• #81 DediHund

    and if you start building your IE (what you should do after finishing Bilgewater Cutlass, cuz Botrk too expensive early, it's just about the slow of the Cutlass) buy Cloak of Agility over the Pickaxe (the more crits the more cd on your E)

  • #80 DediHund

    Not as good as Hao's build
    this is more for playing passively.

    My League note !

    1. Remember, its SOLO QUEUE. PLAY SOLO. NOT 5s. (LAST HIT ALL KILLS)
    2. You are the team, lead your teammates to victory! HAH. paradox.
    3. Bring the lanes to you, don't waste your time going to other lanes.
    4. Make their jungler camp you, kill them both.
    5. Enjoy SOLO QUEUE, you win some you lose some. Don't make it stressful.
    6. Taking risks may involve a lot of mistakes, but you will usually have the lead either way.
    7. Always have more farm than your opponent. = AHEAD
    8. K/D/A does not determine skill, you can tell if a person is good or bad by their farm.
    9. Man Up, Take Risks, Win Game. You have to take risks as Tryndamere.
    10. Carry, Rinse and Repeat! ~ No Fudge Given. - Better Recognize!

    Inspired by Hao Thanks man !

  • #78 kyoung0184

    Voyboy, this build is OP as hell! Thanks! I know you know your top laner stuff (although I prefer mid, esp. w/ Tryn, since I hate being underfarmed and outnumbered). I respect the hell out of Curse. If I were ever good enough to be on a team, it would be Curse or bust! Thanks again!

  • #67 wolf33killer

    Hey I played as Tryndamere and Gangplank cant really counter him someone who would be able to counter him is darius. Also a great build goes with him is from first to last. ( Infinty Edge - Berserker's greaves - shiv - youmuu's - zephyer - and phantom dancer) by the end of the game you would be doing 700 - 800 damge each hit every 0.5 secs.

  • #66 AllensNation

    Just gotta say If your losing your lane to a heavy melee champ get thornmail you will completely over take the game... was 0 7 3 against Volibear went 12 9 7 in the end, almost went legendary, just because of thornmail. great assist for initiate too being able to dive into enemies they attack you ult they continue to attack killing themselves in the end. beautiful defensive item.

  • #64 tbl_george

    rush bt lw broken

  • #63 StBlaze

    I do something differently. I start it off by building into my Shiv immediately for the crowd control aspect. It then breaks down as follows:

    Shiv ---> Boots ---> Ruin King ---> Bloodthirster ---> Hydra ---> Black Cleaver

    Since the Hydra allows me to suck HP from everyone around, I can last a moment while simultaneously popping my Undying Rage. This allows me to live for a second and reduce the armor of all opponents hit. 
    Now... Keep in mind, I'm not exactly sure if Black Cleave works this way so please correct me if I'm wrong. My secondary item over Black Cleaver, if it's not needed, is Spirit Visage for the increased LIfe Steal and Cooldown Reduction

  • #77 jb3131jb

    The bt/hydra have a few issues on trynd. The main one is that the hydra is really expensive and only helps with aoe wave clear and is not good in 1v1 fights. A stattik shiv gives better stats, wave clear that's just as good, 1v1 potential, and is cheaper. You really want that crit. Bloodthirster's huge ad count and lifesteal is not so good on trynd because of the fact that you already have a lot of sustain with your q and botrk, and the ad is wasted in that you will be doing more damage critting anyways. The cleaver is personal pref, i guess, although flat armor pen is better, especially if you already have flat armor pen in your page. for the cdr you cite in visage, just go yomumu's. you have more than enough sustain with the build given


  • #60 xcyka

    What do you think of sword of the divine on trynd rather  youmuu's?

  • #61 aragorn42

    No point if you look at the crit chance with this build - infinity edge 25% shiv 20% ghostblade 15% = 60% crit chance + tryndameres passive brings that up to 95% crit chance meaning that almost every hit crits. so the sword of the divine actives does almost nothing. also the entire item is and empty slot while on cool down. while ghostblade gives armor pen cdr attack damage and the active attack speed and move speed. also just fyi sword of the divine is an awful item ... very unreliable and its doesn't really give much in form of stats

  • #62 thechosenone124

    Meh, it works nicely on high attack speed characters, like Vayne

  • #70 voyboy

    It's not worth it because he gets so much free crit. :)

  • #58 NobileKnight

    why is better to build armor penetration then attackk damage for trynda?..

    and why is better to pick movement speeed and not attack damage again?


  • #59 sultar

    Tryn relies on AA's and his mobility early on isn't as strong as late game.  He also has high base dmg with his Q & his AD base stats, so Armor Pen negates the % absorption and thereby helps more than flat AD scaling.  Tryn also has pretty bad AD ratios, his only ability that uses AD ratios is the E, which is usually used for escape/gap closing and not for its damage.

  • #71 voyboy

    Movement speed quints are a preference thing, it's completely possible to substitute it for lifesteal or AD, just depends on the game.

  • #57 Pikohchu

    Strategies and Tactics>Tips and Tricks> 

    • When you have a full rage bar and you're sure the enemy jungle is around, don't be scared to use your Spinning Slash to close gap to attempt to get a free crit on your opponent

    I'm sure this is supposed to say when the enemy jungle ISN'T around?

  • #55 ghost20018

    u should ad karthus to counters u can kill him but hell just ult when ur ult wares off


  • #56 thechosenone124

    That goes both ways. If you kill him and he ults, you are correct you will die. However, you can easily kill such a squishy champion, and Karthus cannot do anything to you while Undying Rage is active (no CC). To properly be considered a Tryndamere counter, you need to be able to nullify the effectiveness of Undying Range. Gangplank's ult makes it hard to reach others, Teemo's blind screws you over, Kennen's stun screws you over harder, and Nidalee will take you by surprise so you can't ult

  • #49 suchavitaliy

    Tough skin doesn't reduce damage taken from minions like it did in season 2. Only monsters in season 3. I noticed many curse players do this.  

  • #48 InCr3D4Bl3

    My build to Trydamere. =)   Here is it! ---> Berserker's Greaves - Hydra - Statikk Shiv - Blade of the Ruined King - Inf Edge - Bloodthister . Yup it is full AD. But he aleready got his ult for survive. and i use Flash. and his Q can be an escape too. The only counter on Trydamere is Teemo. But he cant get Trydamere in a 1v1 anyways. =)

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