• #154 hs172

    Bunny i just want to say thank you. I went on a 7 game win streak on thresh and got promoted grom Gold V to IV. Hope to get to Plat before the season ends. Playing on Taiwan Server

    7 game win streak

  • #144 TemplarK91

    Quite useful, got few rune changeing ideas :)

  • #142 Nahked

    I honestly think it is better to start ancient coin on Thresh because of the doran's nerf :)


  • #143 thechosenone124

    Spellthief's is better. He autoattacks a lot. Also, I think it's easier to land a hook when you've nailed them with Frost Queen Claim's active (slow)

  • #146 Dietmos

    frost queen is really slow so its hard to hit when they arent chasing you. and the coin gives movement speed to team thats in most situations more usefull to avoid (pant ult, nami ult) or to follow up your initiator (malph, rengar)

  • #147 thechosenone124

    Late game that s true. Early game Spellthief's is proven to grant you more gold unless you cant autoattack someone without getting your face removed (Annie, Leona). Late game Talisman is better of course, but you will get it slower.  Because Thresh will be strong late game and his main problem is getting out of early game as fast as possible, I find Spellthief's a bit more beneficial

  • #148 karlyr

    You forgot the fact that thresh has no heal and can pretty much get out harassed by many lanes. Playing passive until you get a grab with thresh is pretty key. Unless you can have a free AA you should be waiting the right engage. So the ancient coin is really better with him.

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  • #149 thechosenone124

    Early game a grab is pretty unlikely though. I mean, unless your opponent makes a horrific error where they get hard CCed for 2 seconds outside a minion wave while you are standing there, not happening. You may need to get down and dirty with the minion wave to get souls (or your adc must repeatedly push and draw back the minion line), and on the first autoattack you should be able to outrade their ADC. 

  • #150 karlyr

    Do you even remember which are the popular supports atm ? Thresh, Morgana, Leona, Braum. 1 auto attack MIGHT cost you your life. Coin is way better in most match ups these days.

    Plus the fact that that 1 auto attack early game won't give value to your spelltheif.

    Last edited by karlyr: 6/7/2014 9:10:59 AM
  • #151 thechosenone124

    Good point. How about Relic Shield for sustain then? It still provides the heal, and stats are far more valuable. You don't get the execute, but hey your charged up autoattack works pretty well on minions. Ancient coin gives mana regeneration, not exactly a crucial stat.

  • #152 karlyr

    Good point, Relic Sheild is a good item for thresh, though i'm not a huge fan of it. Your call on that (and i really love the move speed buff)

  • #153 thechosenone124

    I agree the move speed is spectacular. If only that item had relic shield in ts build path >:(. I'm currently working on selling targon's brace for Talisman later in the game, and I feel it's worth losing 519 gold to get that early relic shield. Relic shield provides greater gold income anyway, so the gold you lose from selling an item isn't as bad as it looks.

  • #141 Infl3x

    Threshcrank works again :) Ty Riot

  • #138 DoubleU70

    Sheep I just got Thresh last week and this guide has helped me immensely. I am still trying to master Flay though!

  • #137 Kittyflare

    Threshcrank XD

  • #130 Caligrave

    Great Guide for the best Champ in the League (my Opinion)!

    Helped me a lot in terms of supporting and stuff and from my perspective, if you play him correctly, this BEAST can't be shut down.

  • #131 thechosenone124

    Tell that to the Veigar :D

  • #127 Mimuss

    Hi, i ended cheking this guide just to know a propper build for thresh to carry up a team in the worst situation, because the last game i played was vs a taric that was ridicously tanky, so hope any advice and/or hints from you for my thresh play? I play him since his realease not all the time, cuz i dont main support, but i thinking i do a decent support play with him at least. Thanks.

    PD: Sorry for the bad english, isnt my native language

  • #129 thechosenone124

    I consider Thresh the best support in the game. His grab is catastrophically powerful, rivalling if not surpassing Blitzcrank's. Riot also decreased the cooldown when it lands, allowing for a lot more power should you aim right. With proper positioning, Thresh's lantern is equivalent to another flash. His Flay is an AOE stun slow knockback. 

    For maximum skill with Thresh, play duo queue. It's not easy to trust someone you've never played with before, and it can take a lot of trust to allow you control of their champion's location, so playing with an adc you know will make things smoother. Thresh's grab is notoriously hard to hit, but there are certain mind games you can play with it including the facing-the-wrong-direction grab that make it more reliable

  • #119 d4Ace

    God, i love this Thresh build. Before i checked this page, i didnt realize that maxing E first was without any doubt stupid. Now with this build, it feels like every second one Q (actually if you land the hook: 3s per hook without stun time). Thank you, i appreciate it!!

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