• #153 MadPanger

    Its nearly the same build i use ( Im Plat 3 atm ) but i prefer more to build Spirit Visage ( or Thornmail / Sunfire Cape - that depends how many AD the enemy Team has ). Because you play Wukong cuz of your Ultimate and if u die u probably dont have ur Ultimate ready and cant do that much damage. So it would be better if you were longer alive, what is guranted with Spirit Visage and so you could deal more damage. And it give's some Health what scale good with ur Passive. You could also buy a Warmog's if they have much burst AND cc. Like Malphite Katarina Amumu Ezreal Leona.

  • #152 Manador

    Great base build. Got 11/1/12 on rank using this build as reference! (FYI top is not my best lane!)

  • #147 tabordz12

    Does anybody builds  Trinity Force on Wukong?


    I use this item and on my opinion this item is amazing. When combined with  Ravenous Hydra and  The Black Cleaver, Wukong deals massive damage to any champion, especially squishier ones, that Wukong can usually kill in seconds.


    I haven't seen anyone building it, but this item for me is better than other damage items like  Maw of Malmortius or  Last Whisper.


    Speaking of which, has anybody tried using  Iceborn Gauntlet? This item also has the Sheen proc and comes with a slow and armor. I've used it once and I found it to be meh - Trinity Force deals much more damage and late-game Wukong is tanky enough if built correctly.


  • #149 Spittingjoebra

    I build last wisper hydra tri cleaver and iceborn as well as frozen mallet those all combined is strong.

  • #146 tabordz12

    Favotated Wukong :)


  • #141 bbgametime

    hi everyone, I created my own build mixed with this guide, my items are - ravenous hydra, mercury treds, static shiv, black cleaver, last whisper, and randuins omen, this build mixes damage and burst damage for maximum damage output, if I have a game where I am fed I replace the randuins omen with a infinity edge and replace the boots with trinity force, this has maximum damage, critical strike chance. for runes I have the same except attack speed quintestances, this gives protection, armour pen, and attack speed. I also have the same masteries. and finally for summoner spells I use ghost and flash for maximum chance of escape and to close the gap between you and your enemies. tis build is perfect for me and I do 15-1 averagely per game, and the best I've done is 32-1. I hope others agree with my build :) 

  • #125 simoes99

    bad guide no tri force its just...bad


  • #143 SnebLoL

    I made an account on this website just to respond to this comment, and clear up the common misconception of Triforce and Wukong.

    So. Trinity Force. Very costly item at ~3700 gold. With some champions it is worth getting, mostly all due to the Spellblade passive. On Wukong, his Q would be effected by that, nearly doubling the damage. Sounds great, right? No. Not at all. In Wukong's kit, his most important ability in his Ultimate, Cyclone. Cyclone has INSANE AD Scalling, effectively multiplying his AD by 4.8. At late game, you are looking at a potentially 2-2.5k damage AoE Ultimate with a low cooldown. That is just unheard of. Knowing that, how would Triforce help at all? It gives you a 30 AD (whoop-de-doo), useless AP, useless Movement Speed, useless AS and useless Crit Damage. Yes, the AS and the Crit Damage are not useful. With a simple combo of W>AA>Q>E>Hydra>R, you can down the enemy AD and AP carries in less than 4 seconds. Wukong is an AD Caster/Assassin champion, not an AD Carry. If you buy Trinity Force on Wukong, Congratulations, you have effectively wasted 3.7k Gold when a Hydra, LW or a Black Cleaver would have done you way more justice. 

    Bottom line, Triforce is NOT worth getting on Wukong. Too much pay for little reward. This guide for Wukong is probably one of the best out there. It gives you a ton of damage, massive Armor Pen, EXCELLENT trades in lane (assuming you rushed Tiamat), some sustain, and makes you an asset in Teamfights as well as a 1v1 monster. If I would change anything here, I would discard the Merc Treds for Mobility Boots or Boots of Swiftness. It helps with engages, and it lets you roam easier getting you more kills and effectively carrying the game. Have fun :D

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  • #148 Spittingjoebra

    let me see here wukonds w is ap he needs movement speed so he can catch up to some fast champs like udyr or have jumps like j4. also let me remind you also get frozen mallet soyou can be more tanky and that also gives you 30 dmg and tri also has attack spped which also help him be able to push well then he can be mana hungry at times so the extra 200 mana is nice then 200 extra hp is also nice also rage is very good as well because you will be auto-attacking a lot and that 10% crit chance is nice because you will be auto-attack alot

