• #205 tribush

    Can we get an updated guide? I'm interested in something perhaps from a community player because I recognize the fact your roster doesn't contain Teemo within their champion pool. 



  • #199 KamikazeBen252

    Brother (or sister)... You're going about my adored Teemo all wrong! I'm not much of a judge/critical person... But Teemo is by no way a tanky, AD-capable yordle!!! Teemo's strength lies in his kit (specifically his Toxic Shot and Noxious Traps), and it is THERE that the build should focus on!

    Teemo = AP, no matter the lane (if he's bot, he should NEVER be ADC, ONLY SUPPORT IF ANYTHING)

    Contrary to what you say, Teemo is NOT a poor team fighter, he is a terrifying presence in any fight! Especially when the focus of his build is Runaan's Hurricane... Endless volleys of poison darts to THREE champions at a time? His ability to run in and run out with ease? Chase down multiple tanks at low health and score multi-kills? PLEASE, anyone in LoL knows a good Teemo is to be avoided in a team fight. Assuming this Teemo engages with his TEAM he is definetly a presence (otherwise, he'll be squashed alone)...

    Moral of the story? Don't waste your gold (or Runes) on AD... Invest in attack speed, AP, and Magic Penetration! Frozen Malet? No no...
    Sure this build might get you accused of KS'ing HARD (as your high attack speed and poison will finish off most enemies)... Cheers! (I should make my own guide)  

  • #200 DAMbustn22

    Yo mate, this guy is Diamond 1 exclusively teemo, and although in silver and bronze full AP teemo can be viable, at high elo he is almost useless. He is incredibly squishy, with no dashes or blinks meaning if you close the gap on him (as a tank) you can obliterate him. yes his w gives him speed, but in higher elo that speed boost normally will no be enough. 

    This guide is also for TOP LANE teemo and not midlane. As such bruiser teemo fits the meta FAR better than full AP, and since bruisers/tanks reside in top lane and jungle almost exclusively, going full squishy damage teemo will eventually result in you being outscaled and destroyed from mid to late game. 

  • #208 poks999

    Incredibly wrong. AP teemo is only strong in a splitpush environment, as putting him into a teamfight makes him near useless. He does not deal enough damage compared to other ap mids. If you are to build him ap, use his shrooms property and splitpush a lane, and if shroomed properly, noone should be able to stop you 1v1. AD Teemo abuses teemos' strong base damages, in his E and his Ulti, along with his ability to stick (His W), making him strong a catching out anyone, and able to 1v1 anyone due to his blind, lifesteal, and tankiness.

  • #196 akejay93

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Teemo is not meant for AD. Yeah, sure, he was originally released as an adc, but we all know he is a lot better as an apc. Top or Mid, Teemo is an apc through and through. Attack Damage marks? No. Teemo will scale a million times better with magic pen, or more ability power

    As for his build you need to start with Doran's Ring, the ap for obvious reasons, he gets extra health and mana regen. Get boots next, tier 1 will do for a little bit, but tier 2 magic pen boots would be nice. However, the attack speed boots wouldn't hurt. [Still reiterating the need for ap.] His first full item should be Nashor's Tooth, the ability power and the passive are killer on Teemo. His next item should be [If Winning: Lich Bane] [If Losing: Rabadon's DeathCap] However, even if you're winning, you should still build a death cap immediately following Lich Bane

    His first skill shouldn't be his E, ever, unless you're against someone mildly tankier. Vs Garen, Tryndamere, Nasus one should ALWAYS take Q. For starters his Q, E, and R all scale remarkably off of ap. Late game, with just a nashors, lich, and death cap [boots of any choice] his Q will hit extremely hard [blinding them in the process] his lich bane will proc and he will get the double damage from that, and then BOOM.. "an enemy has been slain!"

    p.s. Teemo doesn't lack team fight presence. Even if he didn't shroom he has the ability to put pressure on every altercation.

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  • #197 curseirk

    Bruiser teemo more viable, AP teemo is good versus deep tanks like malphite/shyvana/etc.

  • #198 MrTakumi96

    i reallllyyy agreeeeeee...... size doesnt mean everything...never underestimate the power of the scout hold... if playing with burst champ rylai/rod of ages..wont be waste.....  :D

    teemo masteries i prefer 21/ a offensive masteries..this provided masteries i consider as defensive...his passive E will be much pain as count amplified for 3%..

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  • #193 Kram_Yelooc

    This guide needs updated. Phage no longer builds into Frozen Mallet

  • #194 thechosenone124

    I'd suggest replacing Frozen Mallet with trinity Force, because AD Teemo benefits from all da stats

  • #195 Kram_Yelooc

    I use Trinity Force instead of the Frozen Mallet. I just want to see what the maker of this guide suggest after recent changes.

  • #201 Chewie

    In a top lane, the phage on teemo is actually rather good. It gives you the ability to kite your enemy laner very effectively due to the movementspeed boost from the phage and your W combined.  you can then get the Giant's belt->into-> frozen mallet for the "in your face" kiting and chasing after champions with high mobility, as now you can match their speed not only with your W, but with your phage buff and the Frozen Mallet slows.

  • #185 thechosenone124

    In an AD Teemo, why get AP runes? 

  • #186 BestTeemoNA

    This is probably for the early harass and to give a little boost to E & R.

  • #187 poks999

    Ap runes are for earlygame E, they give 15 ap in all, giving an extra ~5 per autoattack. This 5 damage, i think, Is used for last hitting back minions.

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  • #183 Thunderboy1998

    The description of his passive is posted twice. I thought I'd notify you

  • #181 BestTeemoNA

    I've been playing a few games with the item "Spirit of the Elder Lizard", i find it really good. You said in your guide that you haven't tested it enough to be sure about its potential, could you update me on your thoughts about that item on Teemo (if you can)?

  • #182 acheetah41

    lol @ your name. I can see the item working, but if you buy phage, its just the same thing, except for a little true damage and 100% slow chance. It also gives you the monster killing passive, which is useful if you push so far ahead that you can just go into the enemy jungle and steal buffs. 

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  • #184 thechosenone124

    Or you could just grab the red buff :D

  • #179 mitodeath

    Just tried build and it went well. I matched up against an AP teemo who got the best of me in lane but I was much more helpful when the laning phase ended. I did get first blood but ap teemo's blind is much more useful than ad teemos blind and ap teemo shrooms do a lot more damage. AP teemo gets blown up but this build he has some tankiness and lifesteal that keeps him up for fights. 

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