• #51 AllSmiles

    spirit of the ancient golem...over wriggles into spectral flare...doesn't seem worth it imo. id rather have the attack speed personally. trundles jungle clear is too strong not to want more attack speed,.

  • #50 GrowlitheMaster

    what i can gank lv3 with this> Q-W-Q?


  • #49 DeadlyLink

    shyv doesn't counter him at all, you're overlooking the fact that trundles ult steals armor and magic resist making him very good vs shyv in fights , also his Q does not steal attack damage from anyone it simply reduces it and gives him a steroid to his own attack dmg.

    My jungle build is Feral Flare -> swift boots -> Bork -> Spirit visage = Randuins -> Banshees Viel

    also vs invading type jungles, aka your udyrs and khazixs i start red then run to my blue, in most cases it throws them off pretty badly

  • #44 kapelhoff

    nice guide

  • #43 Rodrake

    This guide has been updated with IWillDominate as its new author.

  • #41 Smiteless4Bronzeplayers

    "Getting a smiteless Blue.... is currently the strongest early route."

    Who was this guide written by? A bronze player who doesn't even jungle? Someone who doesn't realise smite has a 36 second cooldown? And 21 in defense is pretty shit on trundle. Also lacking BORK which is the only offensive item trundle needs

  • #42 Rodrake

    This guide was written during season 3. Check it now! It's been completely revamped.

  • #39 Foracik

    Hi Foxdrop,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your hard work in helping fellow league players improve their game :) Following you for some time now.

    In regards to this Trundle build, I actually go for Phage right now before aegis, sometimes even before ancient golem, the move & attack speed really helps him stick on the target, together with the mnor Q slow. I feel it is an important early game item for trundle's ganks.

    What do you think about it?


    Forac :)

  • #40 foxdroplol

    Hey Forac!

    I think Phage is a great decent item for Trundle as it gives him decent stats and makes up for his lack of CC a little bit. I could see it working as a 2nd item, but I'm not sure about getting it before Golem. You could do it if you were farming well enough - the important thing is to make sure you have that Golem for when mid game skirmishes / team fights start.

  • #37 Wurstfett

    I tried to jungle without razor and it felt way too slow. Most time i buy razor, some defense and mid or late game complete my lantern. Trundle is a 100% single-target-champ for his damage, so razor works a lot better than spirit stone on him.

  • #38 foxdroplol

    Early on Madreds will help you clear faster with the 60 extra damage on-hit, but Ancient Golem still gives you 30% increased damage to monsters. That means that the stronger your attacks are, the more the Ancient Golem benefits you - when your Q is doing 250~ damage (even more if you have a Sheen effect) then Ancient Golem's clear speed is comparable if not better than Madreds.

    Still, what you say is not wrong. I feel as though it's worth sacrificing a bit of clear speed in order to grab Ancient Golem as the CDR, Tenacity, and Health are all really good for Trundle.

  • #36 KenEH

    This guide really could use an update. Wriggle's Lantern is pretty useless now, rarely will I even buy Madred's Razors.

    Last edited by KenEH: 7/20/2013 9:24:46 PM
  • #35 RocKemSocKemTards

    haha its no big deal or anything but reading over his abilities it still says "pillar of filth" in the description. second paragraph under pillar of ice "Pillar of Filth can be a great way to save teammates as well, as long as you don't close them into the enemy!"

  • #34 M4ss4cr4

    Is wriggle's even worth it? I hate that item. 2000gold for what???

    I skipping wriggle's optional?

  • #33 KABEMBA

    this is how I build trundle:

    machete -> boots -> botrk -> frozen mallet, finish spirit of the elder golem, ninja tabi from there I just go straight up tanky depending on the enemy comp, spirit visage or hexdrinker, randuins omen, aegis etc..

  • #32 Akunza


  • #30 SY23

    Trundle is great because of how versatile he is in his build paths. I like to go Ancient Golem, Tabi, Randuin's, BotrK, SV and something situational to top it off. This gives Trundle massive raw power and survivability. The enemy can't ignore him or he'll debuff the carry, shred the tank and wreck everyone. But when focused, he'll probably withstand the beating, while still debuffing with Randuin's Omen. But I think any single one of those items can be replaced if need be, as long as you're tanky.

    Also I think the changes to Trundle were a great improvement. Despite being (mostly) aesthetic and usability tweaks. He feel stronger and much more menacing. He communicates the brutal force way better and he doesn't seem to sabotage himself with his own skills anymore. I only wish they gave him the Dragon/Baron interaction on the ult back. I don't think it'd make him OP and in the current state, he probably has the worst objective control of all the viable junglers.

  • #29 Michealmas

    Ravenous Hydra for jungle Trundle, BOTRK for top lane. Cleaver is wasted on him. Both compliment his kit in a myriad of ways,  although I prefer Hydra on him to BOTRK but it depends on the rest of your build and playstyle.

  • #27 gwjw2000

    BoTRK not useful?

  • #28 Shakarezz

    Guide is being updated. But yes it's a very good item on trundle


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