• #60 GrowlitheMaster

    Perfect guide :O

  • #59 xXxBladeFuryBoyx

    Thx for the guide ;)

  • #57 shin17

    According to this guide , he strongly recommands not to get rabadon and deathfire, instead he suggests liandry as a core. What's your take or reasoning to choose the contrary 

  • #49 Tails365

    Robovampire doesnt work anymore. SotSW doesn't offer Spell Vamp anymore. Should 1 just go to Hextech or SVisage?

  • #50 Core007

    Let me think about it and I'll come with an answer.

  • #55 SinfulJames355

    I replaced SotSW with Zhonya's Hourglass, since you can heal from your Chaos Storm while you're in the stasis.

  • #47 Tails365

    I love your builds. They adapt so well. But one question for the support one. Why not get any of the new support Items, namely the Frost Queen's Claim. Gives you gold for poking, AP, mana regen and a nice active.

  • #40 IAmBruceSwain

    Can you explain the nine builds a bit more and which situations they fit in? Mostly Ive seen the first one the most...while the others seem less and less useful unless in certain situations.

    My second question is that for the last 3 there any rune or mastery changes around those that should be done?

  • #41 Core007

    I'll start by answering the last question: No. You don't need different masteries or runes for the last 3 builds.

    As for the utility of each build, I'll try to sum up here until I update the guide:

    1.Angel of Death is a 'global survive' build, most used, as you said.

    2.The 3 Rods is an anti-assassin build, especially made against ad midlanes such as Zed, Kha'Zix and Talon.

    3.Robovampire works for a double ap team. You can play it on both midlane and toplane, as long as both champions (supposedly vladimir,rumble will be your other ap carry) build spell vamp. 2 Will of the Ancient buffs and the spirit's spell vamp go up to 60%.

    4.Double Nuker is a movement speed build. It is used against fast champions such as Twisted Fate which have a lot of map awareness utility. Being able to catch them up with more than 440 movement speed is good. Also, you can kite extremely easy and your autoattacks deal a lot of damage.

    5.Burning Vendetta works against any sustain champion: Vladimir, Swain, Nidalee, etc. It's efficiency in teamfights is not bad either

    6.Supreme Caster is a build usually made for toplane. Being toplane, you are not able to get the blue buffs from your team. That's why you go for a lot of mana. As long as you can stay away from the enemy toplane, you don't need additional armor/magic resist. Just poke from distance while stacking the Tear of the Goddess.

    7.Sound's Messeger is another movement build. The difference between Sound's Messenger and Double Nuker is that this build is made to permanently slow the enemy team, while the other uses you as the center of speed.

    8.God's Hand is a semi-support build. Stack mana, use laser for vision/poke, get super strong late game so you will force the enemy team to focus you, giving your team a numeric advantage in abilities.

    9.The Ignored Caster is a full support build. We use blue scepter instead of red for the extra range utility of the stun. You can go for the red scepter if you want more damage, but the idea of the build is keeping your team alive, not killing the enemy team.

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  • #45 IAmBruceSwain

    A new question has dawned on me, since you were very informative and helpful on the last one.

    Could God's Hand and the Ignored Caster work in the bottom lane as a support, or does Viktor requie too much gold to work there?

  • #46 Core007

    It will surely work. Don't worry about the gold income, your kit should handle that easily


  • #32 Core007

    Hi guys, I just received the guide. Fact is I have the highest stats with Viktor at the moment. Hope I'll be able to answer all your questions and improve this guide on a daily basis!

  • #34 Joukyuu

    You sir are incredible. I read your guide and tried out the double nuker build. I was freaking unstoppable and carried my friends all day. Thanks so much for the guide it really helped. 

  • #36 Core007

    Glad to be of help =)

  • #27 lob123

    you don't take advantage of any of the new items.  Is there a reason?  Liandra's Torment looks like a pretty nice item for viktor, especially early if you are maxing lazer first.  You can Q them and get the 5% burn practically for free DPS on a fast cooldown, while leveling up lazer for bigger pokes.  leveling up gravity field is so situational.  If they have an active jungler, or a mid that will jump you (thinking if you get picked into a bruiser mid like a jarvin, etc.), the point makes sense because it can save you from a death.  If their jungler isn't looking like he'll jump you or you are up against a more traditional mid, leveling it later can work fine I think. 

  • #29 HomerX221

    look, liandry pretty much sucks on anybody without a dot or evellyn.Basically, sure, you would get more dps on 5 % current health burn, but your dps would be bigger with just more is just not worth the slot, specially for viktor, that needs to save as many as he can.

  • #23 Phantom337

    Why take a point in W so late? For me that's what sets up all the kills and gives me a chance to escape ganks.

    Last edited by Phantom337: 11/7/2012 12:10:08 AM
  • #25 Lazereyes

    I've never really had a problem with ganks when I get it late. I guess if you really need it then you are pushing too much. The extra damage from leveling other skills is nice and W rarely can be used against your opponent.

  • #28 kevincena3

    same for me i get my w at lvl 5


  • #22 flajeen

    I don't buy any Doran's Rings, I feel they are just useless and for just a bit more (950 - 1000g) you can get your Augment: Death. I've only had trouble laning against Anivia, Ahri was tough but I was able to kill her. And last but not least, I max my Q early on because the mana costs are significantly lower than his laser's.

    There's one item I always get on Viktor when I have 10+ kills, Frozen Heart. When you have 10+ kills you hardly need more AP, you are bursting everyone in 5 seconds. Frozen Heart gives you a large mana pool (I find out he tends to run out of mana quickly when spamming his laser), a lot of armor, some cooldown reduction because your ultimate's cooldown is ridiculous and a passive you don't really care about.

    On the other hand, Cassiopeia can poke all day with her little poisonous blasts and just burst you down while you are stunned. Fizz outbursts you.

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