• #44 kitoffer

    lol this isnt best build ever, more tank

    start item : dorans shield
    rush warmogs then buy mercury treads (if full ad team go armor boots) randuins omen , frozen mallet, spirit visage trinity force/wits end
    pls dont ever go statikk khiv with volibear

    ps: go tank masteries volibear's "w" scale on bonus hp

  • #41 achan55

    WHat do u think about trinty force one volibear, i thought about it and it seems like a good item.

  • #45 imad333

    I play triforce on Voli often, i usually use it as something to either keep me in the game if i fall behind. Other than that it is a very strong item on practically any champ.

  • #34 SkyLoveR45

    In our class, my classmates call me "Voli Lord" because when we play, when I use Volibear, we usually win.. hehehe  I am not being "BOASTFULL".. i just want to share so respect post plss ^_^ 

    btw, i have another build for volibear

    1. Mercury Tread's
    2. Statikk Shiv
    3. Warmog's
    4. Spirit Visage
    5. Randuin's Omen
    6. Trinity Force

    Usually, when its already in mid game to late game, Volibear's role is to be a powerful tank champion. 

  • #33 maLiT

    No Warmogs? That's like the best thing to get with Voli!

  • #32 aragorn42

    I am looking for some input on my build for volibear. I play him mainly as a jungler fyi. I start the machete 5 pot, depending on how much gold I have whe I first back I usually aim for ninja tabi or boots and giants belt or if I have gotten enough gold (and far ahead of the other jungler) I grab a phage and boots if possible. I usually finish frozen mallet on my 2nd or 3rd back depending on how I am doing, if im doing good usually on my 2nd, doing alright on my 3rd, and doing bad I use the giants belt to build randuins omen or stack another giants belt if I just need more health to survive fights. after I finish ninja tabi + frozen mallet + randuins omen my build varies a lot from game to game. I usually get either wits end or spirit visage, a black cleaver, and a zephyr in no definite order. typically I get zephyr if I need utility brutalizer if I need damage, spirit visage if I need to get tankier and wits end if I feel I need magic resist and damage. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • #31 ayyblinkin

    so recently i tried out shiv and zephyr on this guy.

    i was wondering what you thought about replacing wriggles with shiv?

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  • #28 MuuuhCow

    Why the hell would you go wriggles and fucking wits end before any health on voli? that is just retarded iam deeply sorry if that offends you. 

    GA is for squishy adc's mostly and some AP's because they need to outlive a teamfight. not for a tanky beefy melee BEAR / tank / buiser.

    Wriggels havent been doable in top lane since S3 patch. please explain why you would go for it. 

    iknow im only a 1400 ELO player but even i with 3 years of league behind me knows this wont work against good players.



  • #29 Allorim

    I beg to differ. I've been beating diamond+ players with this build for a long time now

  • #30 aragorn42

     I no longer play volibear (thinking about getting him again though with the season 3 changes I see him being a stronger champ), but I see this being a strong build on him. health is not all that necessary earlier on . with a lot of my top laners i build 1 or 2 damage items before getting health because it is not necessary to get really tanky until later into the game when the enemy carries start getting farmed up. i personally would not go wriggles unless i am getting ganked often top and against an AD jungler+an AD top. Instead of wriggles i would probably go frozen mallet or pick up the black cleaver just because i feel like wriggles is not a good team fight item. i feel like getting a part of randuins omen (giants belt unless you need passive from wardens mail or armor) would be a good early item after boots/wriggles or wits end just for some initial tankiness since the masteries are 21/9/0. also I see zephyr as having potential to replace wits end if the other team does little ap with the cdr move speed attack speed it would really help cleaning up after a fight and initiating. also GA can really be used on any champ depending if you need it. the passive is very strong on any champ. i personally get it on quite a few tankier champs since my job for the team is basically to jump in the fight and die (if i die as a tank that means they burnt a lot of cds on me and if i have GA up they didn't actually get a kill. Any other suggestions from you pros out there would be very appreciated.

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  • #25 Shogo1307

    Wouldnt scaling glyphs work better just over all because you get more MR out of it?

  • #26 Allorim

    You could if you were facing a full AD champion top lane and they had an AD jungler. I bring MR glyphs and not scaling because it's simpler and leaves less to change on your rune pages.

  • #27 Shogo1307

    ive been using scaling with your rune setup instead of the flat MR and it works out better overall in my opinion, but your build is great plus i love how you can fit 2 situational items in like BC or FM or what ever you need to. Oh any chance you could update the rune names? Just since they changed and the ratings on some of the runes have changed as well,

  • #20 rembot


    I read your guide last week, waited until i had 6300IP and now bought Voli. So far so good, I had good and bad games but overall im very please. I have all the youtube videos and the recorded stream on twitch and learned a TON.  So thank you a lot for taking the time to make the guide and videos.

    I only tried your item build so far, i would like to try warmog or phage/FM but i cant justify dropping one of the core items since they are so good on him. Have you tried phage or warmog before? if so which item would you drop from your main build?

    Lastly, if ever you have more time on your hands, you could look into taking your saved games and adding them to youtube under voli vs singed, Voli Vs WW, voli Vs mundo... etc Just a thought. anyway thanks man and keep it up!

  • #21 Allorim


    Great idea dude, I'll upload those videos you suggested vs certain champions.

    Warmogs/FM are both good items on Voli. They are more for tank Volibear though and if you haven't noticed I like to build him DPS. If I were to drop and item for FM I would drop Ionic Spark. If I was dropping and item for Warmogs I would drop Spirit Visage.

     Hope this helps!

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  • #22 rembot

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Regarding tank voli, maybe you could add a build in your guide in case someone needs to tank.  Now i know because i asked and you told me what to do, but not everyone will read the forums.

    On your stream friday night you were jungling voli, about his E i read in the forums that Riot would fix the reset in the next patch...



  • #23 aragorn42

    This build looks good but I feel that trinity force would be better than the ionic spark, and rylais would be better than the wriggles (especially on his ultimate it is insane. Also like Warmogs on him but I am not sure what I would replace. Also these items are expensive I know so this probably is not very practical except in those ridiculously long games where everyone gets max build. The main reason I can afford these though is because I pick up Philo and HoG b4 anything else (including boots). Also I feel like madred's bloodrazor would be better than the wit's end when you are playing an AD heavy team (or eve just a fed ADC)

    What do you think of these ideas. I would like your input so I can improve my game play as volibear

    Thanks Aragorn42

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  • #24 Allorim

    I don't like trinity on Voli because it is only beneficial to his Q on sheen procs, it's ok, but not better than Ionic IMO. Rylais I've never liked on Volibear, it provides the slow which is always nice, but I tend to focus more on fast auto attacks rather than heavy hitting slower ones (the AP with no AS on Rylai). Madred's is ok, but only if you are feeling extra ballsy and really want to pack a punch, I say get GA before Madreds so you can keep up the DPS

  • #19 Koepaard

    Followed this guide with the runes and masteries and whatnot except for the wriggle's because I was getting fed anyways. Didn't think it would work this good, got out of laning with 7/0/0. I did get a warmog's tho, but next time I'm going to get more armor, because having only hp left me somewhat squishy against a vayne lategame :c

    At least now I know why the warmog's isn't in the guide.

    Awesome guide anyways, thank you :)

  • #17 Crielll

    Allorim i'm loving VOlibear too...

    Voli is awesome solo toper and is really extremely underrated.

    But explain me why is no place for Warmog in your build??

     Voli dont need lantern.

    ANd i never use SV. FON is much better for him.



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