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    tavo galvai kai sutripinta

     by Ernis_Run

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    What are your thoughts on building her now with the adc item reworks and slight trist buffs?  I used to rush BT but I feel that's not necessary anymore.  Tips?

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    Guide has been updated~ Any posts before this one are outdated

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    why BotRK over BT ?

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    In my mind playing a few games with Trist (please note I am not a pro just a low gold player, so as always take any advice with that in mind)


    She doesn't trade well early and isn't a ADC lane bully like Lucian/Draven etc, it gives her greater sustain in lane and having a make up of cheaper parts means if you are pushed out of lane earlier you can come back with something more relevant.
    The BotRK is for the late game (shredding tanks + scales nicely with your Q) gives her a slow mid game to get away from those pesky junglers (as her jump can be interrupted and it will be a lot)


    EDIT: also didn't mention that it works rather well with the Trist kill combo in the early to mid game.
    W over them landing on the opposite side to slow and deal damage, Auto into E + BotRK then ulti them back into your tower, all this happens within 1-2 seconds and is hard to react to if your not expecting it.

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    also, Trist does not have any AD ratios(compared to someone like Cait or Graves) to benefit from the extra AD

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    She may not have AD ratios, but she doesn't benefit that much from AS either, as she has 90% bonus on her q, so most cases you'll definitely want more damage over AS (you can get 1.42 on the mid game with statikk and berserker greaves and that's all you need because you should play poking with your long range and the statikk's passive and go all in at the right time using your q after the combo) , the only case where I would build Bork over BT is when there's like, a Mundo, a Shyv or a Renekton that's stacking a lot of hp, in any other case a LW will solve all your problems, as you should be targetting the squishy champs (come on, you can blow them up, you are a burst champ on the early to mid game) not the tanks, and if you're getting caught by're not playing like a proper adc (get that furor upgrade and kite them to death, as you have a jump and a ult that keeps them away you don't need anything more) , she is not the best adc on an especific part of the game, but she is really good on all of them and that should be used to get the advantage on the game (the only guy that troubles me the whole game when playing her is Lucian...he's OP like that) 

    So, BT is better than Bork on her IMO because of the way she should be played, as a late game hyper carry that blows people on the early-mid game and needs more damage to do that 

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    i just use the same masteries for ranged adcs like ashe and sivir


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    Why are the masteriez on this page different then what that guy said? Wich one is better?

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    instead of frozen mallet and brk wouldnt it be nicer like static shiv and bloothirster? after all tristana is hyper-carry so in my opinion no need for life, but more dmg and crit, 75% from 55% ?? brk is nice but in my opinion frozen mallet does not belong there. opinions?

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    FM is your defensive item. 


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    Frozen mallet allows you to stick to your target.

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    Can I know why do you use mr/lvl glyphs for tristana and why for vayne and quinn you use flat mr?

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    he uses flat most likely cause these champs are low ranged and although they are not against ap they will need high mr in early team fights 

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    I'd argue the whole which skill to match first, but the VUL vs TSM game can clearly argue my case for me. 14:00 IE and maxed Q Is certainly the best choice, and hey, the proof is in the pudding. TSM got aced 4v5 by Zuna's tristana. Maxing Q allows you to extremely strong mid game assuming you itemized correctly, I find that it completely eliminates the "U" Early-mid-late that most talk about.

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    I have a question on the runes. Would it be better to get armor pen red? Or is it just a style thing?

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    It's definitely an option! You could mix it up based on enemy team composition. 

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    Wouldn't Statikk Shiv help Tristana in her dull mid game?Some people are convinced Statikk Shiv is better,even though pure lategame PD does more damage.

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    This guy is right


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