• #43 fumbles7

    also u should put the skill order cuz there is none to be found need to fix that

  • #42 fumbles7

    shouldnt u add more defensive items for xerath

  • #41 itzdaphoboi

    Xerath is re mack but why Khazix is a counter pick?

  • #35 Kylearan

    I think that Xerath has some issues vs Karthus if that Karthus uses movespeed quints, rushes a fast jungle clear+sustain item (spectral wraith) and goes 9/0/21 for even faster speed.  Karthus can use Xerath's CD's against him, so in early game, the instant Xerath ever uses his E to secure a last hit, he can be met with a stun free WOP in his face and some harass.  Likewise, if Xerath misses the W snipe, he won't be able to outrange Karth's Q.

    It is true that once Xerath maxes W, with those 4 second W's and 3 second cd Q's (if he has 40% CDR), then Karthus won't be able to farm mid, but by this time, lane phase should be long over, and if Xerath didn't snowball hard (assuming Karthus also didn't snowball) or outfarm Karthus by this point, a farmed Karthus with Rylais is just going to murder Xerath if he lands a Q/exhaust on him, if he can get to him.

    I'd definitely say this is an even matchup.  A Karthus with MS quints and 9/0/21 is probably the most annoying mid in the game...

  • #34 JeanieOwen70
    Notes: Spamming/advertising
  • #33 Psych_over_nine

    Is there any reason you don't opt for Ionian Boots? Your W already gives you 40% magic pen, and with the additional 15% your ult gets down to a 43 sec cooldown.

  • #36 Gaxxxe

    You want to be dealing as much damage as possible and with the 20% CDR from Athenes(not counting the extra CDR from Masteries) and the extra 20% whenever you have blue buff(which jungle should give it to you unless he needs it or is a meanie) means that at level 16, with Athenes and Blue, you get the max 40% CDR, reducing your ult to 36 second cooldown(!!!!).

  • #29 jichon22

    i think starting option 2 is a mistake. it costs 595 all in all

  • #30 LeiSuReCris

    Hi, I fixed it and added a lot of new things to this guide. I hope you like it :)

    Last edited by LeiSuReCris: 5/9/2013 9:28:24 AM
  • #28 jichon22

    well for me his locus of power is not a stun since he can still attack and use skills rather i consider it as a snare.

  • #27 Hasel1990

    wow so much ability power ... I do not like the build, because he is only stacking ap .. cdr. And xerath need his cdr or he deals tons of damage but got too long cd on his spells :/.

  • #20 AbyssArray

    Quick notes:

    -Looking at Item Build tab-

    First paragraph roughly means Boots + Pots -> Chalice -> Sorc Shoes..  The image show Boots -> Pots -> Sorc Shoes -> Chalice.

    -Looks at Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells tab-

    Your runes (specifically your Glyphs) don't seem to agree with what you posted on the first page, (Flat MR on the front page, Scaling MR in the Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells tab).


    Couple of questions:

    -What about Flat (or some combination with Scaling) Mana Regen Seals? Or how about Scaling HP Seals?

    -How about Exhaust or Teleport as opposed to Ignite?

    -I'm sure you know this, in S3, the order that Penetration (Armor is anyway.. Magic is likely going to be the same) is going to be applied is going to be changed, what do you think about Haunting Guise as an item following Chalice and Sorc Shoes (as opposed to rushing straight for a Deathcap)?


  • #22 DrakeWurrum

    I'm thinking dropping Ignite is a good idea considering the short range. Exhaust could be useful as an extra escape, but why not get Heal instead?

  • #23 AbyssArray

    I'd say it depends on the match-up, Heal is mostly defensive, Exhaust and Teleport can be used offensively, as well as defensively. (Well, Teleport more for making sure you're near a fight when it happens) Cleanse isn't too bad as a defensive summoner either, Cleanse allows you to duel champions you might not normally be able to duel, LeBlanc and Kass comes to mind, they hope to win duels with heavy burst and CC, if you can remove the CC, gives you a chance to fight back.

  • #26 DrakeWurrum

    Well, as I said, the reason I bring it up is because of how short the range is on Ignite. Considering Xerath's best strength is his ridiculously long range, that seems self-defeating. You typically want to use Ignite as a sort of finisher when you go in for the kill, but when Xerath goes in for the kill, he's got those long range spells and would often end up out of Ignite range.

    Exhaust is short range too, but the idea with Exhaust would be to get somebody off you who's already wailing on you to begin with.

    Maybe it would work out fine in team fights, when people are trying to jump on the carries anyways, and I'm just over-thinking it - but I'm looking at it more from a "win your lane" perspective.

    Last edited by DrakeWurrum: 11/28/2012 12:40:26 PM
  • #31 Zearik

    Very good guide, especially the Q poke spots. Thanks.

  • #17 compucrazy

    100% of offscreen AP kills? Brand would like a word with you.

  • #19 Hashinshin

    Brand has shorter range, much shorter. 

  • #21 compucrazy

    Not debating that. I just meant Brand gets some offscreen AP kills from his passive and the occasional lucky ult bounce.

  • #24 Wooof

    I think you mean Midalee.

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