• #172 BRGatti

    sfdafdsadwaesfagf que bosta


  • #171 Anille

    Got a penta and almost another one with this build, pwetty good

  • #169 ismaelmires

    i got two pentas in one game with dis build

  • #167 InkedVinny

    This guide is gud, the only adc´s i can play is tristana and now vayne, ofc thks for the tut

  • #165 Dungeonbreak01

    Late game sell boots and get zenith


  • #166 thechosenone124

    I assume you mean Zephyr? that item doesn't provide as much MS, and boot enchantments work well in some situations

  • #170 whentheleveebreaks

    Honestly, I can't think of one good reason to keep boots over Zephyr.

    Zephyr provides the tenacity of Mercury Treads, more attack speed than Berserker's Greaves and a whole lot of other stats. You don't really need the movement speed from the Furor enchantment either, as you're playing Vayne. Your Blade of the Ruined King and passive should take care of all your chasing needs. Maybe Homeguard enchantment, but that trade-off in stats is not really worth it in my opinion.

    Ofcourse you would buy Zephyr AFTER your build is 'finished.'

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  • #164 Dragomoraz

    got a penta with it :D 

  • #162 jewelman

    i really feel like i do no damage as any other adc to the current tanks. But with vayne she still packs a big punch so im learning the cait matchup for this season

  • #163 thechosenone124

    The Cait matchup involves killing her and snowballing (Cait sucks at engagements) or staying far away and trying to avoid getting headshotted.

  • #152 SoloQ


  • #151 wzzzsp


  • #139 sl4yan

    vayne can kill sivir all the time she want she still won't win lane sivir is a lane monster for cs and then sivir won't lose one teamfight since she is sivir! even if she die she give ult to all her team!!! who care about vayne passive if she need to run away from a whole team that run faster than since anyway she is running away. don't max w it just dumb it give no dmg xcept true dmg that is not needed since vayne does too much dmg with ult q anyway. max q for tumbleness(see what i did there) then condemn(w/e the word!) For people that say Black Cleaver s shit bc lw give you other shit or w/e shit u say. I say it all depend about enemy team you need to focus on the gold u have/ the gold enemy has / the team enemy has. BC is good early when u r fed and has money to spend the only reason its good is the cdr/armor pen  it give bc you can use spell more to DEFEND yourself #don'twantfrozenshitandsofedubuttrapeeveryone= BC gg.

    just bc i wanna know my build is vamp-shoe-goodmoney(bt)/no money(zeal)-PD-LW-completeshoe(tier3)-IE-BC-Mercurial(when im fed and has time to reach)

    also i wanna know why u go BOTRK with the nerf the active had and why u put FM in option build when the red buff(that i assume you have since you are vayne and the jungler is obviously a wise man.... or just take it you are vayne) give u a slow+more dmg? overall build s pretty good i would give one more doran for early if your behind but i never saw any build made ''if you'r ahead''/''if you'r behind'' way.

     i wanna say sorry if you don't understand what i wrote i hope you ca answer me it was a good refreshment to my build ty

    edit: sup i also wanna know if masterie 21/6/3 is worth for the mvm speed since it give u boots right at the start and proc with ur passive/late game for  the cost of some hp from the def mastr

    also the second video gameplay/buld state that u take magic resist glyph over scaling magic resist glyph and i wonder why since u focus on late game with vayne who is an adc that don't  fight much magic dmg on the bot lane. My question is: why take mr rune for early when u need late game mr for teamfight? i know it's not much more but if i take my build(mercurial late) it does end up with vayne

    never being afraid of any ap(yea yea xcept leblanc/veig/cass those ''i see you i kill you'' heroes)


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  • #137 Tubblas

    i started using this movement speed on hit build with her and a few other adc's as well...i really like the sticking potential as well as the kiting...wonder what you guys have to say about it...have you tried it...? did it work for you...?

    Boots of swiftness - Furor


    Trinity force

    Pd or Statik shiv

    Last whisper

    preference item here...

  • #138 HomerX221

    you can make botrk-pd-statikk-ie-last whisper-zephyr, it works better imo

  • #123 dannyqiu1

    Hello, this guide was really good but i was wondering when is it a good time to max q or when to make w first?

  • #124 thechosenone124

    W at level 2, max Q first. Q is level 1

  • #125 Fenixah

    If you want to focus on poke and doging a lot then you should max Q ( which is in most of the cases )
    The thing with maxing W is that you actually need to get the 3rd proc to deal damage, while the Q is just easier to poke.

    However if you want to you can try taking 2 points in Q then maxing W. If you do this the build i'd recommend ( and i'm currently using this one aswell ) is Botrk into 2x PD, pretty much going full attack speed.


  • #126 thechosenone124

    Speaking of attack speed, is Runaan's a good idea? I am aware of how stupid this sounds, but it helps with farming and synergizes with Vayne's range (not Silver Bolts). Around mid game Vayne could be a sick split pusher. Also, does Tumble bonus damage proc on Runaan Hurricane arrows?

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  • #127 Fenixah

    Runaan's is a bad item to be honest. The splash range is really low and it only gives attack speed, no other bonus and it's expensive.
    In most cases i splitpush as AD, not just as vayne, as long as you're ahead. I prefer the double PD for more attack and crit but if you want you can get statik shiv for splitpushing, its cheaper and better than Runaan's. I think tumble's damage procs 3x with runaan's but even then it's not worth it.
    I would only consider Runaan's if you are 2/3 inhibs down early and you are having troubles clearing the minions.


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