• #71 Teamkilling

    why BotRK over BT ?

  • #62 Cantankerous_Requiem

    i just use the same masteries for ranged adcs like ashe and sivir


  • #60 Legendary_Penguin

    Why are the masteriez on this page different then what that guy said? Wich one is better?

  • #59 NtheLAW

    instead of frozen mallet and brk wouldnt it be nicer like static shiv and bloothirster? after all tristana is hyper-carry so in my opinion no need for life, but more dmg and crit, 75% from 55% ?? brk is nice but in my opinion frozen mallet does not belong there. opinions?

  • #61 acheetah41

    FM is your defensive item. 


  • #57 TheGulio

    Can I know why do you use mr/lvl glyphs for tristana and why for vayne and quinn you use flat mr?

  • #58 den3erwtinabalw

    he uses flat most likely cause these champs are low ranged and although they are not against ap they will need high mr in early team fights 

  • #56 Nathond

    I'd argue the whole which skill to match first, but the VUL vs TSM game can clearly argue my case for me. 14:00 IE and maxed Q Is certainly the best choice, and hey, the proof is in the pudding. TSM got aced 4v5 by Zuna's tristana. Maxing Q allows you to extremely strong mid game assuming you itemized correctly, I find that it completely eliminates the "U" Early-mid-late that most talk about.

  • #49 Irealz2699

    I have a question on the runes. Would it be better to get armor pen red? Or is it just a style thing?

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  • #51 Asilwen

    It's definitely an option! You could mix it up based on enemy team composition. 

  • #45 Fatestayjedi

    Wouldn't Statikk Shiv help Tristana in her dull mid game?Some people are convinced Statikk Shiv is better,even though pure lategame PD does more damage.

  • #46 Metivv

    This guy is right


  • #52 GamerSlayer

    I play Trist a lot and I usually build statik because I get so much attack speed from my q, the main difference in my opinion is just the critting, and I am willing to sacrifice a bit of crit to give AoE crit. I think it helps her since she has no AoE to have a little bit. I can see the single target argument, but I kind of think that is one of Tristana's only weaknesses and I find statik seems to help make up for it. Really either one is still just about as good. Depends on what you are looking to do in team fights.

  • #44 tfong

    Would Hurricane work on Trist after Ie instead of phantom? She has exceptional range after all and having her touch multiple heroes is only going to further assist her rocket jump cd.

  • #43 donquicho

    Isn't it better to take Summoners Resolve? The heal spell will increase your health by 5 each lvl. that equals to 18x5= 90 health. That is way better then 2 hp5 or 2 armor and 3 times better then Veterans scars.

  • #47 MadManAdnan

    masteries are there to help early game, that early hp regen and armor are really good, i doubt that extra 50 health will help too much (level 10 is generally when lane phase turns more chaotic), it goes away in one aa , but armor helps for more than one aa and hp regen helps you gain it back after that 1 aa

  • #42 Hellm00d

    For all people who cry about maxing W:

    Maxing Q isn't worth it because you simply do not have the AS, AD or Crit to synergize with it early.

    Maxed E will push your lane like HELL and might even screw up last-hitting.

    However, maxing W provides two things: CDR on your mobility spell and pretty decent burst AND a slow.

  • #53 GamerSlayer

    agreed, but maxing e is better than maxing w. W is a close second, but you are just giving up damage and poke to max w. On top of that, the damage from her w is good, but will only be applied when you jump on someone, so it makes you have to play very aggressively just to do damage. Whereas your e's range increases with your passive, so you can begin to poke from great distances as  you level.

  • #34 miniherolad

    I personally would not give this guide a very high rating. The most useful instance in which you should get rocket jump first is in the event of your team invading the enemy jungle. The author says it prevents early ganks, but if you are seriously in fear of getting ganked at lv 1, ability orders shouldn't be your biggest concern. The only other scenario I see getting RJ at 1 would be to get a lv 1 kill yourself, then I can see it happening. Regardless, get Rocket Jump at lv 2, and max it last...unless you're playing AP Trist, in which case, wrong guide. Getting higher ranks of rocket jump doesn't increase the distance jumped or amount slowed, so it's pointless to level as an AD champ, as it is only used to escape or chase.

    Max Q first, as once you get a BF sword, you will see massive benefit from the attack speed steroid, especially when pushing a tower. Skill order should look something like the following: EWEQQRQEQEREQWWRWW, I would suggest prioritizing leveling E before Q in a passive laning position, as it becomes increasingly easy to harass via the aoe, and holds a lane excellently after purchasing a BF sword, even allowing you to push out and greatly increasing effectiveness vs healing supports.

    Moving onto items, I see this guide has the basic mistake that I see in every <1700 elo game that i watch. While the beginning is more or less correct, taking into account having sustain support, this seems to be forgotten later on. In the event that you have a healing support, this is a great build, but this will not always be the case. If you are laning with say, Leona (great synergy with Trist btw), you will want to build a Bloodthirster first (provided you aren't designated face-checker), as you will need a vampiric scepter and BF sword anyway, allowing you to make better trades with another non-heal duo, and being able to stack it only makes this better as the game goes on. Next, grab a zeal, if the other team isn't stacking an assload of armor (they shouldn't be this early), build straight to PD.

    NOW is the time to grab your IE/BT, depending on what you built first, and if there still isn't a lot of armor on the field. When you start to see priority targets (carries) stack armor, that is the time to grab a Last Whisper, don't buy it if the tank is stacking up armor, because if you're attacking the tank in a team fight you're bad. One last thing, Quicksilver sash is situational. if they don't have a lot of CC, you have Buster shot AND Rocket Jump and can get out of most scenarios unscathed, provided you're not in a dumb position going into a team fight. In this case, your best bet will probably be a Guardian Angel, unless they have little or no AP, then either a thornmail (auto-win vs AD carry) or Frozen Heart (great for team fights and RF uptime) will be a good investment.

    Only other things I can say is Vayne counters Trist, and Cait is no problem if you play passive, as she has weak scaling  in the late game.

  • #35 Fronteir

    You ALWAYS want to max W first. The reason being that AP abilities scale better with level but AD abilities scale better with items. This is why its traditional to go AP mid and AD bot instead of the other way around. This allows the AP mid to gain the levels quicker than if duo bot with a support. Thats why late game AD carries are stronger, they scale with items. 


    And it is always better to go IE first than BT... ALWAYS. A vamp scepter will do you just fine and its insane how much IE is better DPS wise than BT. It also synergizes with PD better because of the crit from PD and the extra damage for crits on IE. And a Frozen Heart on the AD carry who has the longest range in the game late game? Frozen Heart is an aura so it requires you to be in the middle of a fight, the exact opposite of what an AD carry is supposed to do. 

    Sorry but your build isn't good, but if it works for you then good on you.

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