• #106 niklez1

    what about switching sorc boots with guardian angel? in very late game it worth?

  • #105 whyfightwhy

    I really Hate Nocutrne now!

  • #103 TheNeo0z

    What about movespeed quins?

  • #101 Muey

    wat is denn los mit dir?


  • #102 thechosenone124

    ids da wog frig mur

  • #95 imsodumbforthis

    im probably gonna seem dumb for this, but would nashors's tooth work for tf? I mean his basic can deal a bit more dmg with his a. I just want to know, would it work?

  • #96 Spirits33r

    Thats a great idea if u use wits end and lich bane go 4 it and c how it worx in fact im trying it out now



  • #104 TFStonexx

    yeh it works, i often starts off with nashors tooth. its very good, also along with trinity instread of lichbane. It also makes TF more vaiable and fun to play. you should try it.



  • #93 Thysick

    About AD TF, I started playing him Ad before Ap… When I play Ap, you stun + Wild card, then wait…Prepare stack cards..Stun Wild Card… in teamfights you miss a stun or miss wild card, your there doing 0dmg AA… then or maybe just doing AA to prepare another stack cards ? ….. sometimes you want to split push with ult and you do 0 dmg to turret….

    With AD TF, I mid.. So I  Stun or red card and AA and it hurts, when I get Stack deck, it crits and hurts them so much. In team fights you red card or stun card, your able to stun specific champs. You life leech better because of AA….

    AA Stack Deck, Stun AA Stack Deck, Stun…

    If you push to hard you can jungle wraiths on your side and theirs… you can assist on ganks stun AA…  

    When helping ganks you osemtimes miss the wild cards… so just the stun isn’t that great…  So AD ganks is like stun and AA and its better that way….

    AP when you ult and have decks and ult near enemy and stun wild card and they are not dead survived your blast… your mostly dead….

    AD when you ult and stun the enemy you AA, and can they are dead else you can kite abit restun…

     For me AD is great :)

  • #94 thechosenone124

    You're autoatttacks are pretty sweet when you build AP (every third one anyway). Wild Cards is really low CD, so if you miss, wait a little bit and shoot again. Plus when their stunned or slowed, I really doubt you can miss your wildcard. AP TF's stun wildcards is incredible burst because it combines the AP scaling of 3 skills, whereas AD TF has no burst. Not having burst sorta contradicts the map presence, because which do you fear: TF popping out and instagibbing you, or TF popping out and dealing sustained damage over a period of time to you?

  • #90 lordmasta

    Im probably gonna sound really dumb but how does his ult work. because i tried teleporting today but all that happened was i ended up walking there and the ability went on cooldown. what did i do wrong?

  • #91 thechosenone124

    It's a common misconception promoted by outdated sources. His ult is not global dammit. I did the same thing the first time I used him as well. (Also if you walked there, then you right clicked. Abilities are left click). Cast ult once, recast ult, then click location IN RANGE

  • #92 Spirits33r

    u have to press r again to use his 2nd phase of his ult

  • #88 Freacer

    Why not Liandry's Torment as one of the last items? The MPen is good to burst down carrys.

    Also i like to start with a Doran's Ring or a Cloth Armor (vs heavy ad like Zed) instead of Flask. Why do you think flask is that much better?


    Last edited by Freacer: 9/3/2013 8:36:31 AM
  • #89 thechosenone124

    Mana problems are common among mids. Flask is a stopgap measure till you get blue buff. And don't think you should spend that Pick a Card for mana too often, because every time your blue card goes out, you are asking the enemy jungler to gank you

  • #82 PeytonA

    Great guide, this has worked out alright for me :)

    I have heard that you can also build TF AD? What are your thoughts on this?

  • #83 thechosenone124

    What are you aiming to get from AD TF? The only AD scaling attack is pick a card, and the scaling is the same as an autoattack.

  • #84 PeytonA

    More or less, I was just curious about it.

    I played a few games as AD TF, and it works better than AP for me for some reason.


  • #85 thechosenone124

    How so? Only benefit I can see is higher sustained damage. I'd like to know more about the benefits of AD TF


  • #86 PeytonA

    Well, since I recently have started playing him AD, I do not know all the benefits :p

    I suppose you would build him AD depending on your play style, because you can stun an enemy and quickly kill them using basic attacks. Wild Cards becomes under powered as a side effect however.

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