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    Caitlyn counters Twitch? How? I've always found it easy to beat Caitlyn in lane. And a quint in armor? What is this...

  • #202 thechosenone124

    Someone probably stepped into a Caitlyn trap while invisible XD. Armor Quint is, I am assuming, because Twitch loves sneaking in and engaging at a somewhat close range. Armor would help with that (I wouldn't run it myself, just giving a rationale)

  • #203 ImmortalAgent

    Alright thanks for the explanation.

  • #204 LoLMostDope

    Cait can harass twitch easily before he even comes into range to deal some damage, so he gets outdamaged. I'm assuming you are rather low elo, where caitlyn players dont have an idea to take advantage of her high range and dont even bother to trade. at least thats what i encounter when i smurf.

  • #205 thechosenone124

    I don't know what elo YOU play in if you think anyone can harass Caitlyn without getting harassed back. Caitlyn's major weakness is in agressive engages, which are situations Twitch excels in. Her strength is in zoning and being impossible to zone, which is Twitch's weakness. It's a skill matchup here.

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    wtf fock 

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    hue brb 


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    Swagitty Swag Swag Swag Guide

  • #177 Anagantios

    Why did Cop take over this guide when it wasn't written by him? `_`

  • #187 Cop

    There were some things I didn't really agree with in the last person's guide. I tried to improve it to make it more fit for solo queue. ^^

  • #190 Anagantios

    Noted. After testing it out a couple months back, it worked pretty well. Might need to update the runes now, with the changes to them, though!

  • #199 Discodj99

    blade of the ruined king is not needed

  • #200 thechosenone124

    With his true damage, Twitch can cut through armor with some decent effectiveness (around 300 true damage over 6 seconds I believe). Therefore you better believe the tanks will start stacking hp f you become a threat. Because building under the assumption that you are gonna be unimportant isn't efficient, better to counter what they build preemptively.

    Also note Twitch has some assassin characteristics but lacks high burst (comparatively) so sticking is pretty important

  • #174 Almosttall13

    Two questions.  What was the thought process behind the changes to the Runes section to this guide?  

    Before, it was suggested that we take a few Armor Pen. marks alongside the Attack Damage Marks.  And a few Ability Power Gliphs alongside  some Magic Resist.  Now all that is changed for straight AD Marks, and it appears that the AP Gliphs have been changed to Mana Regen...  But why?

    And is the Butcher mastery REALLY that useful?  :S

    Otherwise, great guide. Twitch is one of my favorite champions, and this guide has really helped me improve my gameplay with him. :D  Thanks again!

    Last edited by Almosttall13: 12/4/2013 11:12:19 PM
  • #175 ImmortalAgent

    The reason the Runes were changed is because Crs Cop took over the guide (not sure why) 

    And I think Butcher is a great mastery because it helps you last hit.  What other masteries would you take instead of Butcher?

  • #176 Almosttall13

    Ah, okay.  I guess that makes sense.  Though, I still kinda like the old runes that were suggested.  I really had a lot of success with them.  It's some pretty good stuff.  

    I see your point about Butcher, but I wasn't quite sure if it was REALLY that much better at last-hitting... OR would it be better to put that last point on Fury to get that nice 5% Attack Speed (which is nice either way on Twitch)? 

    Last edited by Almosttall13: 12/5/2013 9:57:13 PM
  • #188 Cop

    I didn't agree with the math the last guide creator had for his rune page, so I updated it with how I play Twitch because it's more fit for people trying to learn the champion. Butcher is fine compared to the other masteries you'll be taking.

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