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    The masteries are suboptimal.

    Warlord is a very poor choice, it gives +5.5 AD with a maximally offensive build (SotEL, Triforce, TBC). 2 more points in executioner will always be better, the last can be in Dangerous Game or Fury. Warlord is pretty much never a good mastery, since it only works off of bonus AD. It's especially bad with the early-game focus.

    Enchanted Armor is poor for the same reasons. If you build all the recommended MR items you get 140 MR, so it provides 7 more MR. If you build the most possible armor from the recommended items, you get 345 bonus Armor, so it provides 17.25 more Armor. And that's if you build pure tank with no damage, and get to 6 items.


    TL;DR: Warlord and Enchanted Armor are bad. Never take them for an early-game focused champion, and especially never take them together. Even for an unrealistic ADC focusing purely on AD (IE + BT + ER + Scimitar + LW) Warlord will add less than 20 AD. It's a waste of points.

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    Why no one buys Iceborn Gauntlet to Vi? I think its op :)


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    Quote from QualityyKiller »

    Why no one buys Iceborn Gauntlet to Vi? I think its op :)


    Because the extra damage and other stats from triforce is better than the extra defensive stats, it is still a great item but triforce is better

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    my build for vi

    starting item: hunter machete, 5 Health potion, warding trinket.

    Core items: brutalizer, sunfire cape, ninja tabi and spirit of the ancient golem

    late game: black cleaver, randuin omen, spirit visage,

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    Do we build farel flare now?

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    Its Nein not Nine

  • #23 ServantOfDarkness

    Any counter items for Vi.. just bought her last week, but still struggling to use combos and making gank's


    My build

    Spirit of the Ancient Golem

    Sunfire Cape

    Frozen Mallet



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    Hi, I've been there and here's a few tricks I found :

    Jungle Item : A quick rule of thumb :

    If team is ahead and/or you are fed go Ancient Lizard, but if you have the slightest doubt about your duelling abilty, go Ancient Golem. 

    Single agressive item : Triforce is godsent on Vi, but if you get kited a lot, consider buying Blade of the Ruined KingBlack Cleaver is also fine, but more situational. If you went agressive, you can replace your Ancient Lizard by any of theese items or a Maw of Malmortius when late game comes around.

    Tanky items : In the current meta, banshees are really strong as well as randuinsI usually don't build sunfy or mogs because I dive a lot and I need my items to be fit to this playstyle. If you like to be more of a classic Renekton-like tank, your build is quite fit.

    Ganking style :

    Vi is good at any stage of the game and you have a very high dmg output even when building tanky. You can wreck carries and tanks regardless of play style but keep in mind that you need to land your Q to be a threat. Don't rush it, if you can catch an opponent without using it keep it when they'll try to flee your allmightyness. Q applies denting blows which means your main combo can be ULT+Instant Q+Auto+E a carry for insane instant damage + disruptiveness.

    Hope I helped!

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    My build for Vi 21/9/0

    Spirit of the Ancient Golem

    Ninja Tabi

    Black Cleaver

    Trinity Force

    Maw of Malmortius

    Last Whipser

    Lv 1 E, Lv 2 W, Lv 3 Q : R>Q>W>E

    Runes: AD Quints, 6 AS Marks, 3 ArmorPen, 9 Armor Seals, 9 MR per Lv Glyphs

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    My build for Vi 21/9/0

    Merc Treads

    Spirit of the Elder Lizard

    Ravenous Hydra

    Trinity Force

    Spirit Visage

    Randuin's Omen or Frozen Mallet

    Starting Abilities W<Q<E Max Q then E

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    My build :
    Spirit of Ancient Golem
    Boots of Swiftness
    Black Cleaver
    Trinity Force 
    Frozen Gauntlet 
    1. Randuin's Omen OR 2.Spirit Visage

    Early tank Vi is just unstoppable. I upgrade my E then W a lot. That shield is just crazy good. 
    Boots of Swiftness for that speed to get all over the map to help your team with ganks and you move through jungle much faster.
    Black Cleaver DESTROYS everyone on the enemy team. Vi already shreds right through armor, so as soon as your team is finished killing the ADC and Mid laner, Vi stands toe to toe VERY well with even the tankiest of champions.
    Trinity Force...some people dont really agree with it. But every time ive build it on Vi no matter what direction my game is going its wonderful for obvious reasons!
    Frozen Gauntlet is one of my favorite items in the game. That AOE is so great. and of course the armor
    Then the last item is for whatever you need. Whether you need to defend from that fed Mid laner or ADC.... also. If your team has the advantage and you can just buy another item for the offence go Witts End. 

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    What are your thoughts on running attack speed quints and marks and maxing denting blows first 

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    well your Q has a 400 burst dmg at lvl 5 so maxing denting blows is just good if you can stick to the target and hit everytime you can 2. you need the cooldowns on your Q and E for your passive

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    The jungle route is outdated too. Now the minor camps spawn at 2:05. There's no point in starting anywhere but the buff camps.

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    New guide by st.vicious Yes! Oh... it has runic bulwark...

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    I have jungled vi quite a few times and even won a few 3v5s because i'm using her, and I tend to find that building a botrk right after your brutalizer is the best way to go. I don't pick up the sotle because it isn't needed because of her e abil.

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    What about Excessive Force makes SotEL unnecessary?

  • #7 Voltrons44

    because in 2 sprays of it the small creeps are dead and the bigger one is at less than half it is a waste of gold when that botrk will help you so so much more literally botrk+brutalizer on vi and it is gg if you have them before 20


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