• #141 MaxMan32

    I am sorry , probably i am not one to talk since I am just a Silver 1 , but when playing Veigar i try another combo . Instead of maxing Q first , I max W and then Q and lately E . The W deals more damage then Q and even though it takes time to land once you set an Event Horizion your enemy doesn't have anywhere to go , he will either hit the wall for stun ( guaranteeing that you W will land ) or he will stay in the "box" where you can easily hit him with your W . It is difficult to master at first but it does a LOT more damage than maxing Q first . Also as for the mana costs , W can get Veigar hungry at first but I think first you should rush a Zhonya's Hourglass then get Muramane while building Sorc Shoes . 

    Also I think the sorc shoes should always be enchanted , I use either Homeguard ( when i have to defend ) or Alcricity ( when my team is on the lead ) . After getting these I go on with DFG and Rabadons ! This combo gives me INSANE DPS and I rarely even have to pop up Zhonya's (   I mostly pop it when enemy champions get near me , thats the NO-Escape point for Veigar since he is very squishy most of the enemies can easily kill you after they manage to jump on you , Zhonya gives you time either for cooldown or to cast an Event Horizon right after it ends ) 

    This are a couple of things I wanted to confirm with the others , I really like Veigar and I think he is OP :P . So tell me what you think !

  • #142 Arbitrarium

    I see what you are saying, but if you don't max your Q, then you are missing out on infinitely scaling AP since the higher the Q the more AP you get with kills. At least, this is how I understand it. I am not sure the slight damage advantage is worth compromising your AP for mid-late game. Is this correct?

  • #143 kaki100

    you couldnt be more wrong... 1st q gives you a good amout of poke in lane so oyu can bring your target to half hp and than kill them with the combo. 2nd w doesnt need leveling because it has so high ratios and deals alot of damage even on lvl 1 .And last if you dont max box second you will most likely miss w coz the stun wont last enough

  • #138 TheZhore

    Yasuo is a nightmare to duel as Veigar, for me he is the "Ultimate Veigar Counter".

    First of all his Way of the Wanderer almost prevents any poke from you. If you try to Event Horizon him he can just Sweeping Blade and Wind Wall and your combo will be just USELESS (you might only land your Baleful Strike, but again if he has his Way of the Wanderer up, it's hopeless). On top of that he is AD so your Primordial Burst won't do as much damage as it should.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to play against him as Veigar?

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  • #140 Megalonoth

    Against Yasuo the best I've done is keep my distance and avoid getting hit by Steel Tempest, while still picking off minions with Baleful Strike. 

    After he fires a tempest off, you can go for a small poke to gradually widdle him down and set up a gank.

    You want to be killing minions near your own tower, while keeping him away from full health and hopefully your jungler can come in and stun/silence him so you can fire a combo.  If he lunges into your tower area, try to trap him there with Event Horizon.

    Dark Matter + Event Horizon  (Before he walls) + Ult/Baleful Strike is the order to try. You can't do much unless he is stunned.

    Later on, you really have to play around his walls in team fights. If you run into him alone, you are dead.

    Along with Fizz, he's a terrible matchup for Veigar.

  • #126 TSpEiGhT99

    Replace Void Staff For Archangel, And Why Have "Sorcerer's Shoes" And "Boots Of Speed" For End Game If Boots Don't Stack

  • #127 Travenwood

    You build the Boots of Speed into the Sorcerer's Shoes.

  • #128 Gaxxxe

    You need the Void Staff late game. Basically watch what the other team is buying and the moment a couple of them start buying MR, go for the Void Staff. AA Staff is decent on Veigar if you are having mana problems, but I prefer not to get it because Veigar's passive and blue buff(which hopefully your jungler will give you) give him great mana sustain. AA staff is really only worth it if you are going into Seraph's Embrace, which really only works if you can stack the tear, which really only works if you have spammable abilities. Veigar does not. I would just build more damage or, if you are still having mana problems, build an Athenes.

  • #123 DPhoenixx

    I am reading the Endgame Items and it says that The Rod of Ages gives you the HP and mana you need to make it through some burst damage. But should i build the RoA? And when as i am not entirely sure

  • #125 Gaxxxe

    Generally speaking if you buy RoA you want to buy it fairly early on into the game to let the passive stack the item. I would just position correctly to take care of your health problems, and if you are finding yourself with not enough mana, get a chalice and build it into Unholy Grail, which also gives some nice CDR as well.

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  • #121 Vildriss

    Hey Jacky, I noticed you said support Veigar is good. Dont know if you were being sarcastic, but I've been playing him supp and liking it with ADC's that have cc (Varus, Graves, Kog, MF especially) that cant be blocked by creeps like Event Horizon. How do you spec your abilities? The same way as mid? I use offense tree masteries as well, which bursts the targ down better for the adc to finish, but i dont have the extra gold to buy a pink ward nor explorer.

    On your mastery list for mid, why choose Expanded Mind over Mastermind? I tried it and I cant see any perceivable difference to my game but do notice my summoner abilities are slower cd. I use artificer 1/2 to make dfg come online faster. Is wanderer 1/3 worth anything I'm not seeing?

    I do like flask on Veigar, tho against pokers like Lux, I still take boots then flask 1st back.

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  • #124 Harri1950

    i think on supp veigar you should max your stun. and no point getting your Q levelled as you wont be last hitting

  • #120 Herdsy

    Lich Bane is absolutely ridiculous on viegar, use q then auto attack and they are dead... pretty much a second ulti with Lich Bane LOL.

  • #119 blackmace126

    Would Morellonomicon be a decent item on Veigar? It gives an insane amount of CDR and gives some Mana Regen as well which with blue, DFG and masteries, I believe should give very close to 40% that can help with sieges and catching people with your burst

  • #115 Gaxxxe

    I was wondering, can you replace the Sorcerer's Shoes with the Ionian Boots of Lucidity? This helps lower the long cooldowns, which is one of Veigar's negatives.

  • #116 deheh

    In my opinion yes, you can, but if enemy is getting even some mr go for the Sorcerer's shoes.

  • #113 Lordmadness2

    In the Runes,Masteries,and summoner spells tab, the offense tree is missing a 4th point in Sorcery.

  • #114 PeaceAlien

    its moved to spellsword.

  • #117 Phoenikz

    No, it's not.

    There's 5 points in the top of that tree, so that's where the missing point has gone.

  • #110 Wooof

    Video no longer exists, can we either get a new one or have that one removed? By the way, I'd love to see more just straight gameplay videos in these guides. Not necessarily the pros that wrote them, nor videos that are meant to teach. Just videos where combos and postioning are shown in live gameplay.

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