• #52 haidx

    So where in this guide does it say that all i have to do is slap my dick on the keyboard and win?


  • #51 Akunza

    Since Wriggle's is shit yet again. I use Elder Lizard for Tiger Udyr. I also roll Frozen Heart and Spirit Visage to cap me at 40% CDR. Good hunting :)

  • #50 kugelb

    nice guide

  • #47 compromise

    Why do you recommend both wriggles and ancient golem?

  • #49 alvinoalvin

    its either will work


  • #38 Akunza

    Went 10/0/7 in a ranked game thanks to this updated guide. 21/9/0 Tiger Udyr Jungler OP

  • #36 Armdevil

    this guide is still aweful and misleading.

  • #37 BlankCzech

    -This guide is awful and misleading.

  • #35 MrSoullessness

    "Whenever you do not see an opportunity to gank or have to put a lot of pressure on a certain lane, you should take the opportunity to farm your jungle or go to base and buy if you have money for a big buy (ie. getting a Heart of Gold)." are we sure this is from 2013? lol

  • #33 wren42

    I'm just learning Udyr as a long time hecarim player.  He's super fun and mobile. 

    I've adapted my hec build a bit to suit udyr better, can anyone speak to the viability of the following:

    Early game:  Golem + Boots of Mobility.  Very tanky, great sustain, fast clear, super speed ganks 

    Mid Game: Iceborn Gauntlet.  Tons of armor, cdr, mana, and PERMASLOW.  Clears get really fast with tiger form, and ganks are almost guaranteed kills.

    End Game: Frozen Heart + Banshee's Veil.  Super tanky late game. Massive Armor, MR, HP.  Max CDR.  Unlimited mana for constant stance changes.

    I'm considering replacing banshees with maw as per this guide, but I love the HP and shield.  Thoughts? 

    I like building tanky, and the above seems to make Udyr an unkillable stun machine.

    I'm not sure what I want for my 6th item if it gets to that point: Offensive item?   Aegis? (assuming support doesn't have it) Sunfire Cape? Lifesteal?

    Thanks for the help!

  • #30 Shogo1307

    This guide says it was updated 2 days ago, but Saint wants us having 7 he must of be on the sauce!

  • #31 ihagge

    As he explained on [Item Build] page:

    "You can either go for wriggle's lantern or you can go for Spirit of the Ancient Golem depends on what you like to do."


  • #32 krapcher

    Dude learn to read item builds section instead of looking quick guide only...

  • #26 LeFuri3ux

    The recent buffs on udyrs Phoenix made phoenix sooo strong, whats the difference now, is tiger stil viliable?

  • #27 Pipous3k

    its very risky. works just if you get fed early

  • #25 Pipous3k

    Why don't you use Wit's End?

  • #34 krapcher

    Because no need anymore attack speed, extra damage or little mr while using this build. Beside I don't see a item that you can replace with Wit's End. You can sell wriggles at full build and take it maybe but at that time game would be end already. Even it didn't end another defensive item can be better instead of wit's end.

  • #23 reutis

    skill order says to level: Q first then E then W. ability section explanation tells max: Q first then W then E. What is current and what is not current? Please adjust.

  • #24 Asilwen

    Turtle second, will update guide to display this!

  • #29 Armdevil

    when are you gonna update it? in another 6 months? this site is so shit for guides. im going back to solo mid

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