• #90 deadeye69A2

    well its just me i guess, but i like to get black cleaver and tri force as my first two items, now usually after that i buy tanky items like warmogs or sunfire and stuff (depending on the enemy team) i pick up frozen mallet to land the w more easily and by end game i depend on the high ad scaling of the e for burst the q has relativley exceptional base damage and the w does its thing as its supposed to, you can still burst down squishy targets and work well in extended engagements and the tankiness is very good for initiating since as vi  your supposed to be in the front line but thats just how i play her :) epic guide btw

  • #87 CryVirtus

    Pls update it, i main Vi Season 3 after she comes out on Top, because i think she was so strong, and then riot do anything. 

  • #80 amabosss

    update please

  • #79 dman123321

    voyboy i know that i not worthy to talk with u but i dont realy think that vi need to buy maw of malmortius and sry for buging u but that what i think so i hope that u will get it and think again :D

  • #77 zToxicBloodz

    Ok, I have absolutely no clue what to do. I always, and I mean always die when I play as Vi. I think it's because, 1 I have no clue how to play as her, and 2, I mainly play as marksmen such as Caitlyn or Jinx... HELP ME PLEASE I WANNA BE GOOD AS VI!!


  • #88 deadeye69A2

    well if you main adc's i reccommend you get used to another fighter that might be easier for you before going with vi try to go with lee or jax or something maybe play a few custom games with vi against bots for the hell of it and you should be fine

  • #75 luis1605

    please do a jungle Vi Build Guide

  • #76 hesoyam2010

    Quote from luis1605 »

    please do a jungle Vi Build Guide





  • #72 hew0001

    I wish vi had more strength, every time i verse a vi i just destroy her 

     im saying its pretty boring

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  • #73 Innurendo

    Who do you play when you verse her? When I play Vi (which isn't really often), I am too tanky to kill, and I can often kill the enemy 100-0. 

  • #74 Jazzarath

    I get a Merc Treads > Sunfire > Frozen Mallet > Wits End > Warmogs > Randuins (no proper order) when I play Vi. Late game is crazy if you make it there.

  • #71 toxichart

    can this get updated since the starting build is impossible to do now?

  • #70 Ibdan

    When there will be a jungle guide for Vi?

  • #67 den3erwtinabalw

    is it just me or you can only buy 3 pots and a flask

  • #69 watermelonspwn

    The cost got nerfed and the guide wasnt updated

  • #66 andrenery

    I new on Vi and I never understand why put Unyielding and Block on Masteries 5 damage reduce is worth it?

  • #89 deadeye69A2

    the mastery can help you with trades and harass from ranged players early same goes for unyielding so early game you can farm safe in your lane without taking too much harass

  • #60 eatyoo

    shes not kited that easily, tri force increases her damage output dramatically, and gives her movement speed which is great for her, plus hp, wonder why you dont get it? Its proc works on her E i dont pay attention to see if it works on her q or not, but with a trice force, her damage is just outrageous. i build brutalizer > boots, and upgrade, but no augment > BT > tri force > BC > mercurial scimitar > GA. and its owns hard core

  • #68 TLSH

    She gets kited pretty easily if her ult is down. Her movement speed isn't anything shocking and she relies on her Q to gap close, which doesn't have that impressive of a range. A good ranged player can simply kite them all day. Vi, in my opinion, requires a screen - a stronger initiate, if you will. 

  • #59 BrionyEddon

    Another Synergy is Panth due to his stun combined with Vi's Q. 

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