• #135 xxxObeseFetusxxx

    Is it viable to replace BT with BoRK? The slow could help with kiting and since varus doesnt have an escape method it would help.

  • #136 thechosenone124

    That is never an option. BT is one of the best AD items in the game. Even though I myself think Infinity Edge is better, BT is never replaceable (except with an infinity edge!). Botrk doesn't even provide a real escape (a haste oh my god thats totally gonna save my life) ghost does way better in terms of that. 

    Of course if you'd like to replace something else go ahead. But the reason most ADCs have no escape or a crappy escape (ooooh draven used his E now i totally can't catch him) is because they have another champion that exists solely to cater to their weaknesses and should be willing to commit suicide in order to let you escape. Botrk is more for the health shred

  • #131 xxxObeseFetusxxx

    I usually get Runaan's Hurricane on Varus so i can spread his passive, then i can dominate team fights because everyone has his passive on him and my abilities do more damage.

  • #132 thechosenone124

    Unfortunately, Varus already encourages teams to spread out with his ultimate. It is very unlikely the will be so close together that Runaan's will work. The thing this would be good for is killing minions in a fight, which boosts his attack speed, but statikk shiv is plenty

  • #133 RookieChamp

    You're right it can also spread the Blighted Quiver Passive Effect. It also has great potential to clear extremely lager minion waves

  • #134 thechosenone124

    1. You never buy a item to "clear extremely large minion waves". You buy items to kill champions

    2. This is an AD Varus guide. No one cares about your Blighted Quiver damage. If you were AP, that would be something

  • #128 anatomymango

    I think that blighted quiver and hail of arrows should be switched in the skill order but other then that, this is a great guide

  • #129 thechosenone124

    AD Varus doesn't max an AP skill...

  • #130 ReticulatedTaipan

    I agree, because if the blighted quiver gets maxed second, then piercing arrow does more damage

  • #126 T3DDYB3AR21

    Hey Cop was wondering, have you ever tried playing ASAP Varus? Which is Attack Speed Ability Power, in case you didn't know. I've only been presented with the idea, never tried it.

  • #125 Th3NewHotdog

    First game I went 30/9/8! Great guide man.

  • #116 kfuykk

    opop i like it :)

  • #109 Aqzen

    Would scaling MR glyphs not be better? Because in my experience in bot lane you don't need that much MR early, and the mid/late game amount works much better because it gives more resistance for the times when assassins like Akali are after you.

  • #118 Cop

    Up to the player, it doesn't change much. It can help in lane against magic damage dealing supports.

  • #105 EdgeOfDawn

    Really nice guide though but In Synergies,why you dont got soraka there?In my opinion and experience with Varus its really nice to have Soraka by your side,you can almost istant use your skills in earlygame,which has much impact if you are accurate with his Q.And her both heals allow you to dive if you got flash.So in my opinion shes also one oft the best sups for Varus,at least you are advanced with him.

  • #106 thechosenone124

    Varus is a early game aggression champion who can outrade and poke. Soraka is a passive champion whose only aim is to makes sure the adc never recalls. If you want aggression looks for someone who can apply healing reduction so the opposing sustain lane can't stop you, or pick a killer instagib champ to snowball

  • #107 grolich

    It depends. Soraka + Varus is a poke lane. Infinite mana...

    with varus' range this kind of poke lanes could be very useful in some match ups...
    Probably not in most match ups.

  • #108 thechosenone124

    Varus's arrow doesn't have good range, unless you charge it up, in which case any moron can dodge it. Bush arrows have uses, but there's a good chance the enemy lane will drop a ward, and you gotta go ward war. If you want a poke lane like this, Caitlyn's is superior

  • #119 Cop

    Soraka isn't that strong, there are much better pairs for Varus in terms of getting kills and locking targets down.

  • #104 grolich

    Very informative and helpful guide.

    One problem I see in the "item" section is this: Very little mentioning of the order of items to get. For example:Infinity edge: "probably the best ad item out there", last whisper: "the most important item for adcs"... With last whisper being mentioned as the 3rd item to get. I know many good varus players like rushing to infinity edge for example... so what are the potential item orders?

    1) greaves, botrk, ie, pd, lw is the order as appears on the images if I'm against stacked HP tanky bruisers and don't go for life steal?

    2) if 1 is what you meant, you REALLY mean to take infinity edge LAST in the other option? that's the first time I've heard of it for an adc (last whisper before ie), which is why I assumed the  images aren't necessarily the order...  But I'm not a very good player... So I might just be missing something.

    and last - is it ok to start with vampiric scepter and stop there for lifesteal until you get some of the other items? if so, which ones? 


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