• #17 Paistos

    Why not use hybrid penetration marks?

  • #11 Justenian

    I play WW top all the time. Use a build more like Guardsman Bob uses though, a little different than this one. Have not run into Mord top once to be honest, but I'm very familiar with both champions. While mechanically Mord might appear to counter Lanewick, a good WW build is going to naturally counter Mord. Survive Mord's early game pushing and by mid game you should be able to win 1v1 anytime your ult is up since generally Mord is quite squishy until late game. Lots of MR from Wits End, Abyssal, and Spirit Visage/Chalice, quick Auto - Q - Auto to poke down his shield and some HP, follow up with an ult and he should be very close to death.

    Could a good Mord be a tough matchup start to finish through an entire game? Sure. Is he a hard counter? Not imo. I would list Xin as a hard counter, gap closer, burst, cc. He's tough to handle for a Lanewick.

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  • #10 awZomePIG


    - is a beast counter to Warwick.. I allways pick Morde against him and, well he does not stand a CHANCE. 

    THE reason: WW lacks burst, Morde has a constant shield.

    WW will never be able to deal damage through your shield-passive as long as you have hp-pots or spellwamp to keep using your abilities. It's a secure lane-victory, guaranteed.


    If anyone disagrees, I would honestly love to hear an explanation so I don't mess up with my picks ;)

  • #9 Christianohst

    i like it, but you should consider making a more AD build as well, ive built warwick with two phantom dancers a bloodthirster and i was thinking about an infinity edge, but the game ended. i think he can be built either way, just an opinion


  • #12 greg9381

    then you ult someone and blow up?

  • #13 maLiT

    Don't get an infinity edge, Warwick doesn't need crit damage. Instead try a bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King for lots of attack speed and life steal. The build shown here is good fo when you're starting out, but when you're good with Warwick base your build entirely on attack speed and life steal.

  • #24 emreka

    Make use of WW's W and built items like wit's end and BotRK(feral flare, if you're jungling) which modify your basic attacks. You'll deal a lot of damage and BotRK's active will be very useful. If you want to build offensive items, he could also benefit from a trinity force. Also, stack at least %30 Cooldown Reduction.

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  • #8 HayabusaZero

    After some time playing with this item build, i have to say that it is a great guide! Those 4 core items (Mercury, Spirit Visage, Wit's End, and Frozen Heart) make WW a really tanky bruiser. After that, if you are snowballing hard, pick-up a Bloodthrister and be practically unkillable in 1v1, 1v2, and even 1v3 matches if you know what are you doing and have the mana. If you want to be a true tank, pick Randuin and GA ard you are set!

    Thanks for the great guide. Greetings!

  • #7 Play2pvp

    What about Frozen Mallet? Look at this: Expand the popular items chart and you will see that it has a 65% win rate. Is this because most people are bad?

  • #6 GodLord0

    really good build

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    I've been doin solo top warwick for a long time now, this is a good build.  But why not get cleanse instead of ignite? destroys warwick's self heal and thats really important when you are sustaining yourself and tanking, imo cleanse works better than ignite.

  • #4 livenwealth

    ill be honest yorick cant counter warwick as long as you use proper mana management... i would also strongly recamend going dorans ring before boots 3 as a general rule because your q gives you sooo much early sustain as well as your greatest damage through early and mid game as well as being your constant bread and butter

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    Warwick is such a wonderful champion, he is ungodly tanky with a ton of sustain and dishes out some considerable damage.

    Warwick Scores

    This build is really solid and gets the job done. I haven't had any troubles with kayles top lane strangely enough (done it about twice now), perhaps they aren't skilled enough? I just wait for her firesword to go down then I go in for a Q and some auto-attacks, and she can't ulti while you are ulti'ing so if you surprise her with it she can't stop the damage. If anything you force her to blow her ulti after yours is done and she becomes an easy target for ganking. Nontheless it's a great build, the 3/0/2 game was jungling with a similar build strategy. I have yet to go negative score in a match.

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    Hey there,

    i have been playing toplane warwick for some time now and my building order is pretty much identical to yours with one exception: the boots. While WW is very flexible in item builds the one thing i never changed were sorcerer's shoes. You can easily adapt to any situation without tabis or mercurys because there are so many tanky items that fit on WW. Without the mpen i feel my mid/lategamedmg drop drastically. Is there a reason i really shouldn't use them?


  • #1 HayabusaZero

    I have been trying to locate a Top Lane Warwick guide for a while, and this one looks really good. I have some questions about the late game items: Would you recommend buying a Bloodthrister in late game? I think this item feels natural to WW, and after been a little tanky its better to build more damage to him. Also I have seen a lot of Frozen Mallet in WW build up, but apart from the great health bonus and slow effect, I don't think it will suit WW that well.

    Thanks for the guide.

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