• #18 kaleb312

    Now that Kage's Lucky Pick has been removed due to the new season should we just skip this item in the build or would you recommend substitution.


  • #17 teo900

    I recommend grabbing 1 point in rapid fire early to pop towers easly

  • #15 teo900

    Tristana owns no matter what.

    AD,AP,Hybrid, you call it.

    I've been away from LOL for over 5 months and recently started playing again. I do feel the nerfed items but not the nerf on Tristana.

    Seriously whoever did the nerf on her was high at that moment. Or maybe my skills are better. Though I doubt this since lots of players tell me I don't know how to play .

    Good guide and i'll come up soon with my turret ownage tips

  • #14 kraziearchon

    what about the new Nashors Tooth? 15% of AP done as magic dmg on AA?

  • #19 SlyCooper1536

    if you wanna hurt with aa's then go ad this is a assassin no time to aa just kill 1 then jump and repeat!

  • #9 aragorn42

    this needs to be updated. the only item that is still the same is zhonyas hourglass every other item has been buffed or nerfed (more of them nerfed). i what works for me is an early chalice of harmony followed by mejai (i tend to destroy so I pick this up after boots 2 and chalice) then i immediately go rabadons follow with void staff pick up rylais for being less squishy (abyssal scepter and zhonyas work as well but rylais is better because health the other 2 are situational) and finish athene's last.

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  • #8 On7in3g4m3r

    After the dfg nerf - is she still viable? // Would you build differently ?

  • #16 teo900

    Not really.I certainly don't feel the nerf.

    Anyways if you do need a little extra dmg go thet the blu and red

  • #6 TheFrostbinder

    wt 7 items?


  • #7 Hyper4ktive

    last item..Hourglass or Gunblade

  • #5 happy0124

    Love the guide helped me alot


  • #4 CentxViIi

    Nice Guild Nyjacky. But I usually level W first than E so in level 6 I can do a good damage to kill people.

  • #12 WorrEU

    Quote from CentxViIi »

    Nice Guild Nyjacky. But I usually level W first than E so in level 6 I can do a good damage to kill people.

    Doesn't E deal more damage if you count the extra damage over time? Seeing as it's also a heal debuff (counters healing up with potions during that time) it should be better for your lv6 kills.

  • #3 Kamen96

    Im not here to bash the guide but there are some thing im gonna have to disagree with.
    You should level Q instead of E as Explosive shot can ruin your farm.You will be able to trade better, push better and so on with Q instead of E.
    You should level mostly W as it gains the most damage per level.You should also try starting with Flat MR Glyphs.
    Just my 2 cents 

  • #11 jOinTftwww

    Why dafuq would you wanna max Q? It does nothing early game. It is good late game, but early it's just shit. And if you are decent with tristana, you can farm even with the E passive. I get full wave almost every time

  • #13 Pikohchu

    you are aware that this is an AP tristana build right? If you didnt know, then okay, but if you do.. that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. You dont even max q first on AD tristana either. Q is just a waste of mana for ap tristana

  • #2 dudewitbangs

    so hard to pull off though. i can usually get 2,3 maybe even 4 kills before level 10 but once teamfights start i just feel useless. i find it very hard to jump into a group of enemies in a teamfight and get a kill without getting killed almost instantly and its just so hard to get good non suicidal rocket jumps. any advice on teamfighting?

  • #10 aragorn42

    well i advise going W R (if necessary E b4 R) to kill ADC) then I W out and wait for CD's and hit E if its up
    . Tristana is similar to people like leblanc who do tons of burst and then get out. She is great at picking off out of position champs and picking up kils for your team by circling around and pushing people under turrets into your team for an easy kill (Trust me I do this when I can it destroys especially since unless they are a tank they lose at least 1/4 health up 3/4 health lol and u only take 1 turret shot tops.

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  • #1 Hikarisora

    That is a sexy sexy ap guide.

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