• #54 Deshon86

    its outdated Ginger

  • #53 Ginger

    Hello I tried your build I found it doesn't really work for jungler udyr you cannot damage the oponents enough to force em out of lane and udyrs engagement is bad

  • #52 Discodj99

    well this build is not good. meaby for some but the build is so wrong

  • #51 thatkidd

    This guide has a lot of useful information but the item choices are AWFUL. Really needs to be updated.

  • #40 BrandonX2001

    Items need to be Updated

  • #39 Volkihar

    This guide is not updated?

  • #38 ISlicedI

    Just got Udyr yesterday, tried a game top and lost to Rammus, then I went jungle with this guide and won 5 games in a row ranked! (yes I play champs quickly in ranked) and only one loss after that spree. Great build! I find myself usually not going for shurelyas and building a sunfire though, for life and more aoe damage as I feel I am generally fast enough for closing gaps without it (due to ms runes)

  • #37 Paintballz77

    I this udyr is cursed i played 5 games n got stuck with a crap team every single one of em.  I did alright, pretty good actully but im always getting stuck with noob teams.  I hate solo queue.

  • #35 Weissik

    I like this guide (even though i use same masteries as diamondprox). Played three games phoenix udyr (wanted to try him), won all three of them , one was ranked. It seems he isn´t as strong, but the truth is far away from that. If you manage not to die at the start and get some great ganks, you´ll deal tons of damage late game. In teamfights you either tank the initial damage with turtle stance, then go in for a stun and finish them with phoenix (looks totally like true damage, i melted zed, jayce and blue ez in one teamfight), or you can run from behind and catch them offguard anyway. His damage is ridiculous. For example, i died only one time out of all games, even though the enemy tried to counterjungle me. All the power relies in ypur ability to block most of the damage, get a stun and then melt them. Shurelya helps greatly and is really op. I get homeguard right after the spirit of the ancient golem and it pays off. I skip iceborn gauntlet and mostly finish the game after getting boots, spirit, shurelya and runic bulwark.

    Thank you for this guide :)

  • #36 Jacksonecac

    Glad you liked it and are finding some success with it. :D

  • #29 Phaiyte

    Page 3: Why would you build merc treads and the tanky jungle item at the same time? The tenacity effects don't stack. In fact, that jungle item is specifically for allowing you to create something that isn't merc treads, which is one of the bigger reasons why Boots of Swiftness and Ninja Tabi are considered so much better these days. Also what about the Furor enchantment? Chances are you are going to hit someone with the combo of Reverie and Frozen Mallet procs. So wouldn't Furor enchant just make it easier to keep chasing after the Reverie wears off?

  • #30 Jacksonecac

    You wouldn't build both tenacity items it would be one or the other depending on the situation. As far as furor boots you already have iceborn gauntlets at this point and so you don't need more to stick onto people. Alacrity early works well as well as homeguard in my opinion.

  • #28 Jacksonecac

    If you examine the guide and the title you can see that it is for Phoenix Stance.

  • #27 Shogo1307

    Is this build for tiger or phoenix udyr? Because the current meta is Phoenix udyr

  • #26 Jacksonecac


    Great guide, just played a ranked game udyr, the thing I love about him is he doesn't need kills to scale into late game.  I got a full tanky build by letting my team ks off of me the whole game.

    Thats Great! I am glad you are having success with it :D


  • #25 ArktryxKrytek

    Great guide, just played a ranked game udyr, the thing I love about him is he doesn't need kills to scale into late game.  I got a full tanky build by letting my team ks off of me the whole game.  

  • #23 M4ss4cr4

    Has anyone considered building tiger stance udyr to jungle now that single target dmg is better for jungling?

    You won't deal AoE in team fights but you can quickly kill an enemy carry!

  • #24 lolnig

    i max tiger and bear before i even get w or r, it is what i saw stvicious do, and it works very well, both for clear and ganks!

  • #32 KjarRokulaine

    That works, but it isn't as good. You generally want the turtle to get some sustain when you're low and r is a lovely aoe clear-even when you're playing top.

  • #22 Shogo1307

    I dont understand why Soul Stone isnt in any jungle builds, it fits Udyr perfectly. Not to mention you could Go Lizard Upgrade or Golem and they both have there percs depending on the situation ingame.

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