• #19 FrAgged

    Wondering what the thoughts are on Spirit Visage as 1st item and Hextech as 2nd.. i often find it much harder to survive than to kill and this helped a bunch and extra healing effect was a great synergy with his Q and Hextech and overall good sustain through mid game.

  • #18 thefastandme

    you should start will of the ancients and then a rabadon's deathcap, not the other way around.

  • #15 donallonius

    Deathfire Grasp is it available for vlad, like solo target dmg + CDR. And his ult, will it increase dmg from DG? 

  • #14 korfain

    Lovely guide.

  • #13 Ifuloseusux

    Very popular these days is combo flash/ghost to be much faster. Ignite is hmm not so good on Vlad.

  • #12 Sebindle

    I would just like to add that substituting Ghost for Flash may also be situational depending on the opponents you are facing. Whereas some enemies will render your Flash useless (enemies who have enough Crowd Control to slow you before you flash - and that have the ability to close distance afterwards); timing your Ghost and Sanguine Pool together will get you out of almost any sticky situation (Ghost to travel out of danger and Sanguine Pool to make you untargetable by any kind of slow or Crowd Control).

  • #10 Ifuloseusux

    I just say what I see on the streams of the proplayers. None of them use SpellVamp on Vlad. As OddOne said, If u want AP u build AP not other stuff just because it scales good with hero.

  • #8 ChrisArgy

    You are wrong both but anyway..Its preferable too play Vladimir with these Runes for Spellvamp because flat AP (21 Hp) is overhealed soon and scaled  better at lategame

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  • #6 Ifuloseusux

    I think that AP quints works just better. Your goal as Vlad is just deal dmg. Not only heal yourself. To be honest, no one plays with spellvamp quints. Also, i think that abyssal is much better item for Vlad than Void Staff. Next thing are boots. CDR is no rly worth of Megic Pen. form Sorc Shoes. U will have like 3 sec with SS on your Q and like 2.4 with CDR boots. worth? I dont think so. But this is only my opinnion.

  • #5 ChrisArgy

    3x Greater Quintessence of Transmutation I've decided that Spellvamp quints are in fact the better default choice for quints. Basically, you heal about 4 times more per [skills/vladimir/e.png][skills/vladimir/q.png] combo around level 6+ than you would with flat AP without any dramatic or even major loss in damage output. Spellvamp also scales incredibly well into lategame, in ways that other runes (like flat AP) cannot.3x Greater Quintessence of Potency (+4.95 ability power). The 15 AP (and thus 21 HP as well) at level 1 from three flat AP quints is nothing to knock, and even though this affects virtually every aspect of your character, it isn't enough. Your [skills/vladimir/q.png] works off of a .6 AP ratio for damage, which means you're getting 9 extra damage out of it; not excatly a tiebreaker. Vladimir's early game is already his soft spot and trying to patch it up just isn't very smart, and flat AP also doesn't scale well. I think the highlight of these quints is the 21 HP, but you overheal that with spellvamp quints anyway pretty soon. Still not a bad substitute if you can't afford spellvamp quints.

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  • #7 doublerapist

    Spellvamp quints aren't that good and they're never used by tournament-level players because they offer too little. Hextech/WotA are all the spellvamp you'll ever need as any hero you'd normally get spellvamp on. I don't prefer AP quints either; I'd rather have move speed since Vlad is all about kiting. But yeah, I usually play him top lane so I wouldn't definitely call them better. If you desperately want spellvamp early you can go 9/0/21 for the 3 percent. Reapered from Blaze and Crumbzz from Dignitas do that, so it's tried and trusted.

  • #11 Sebindle

    The thing is, Vladimir already has great sustain from his Transfusion. Usually he is built with Hextech Revolver or WOTA, but not always. However, whether you use items that supply Spellvamp or not (I personally think Vladimir has much less of an impact without it) Spellvamp Quintessence are by far not the best way to go. The flat Ability Power Quintessence may not carry as well into late game, but they are needed for Vladimir to be able to harass early game. Without any form of damage, opponents will just out trade him - even with his massive sustain. In fact, you get so much Spellvamp from his items, that you do not need runes giving the same thing; they practically become useless - while the Ability Power Quintessence would give him the early game damage that he needs to be effective.

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  • #17 Summerfest

    OR you can go 9/0/21 with Spell vamp quints for 9% spell vamp and 10% CDR at start. You beat out AP quints by level 4. :D

    I agree AP quints are bad on vlad. I'd go Magic Pen,  Move Speed, or Spell vamp depending on needs.

  • #4 doublerapist

    Feels a little rushed and run of the mill, but a good guide nonetheless. 9/21/0 and 9/0/21 also work exceptionally well on Vlad whether you're going mid or top.

  • #2 lundberg

    Full item build is forbiddden


  • #3 Swaggafagit

    not sure what you mean by that stupid comment but the boots just show what your options are

  • #1 lundberg

    Full item build is forbiddden


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