  • #150 Spittingjoebra

    so I guess you made this account for no reason at all

  • #151 SnebLoL

    Let me break your statement down. "Wukong's W is AP". Thank you. You have just informed me that instead of dealing 10 damage with his clone, you will deal 25. In all seriousness, AP doesn't help Wukong in the slightest. It doesn't add to his burst at all, and his clone's AP scaling is really bad. "Needs movement speed". Of course. That is why I recommended Mobility Boots or Boots of Swiftness (FYI Boots of Swiftness are better, as of right now). The 8% movement speed and the Rage passive aren't even noticeable if you have those boots, since you have all the speed you need, and a fantastic engage. Also, Wukong can chase down targets like Udyr and Jarvan IV very easily with his gap closer. "With Frozen Mallet, you can become more tanky". Yes, I won't dispute that. However, there are many greater alternatives for Wukong than a Frozen Mallet. The 30 AD is not amazingly beneficial (I prefer to stop building damage at the 300-350 AD mark). Randuins Omen is a MUCH better item on Wukong. Not only does it give you great amounts of tankiness, you you can use it's Active while in your Cyclone, and can chase down any champion that tries to escape. You can probably find success with Frozen Mallet, but Randuins is the better way to go. "Attack speed upped" (yeah, I am correcting your spelling). Wukong is a mid game AoE Assassin and a Late-Game Assassin/Bruiser Hybrid, not an AD Carry. He does not need to build a single bit of Attack Speed, since his Nimbus Strike gives him an Attack Speed Buff. Building more Attack Speed for Wukong is pointless, trust me. If your main source of damage is auto attacks, you are playing him wrong. "Push well". Attack Speed CAN make Wukong push faster, but I still stand by what I just said. Wukong doesn't need Attack Speed. Wukong's E and Tiamat are the best wave clear options. With these two, you can clear a full wave with a few autos, a Tiamat Active, and an E (not in that specific order). "Can be Mana hungry at times". Start Flask. All of your problems will be fixed, if you know how to use it. "200 Mana and 200 HP is nice". Yes, it can be nice, but it is not needed for Wukong to have success in lane. Wukong is a champion that you can build straight damage for the entire laning phase and get away with it. For full items, I recommend Hydra > LW > Cleaver > Tanky Items (Randuins and GA). Put the Swiftness Boots wherever in that order. "10% Crit Chance is nice". Though Wukong's Q CAN crit, it's not worth building Crit Damage for. Since your main damage output is through your Ult and your E, I don't see how Crit Damage would be more beneficial over going straight AD. As I stated, Wukong only needs damage and movement speed to be effective, not Attack Speed or Crit Damage. Once again, I will remind you that Trinity Force only gives you 40 AD and the item costs 3700 gold. It's not worth it. Thank you for your time.

    tl;dr: Trinity Force is NOT a good item on Wukong, compared to all the other items he can get. Sure, some stats can help him, but other items do the job better. 

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  • #124 java491

    what do you think of tri instead of hydra?

    (i'd also more likely get a frozen mallet instead of a Last Whisper....depends on the match really)

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  • #122 Tolson33

    With a mixture of this guide and one i saw on another site i was able to make a wukong i am comfortable playing and am very effective with. I just had a game of 18-0-8 with my wukong. Of course not all games are like that but I was amazed by how good he is if you play/build him right

  • #123 VirusKid

    Quote from Tolson33 »

    With a mixture of this guide and one i saw on another site i was able to make a wukong i am comfortable playing and am very effective with. I just had a game of 18-0-8 with my wukong. Of course not all games are like that but I was amazed by how good he is if you play/build him right

    Good to know, good luck in your adventure through the all games as Wukong!

    - Community Manager

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  • #121 KMStev

    Just use decoy and kill the one who alone or ult to thier team !!! O_O

  • #120 LoLMegash

    I guess wukong got popular again after the EU LCS match with MYM l0l ,_,

  • #117 brisingrmihai

    The Decoy can be use just to escape or can be use to catch enemies ?

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  • #119 VirusKid

    Quote from brisingrmihai »

    The Decoy can be use just to escape or can be use to catch enemies ?

    You can use it to catch someone too.

  • #116 jimmypro137

    should i build a muramana instead of the wriggle's lantern



  • #118 LeffeRoyale

    I like it when I am in an easy lane. Never mana shortage and great Q damage late game. It stacks quite slow though. 

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