• #103 Rollers1008

    Que casos seria la mejor build ? que items ? 

  • #102 Rollers1008

    Como es su combo ?


  • #98 wbh321

    With WotA not being as cost efficient as it used to be, I've seen some Vladimirs start building hextch gunblade instead so to get more ap+ ad and more cc

  • #101 voyboy

    Gunblade isn't good on Vladimir. I'd recommend getting just a Hextech revolver for sustain in most cases unless the laning phase is looking like its going to extend for a very long time, in which case WoTA is still a good pickup.

  • #90 suncaster_

    Is it nessary for the cool down runes, i mean hes better off with regular Mr scales please reply i wanna know!

  • #100 voyboy

    MR blues are a must if you are going against a Magic dmg matchup, you can replace them with CDR or AP/scaling AP if your lane opponent is AD based.

  • #79 Adkhean

    why isn't Swain in the counterpicks? all of his abilities are AOE so Pooling won,t get you away from his damage, has better sustain then you once he hits lvl 6 and can hard CC vlad with Nevermove

  • #80 HomerX221

    never played against a swain, but must be quite a pain...he isn't seen much often lately(at least I don't) and when he is played, I see him more mid lane.

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  • #81 Adkhean

    i'D agree for the mid laner part, but as for top laners I completyl disagree, most top brings armor runes and build armor and neglects AP wich makes AP tops like Vlad/Swain really good. also he can poke every 4 sec at lvl 9 for quite a good amount AND regaining health back. simply poke 3-4 times, then do your R+Q+E+ignite combo maybe throw a pool to slow down and do another Q in there and most tops are dead and left Vlad almost full life, or high enough to get to full health on minions using Q a couple of times.

  • #82 HomerX221

    I'd hate to play some matchups, but I was wrong there(and basically all the comment section). Vlad is a better top laner than mid laner IMO and even if he loses, he outscales some matchups really hard.

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  • #83 Adkhean

    damage don't matters, you out sustain them so they damage you high but you heal a good chunk of it while damaging them, and fizz/akali aren,t top they are mid


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  • #86 bigbadballbag

    Quote from HomerX221 »

    Xin, akali, irelia, jarvan, garen, darius, elise, fiora, fizz, jayce, kayle... all deal more damage than you do in return.

    Atleast half of these are just skill match ups not counters at all. iv beaten garen, darius, jarvan and jayce, its not a counter, its about whos the better player mechanically. lanes like xin zhao irelia and fiora are very snowbally, it depends on who kills who first, again somewhat of a skill match up. im not sure about elise, that just requires u to play smart, u have super sustain, shel run out of mana before u run out of hp. unless your a bad vladimir. fizz, akali and kayle are pretty much hard counters.

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  • #87 HomerX221

    I don't mean these are hard counters, I mean that, IMO, vlad is just high skill low reward. I already played vlad, but for me, he is just too risky to pick since a lot of people in solo queue or even normals play all in melee champions...

  • #74 Vladimirez

    Just played a matchup against lee sin, and I am never too good vs lee sin. Once I made one mistake and gave him fb he just crushed me whenever a q of him hit me. any advice or tips against this matchup?

  • #75 HomerX221

    Just play safe and farm

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  • #72 acidooo

    i got spirit of the spectral wraith, do you think this item is viable on him?

  • #76 HomerX221

    the mana regen and monster damage is wasted, better get WotA

  • #77 coolshanth

    Quote from HomerX221 »

    the mana regen and monster damage is wasted, better get WotA

    If you bothered to check the cost efficiency of the item, it's actually very amazing.  
    Even without the monster damage and mana-regen, you're paying 2000 gold for ~2500 worth of stats. Wota is pretty trash, all the best Vladimir players in the world build Spectral Wraith.

  • #78 HomerX221

    I don't play vlad that much, so if you are right, wota would be built if you have another wota builder on your team(which doesn't happen often anymore) and SotSW on all other situations.

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