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    Thanks for this build, won me a 3v5 47-19 16/4/14

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    What I am wondering is, in which cases would you prefer tiger Udyr over Phoenix Udyr? I only tried phoenix udyr yet in ~20 games (SGU ftw ;)), and I seemed to be incredibly fine with your build, but most people I ask tell me that they strongly prefer tiger Udyr top. I do understand the advantages of tiger Udyr (greater nuking power etc.), but in my opinion, if you play phoenix Udyr correctly, your trades can be pretty strong too. Just go in phoenix stance, spare your phoenix proc, autohit the enemy, and then r again. Congrats, you just proced r twice within a second. So, why do so many people prefer tiger Udyr over phoenix Udyr on top lane?

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    Tiger is much more of a lany bully and solo splitpusher. Whilst Phoenix can easily clear waves and Proxy, Tiger is faster at bringing down towers with sheer Single Target damage. Tiger is also a better option if you want to jump on carries and destroy them


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    how is teemo not a counter for him? he totally kites you and stomps you in lane 

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    It depends on how the lane is played.

    Teemo isn't a hard counter for Udyr. The same reason why Teemo isn't a hard counter to Rengar.

    Each has to bait out the Blind, and Udyr can still stun Teemo while Blinded. As for the kite, Udyr's speed boast can catch up to Teemo's W every now and then.

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    GmerfnG best udyr NA ( and EUW ) 

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    Best guide NA, had some insanely fun games top Udyr and jungle!!!

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    Very nice guide trick! Hope to see more from you

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    You will, dont worry


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    could this guide be updated or rewamped completely due to the fact on how he has been changed. 

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    So i just got this champ and i really like him but any tips on which styles to use first second third and so on.

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    depends. if you go top lane with him, you max q first. if you go jungle, q or r both work. q for ganking and counterjungle. r for clear speeds and aoe teamfight damage. its best atm to rush sunfire cape on him. i prefer boots of swiftness on him since its not really hard cc that stops him, its persistent slows. going full tank with him works really well. and once you get randuins, you can do neat tricks like a flash-randuins activate into multiple stuns. after taht you can fall back and protect the carry.with stuns and your base tiger dot. with udyr, its best to use straight ad marks and quints for tiger stance, and attack speed for pheonix in the jungle. hope that helped :)

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    I want to know about LANING counterpicks. Someone that can beat Udyr in a lane...

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    he doesn't have an ult so any champion that has a good ult while able to survive his early game in general can beat him in lane and late game. examples are rengar, darius, riven, riven is a bit iffy if you're not willing to miss some cs early on to avoid hid q.

    you can also pick ranged tops such as teemo who can completely sh!t on udyr if he times his q right and harass him in lane. jayce and nidalee can also make it difficult for him in lane.

    irelia gets countered by him, don't try unless you're sure about your irelia play.

    gl, this champion is a great top laner and the reason he is not played top much because he is boring and he doesn't have an ult/a moment of shine in a teamfight.

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    what is runic bulwark I could not find that item

  • #39 nipplesofdoom

    its aegis of the legion upgrade


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    This ability set is also very good for jungling because tiger stance is normally your main form of dmg, if you can max it while in the jungle (as well as being a strong jungle tool) you can powerfully gank earlier than you would with phoenix stance.

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