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    Excellent Guide, thank you, i love Ww :D

  • #95 Bluckwar

    Excellent guide !

  • #94 joshmutiny

    Excellent guide. Only playing normals right now (not 30 yet), but this guide has helped me be a monster in the jungle with Warwick. The only thing I changed is picking up Wit's End, then Frozen Heart, then BOTRK. Followed everything else to a T. Thank you!

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  • #91 aok94

    they forgot about feral flare this build needs a update

  • #92 whentheleveebreaks

    Feral Flare lost alot of it's shine now it's nerfed. It's still a great item.
    I just think Ninja Tabi's + Ancient Golem item are a far better choice in some situations.

  • #90 whentheleveebreaks

    22/3/10 on first try. Well played, Sir.

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    Well, I think hes not a slow jungler, ive farmed my jungle once for 10 minutes, got 3 Kills by ganking and got 3k money without teleporting to base. I think hes probably a very usefull jungler, because of his hungering strike and the tankyness ...

    Sorry for my english, not my motherlanguage

    League of Legends : realLelle

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    His jungleing speed is very low compared to a champion like shyvana because he has no aoe damage but his sustain is extremely strong and his ganks with his ultimate are also very good but his ganks pre 6 are weak though but yes he is a very strong jungler but the ganks are situation because at times you may not have a good chance to gank or my get counter ganked and die

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    Another possible way to play warwick is to just farm the jungle until you get a wriggles leading to a a feral flare before ganking. for this you will want to max your w first for the jungle clear and only leave then jungle if you have a very good chance for a kill or to hold a lane for a teammate. This will cause enemies to underestimate you because they have not fought against you much so they dont know what you are capable of because the 100 magic damage PER auto attack from a somewhat stacked feral flare is HUGE for fights also since your ultimate proc auto attack effects it will do 500 more damage without counting other damage as well as causeing you to go extremely tanky and still do a good chunk of damage with your auto attacks and w

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    This guide hasn't been updated as of the Feral Flare patch yet. It should be up soon! :)

  • #87 movedxylophone1

    k cause im maining warwick so i want to see the new runes and masteries as well as items cause i build feral flare, wits end, blade of the ruined king, boots of swiftness with homeguards, randuins omen then spirit visage with no runes cause i jut got lvl 20 and don't know what runes to get and not too sure about my build

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    This guide has been updated as of patch 4.2

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    There are many mistakes in this guide, and its the same base since the S2...

    Can we have an update for this blood hunter ? ty :)

    EDIT after update : TY :D

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    Four core items? I assume the full build is Wriggles / Wit's End / BORK / Merc Treads / Spirit Visage / Frozen Heart for 2.50 Attack Speed (using W) end game and 40% CDR for the ultimate.

    Some questions about the guide, is 0/21/9 viable? For intermediate damage (say you are behind) is there value in getting Doran's Ring(s)?

  • #72 EpicEpidemic

    Why are the quints different in the quick guide part than the rune explanation section?

  • #74 daft_inquisitor

    They aren't different anymore.

    However, it does bother me that his guide says to use glyphs of scaling MR, but he has scaling AP physically shown on each the front page and the runes breakdown...

  • #70 devioustrickster

    why does the item build never change, there have been enough patches since this guide was last redone


  • #71 Qzar13

    Well it won't be that much different, luckily, just build your hp items before finishing resists (frozen mallet, randuins, spirit of golem, or warmogs before frozen heart and wits end). You should be building randuins omen a lot more now too. With the addition of spirit of golem, wriggles is optional. Going spirit of golem opens up more boot options like ninja tabi, which is nice since tabi's percent reduction is more important now with the armor pen changes. Still get an early glacial shroud.

    Edit: Almost forgot to mention, blade of the ruined king is a strong item on warwick and fits into his build nicely, and since mercury treads is often enough magic resist you can get it instead of wits end. I wouldn't recommend getting more than one or two damage items at most, because you need to be very tanky.

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