treads 1 dorans, BT, and brutalizer. (The full BT is if I did really well in lane, but I always have a BF sword)

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    man your only job on game is poke,poke,poke and poke no fight you just finish them, if you fight then somethink you do wrong :)

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    I hope people realize the counterpicks for Talon are for his early game only because he doesn't have as much poke or prescence until he gets at least level 4 to pull off a good combo.

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    wow I cant even understand how vlad can see a talon!!!

    as a vlad its scariest thing that can be hpn in a game, a talon whom goes mid!

    I played as both, talon( me) against vladimir, and vladimir( me ) against an enemy talon

    in both forms, the talon owns vladimir by far, not only vlad, but kass, ashe, cassiopia and few others.

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    But Vlad can just ignore all of Talon's burst with just one ability. Then he just steals back any health he may have lost. And Talon has nowehere near as much sustain for a long time into the game.

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    Vlad mis is fail anyway, you play him top

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    Please don't call this a Top guide, with 0.00 armor ....


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    Poke poke poke poke poke never fight just poke then finish them off. If you're getting hit you're doing it wrong.

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    this talon guide is by far better.
    75% Talon wins
    and 2.1k rating

    And never ever build ghostblade, just buy brutalizer as first item, sell it for a 2nd BT at lategame.
    go phage as 2nd item, cheap and scales well.

    Last edited by NiGGlDa0ne: 6/27/2012 1:39:49 PM
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    Both guides are pretty similar.  I disagree with the brutalizer, but moreso the phage.  Phage is never a good item on talon no matter when you get it.  And why build brutalizer either...both delay your bloodthirster.  

    The whole point of talon is bursting people down, and early armor pen is not as important as straight dmg.  Plus you need the sustain.  And the stacks.  

    BTW don't post links for other guides on ppl's guides, especially when they are almost identical.  It's rude.  

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