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    i dont mean to be a wiseass or dispute the pros , but have fun trying to kill anything with this build especially in solo Q @ silver/gold where you may never see a gank. You may be able to push eventually if the enemy has 21/9/0 but have fun trying to race with a nasus 9/21 for CS while he is stacking MR or apparently anything defensive with hp sustain. And if you are left behind, you have worse than supp throughput to maybe turn the tables in a teamfight even with decent farm and items.

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    What item do I replace when I need to build Rylai's?

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    Getting dfg would be bad on him correct?

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    No it's not bad it's just not really needed. Once you get a Deathcap and Hourglass your Q will do a lot of damage. My last game with him I was at 739 AP at full build w/o a Baron buff. My Q was hitting harder than Darius' ult at that point. It's good in a 1v1 situation or if they're tank is dishing out good damage and needs to die quickly. You can Deathfire Grasp>R>F>Q>E and smoke them in an instant. There's no way to survive that, period.

    EDIT: I also find that going full MPen in your rune page is best for him. He is a late game champion, and everyone will have MResist by then. If you take a Void Staff over Deathfire Grasp then you just SHRED through anyone even their tank. I've debated going for a full MPen build with him and replace Rylai's with Liandry's Torment. 15+15+20(runes)+Void Staff= lolmagicresistwut?


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    Deat Voyboy,

    I've seen some Vlads maxing w second instea of e cuz e takes away a great amount of health in early games.

    Do you think it's a good choice? any suggestions pls

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    Not if you don't have a certain amount of champ experience, the time you are lvl 10 you should already have a revolver so you don't need to worry about that, if you don't have one at lvl 10 and don't need the waveclear of the e you can consider it, but I wouldn't do it, it takes away too much of your dmg

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    No it's a dumb idea honestly. You should only need to use it to get away imo. Therefore, it should almost always be up when you need it to be. The health cost is acceptable if you have revolver you'll be back to full in no time. Tides of Blood is amazing for clearing as I'm sure you know it is his greatest strength. Making do what he does best is essential to playing him well.

    Even as Vlad you should still be playing cautious early game and not having to worry about using your W. Seriously, if you need your W that bad early on you're just flat out playing him wrong.

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    Que casos seria la mejor build ? que items ? 

  • #102 Rollers1008

    Como es su combo ?


  • #109 natchin

    El combo de Vladimir es muy circunstancial, Generalmente comienzas con la R, de preferencia con la E previamente Staqueada, luego Q-E-Zhonya(o W), E Q W(o Zhonya), repetir E+Q

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    With WotA not being as cost efficient as it used to be, I've seen some Vladimirs start building hextch gunblade instead so to get more ap+ ad and more cc

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    Gunblade isn't good on Vladimir. I'd recommend getting just a Hextech revolver for sustain in most cases unless the laning phase is looking like its going to extend for a very long time, in which case WoTA is still a good pickup.

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    Is it nessary for the cool down runes, i mean hes better off with regular Mr scales please reply i wanna know!

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    MR blues are a must if you are going against a Magic dmg matchup, you can replace them with CDR or AP/scaling AP if your lane opponent is AD based.

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    why isn't Swain in the counterpicks? all of his abilities are AOE so Pooling won,t get you away from his damage, has better sustain then you once he hits lvl 6 and can hard CC vlad with Nevermove

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    never played against a swain, but must be quite a pain...he isn't seen much often lately(at least I don't) and when he is played, I see him more mid lane.

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    i'D agree for the mid laner part, but as for top laners I completyl disagree, most top brings armor runes and build armor and neglects AP wich makes AP tops like Vlad/Swain really good. also he can poke every 4 sec at lvl 9 for quite a good amount AND regaining health back. simply poke 3-4 times, then do your R+Q+E+ignite combo maybe throw a pool to slow down and do another Q in there and most tops are dead and left Vlad almost full life, or high enough to get to full health on minions using Q a couple of times.

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    I'd hate to play some matchups, but I was wrong there(and basically all the comment section). Vlad is a better top laner than mid laner IMO and even if he loses, he outscales some matchups really hard.

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    damage don't matters, you out sustain them so they damage you high but you heal a good chunk of it while damaging them, and fizz/akali aren,t top they are mid


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