• #31 Bulgdare

    OMG, full build is so expensive!!!

  • #30 lordasa619

    COOL :)

  • #26 YGOsippel

    Will there be an updated version of this? I want to see a guide with Feral Flare.

  • #28 KenEH

    As of right now, Feral Flare is so OP if so just build the same and you will wreak havoc. If you wanna keep the flare in your build, buy a Blade of the Ruined King instead of a Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer.

  • #29 Refpsi

    I will change things once feral flame has settled down.

  • #25 Akunza

    Aatrox is what you want if you want a tanky Tryndamere.

    Last edited by Akunza: 3/26/2014 4:55:14 PM
  • #19 Jinxxey

    Why don't you use a static shiv instead of a phantom dancer for a faster wave clearance and jungle clearance. Also this build makes tryndamere quite squishy and a easy target in team fights.

  • #17 knight14421

    If my runes are 3 Armor penetrate,9 mark atk speed,9 MR,9 Armor?ist gonna effect the jgling?

  • #15 The_Forsaken_God

    What do you think of starting off with 3 quints of lifesteal and a dorans blade? I normally build into boots then zeal after

  • #16 Refpsi

    I dont think starting doran's blade is safe, it also sets back your wriggles. Go ahead and do this though if you feel comfortable. 

  • #13 Akunza

    Personally I dislike Ghostblade. It use to be the Sh*** back before Riot gutted it from it's glory =/

  • #14 Refpsi

    It still grants it's armor pen damage and critical strike and movement speed on top of attack speed. I think it's still a very solid item even if the attack speed is slightly less and the duration is as well.

  • #11 UNCGladius

    Hi, I was just going to let you know that your section on Tryndamere's passive is misleading. You say that if you have full fury and have hit four attacks without a critical then it is very possible that the next two auto attacks may get a critical proc. This is a gambler's fallacy. The four previous auto attacks and the two upcoming auto attacks are all independent cases based off of his critical strike percentage, the chances that they are critical are not related in any case. Ex., you can have full fury and not crit 500 times in a row, it doesn't make you any more likely to crit on the 501st attack. Overall I like this guide and find it very helpful!

  • #12 Refpsi

    Gamblers fallacy is a fallacy in real life. However in games it exist. Because you cannot truly generate a random number in games there is always some algorithm behind it. The way this algorithm works ensure that you will most likely always get the right critical chance % over an amount of hits. The attacks are not independent cases because its a computer and isn't capable of doing "Random". Thus computers do consider the previous hits because they cannot ensure random so they consider the previous in order to best match their %.

    Last edited by Refpsi: 5/31/2013 1:30:04 AM
  • #9 ToxicNoctis

    Why not nasha tooth instead of zeph? I mean not gives 20% CDR and ap which increases BL heal and whirls atk by 1:1 for his atk? And cost less to build

  • #10 Refpsi

    The zephyr gives tenacity and mobility. Nashor's tooth cannot top that at all on an AD tryndamere build. If you have blue buff you are already at Max CDR. 

    Last edited by Refpsi: 5/1/2013 5:50:16 PM
  • #6 Akunza

    I use this same build but instead of a Wriggle's I use Blade of the Ruined King cause it's so OP on Tyrndamere for taking down enemies who try to Kite you.

  • #7 Refpsi

    Yep, BoRK is a really strong item. It also helps you stick to your target. I see nothing wrong with this.

  • #4 Mysticsimba

    I would suggest instead of a wriggles lantern switch that out for hydra's for better lifesteal and a aoe attack 

  • #8 Refpsi

    You sell wriggles late game. You can pick up a Hydra or blood thirster. I generally recommend blood thirster as it's a more solid choice when taking out a single target. Hydra can be really good in clumped up team fights.

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