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    How about Hydra instead of black cleaver? It would be easier do farm.

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    i usually build him as an AP..

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    . Personally my favorite way to go right now is ninja tabi blood thirster to start following up with a phage and giants belt and then seeing where my build needs to go from there. I typicall go trinity force  and then wardens mail then I typically build zephyr or wits end depending whether i need mr or tenacity but will finish randuins if the ad on the other team is troublesome. my end game build is usually ninja tabi blood thirster trinity force randuins zephyr wits end. alternatively against a heavy ap/cc comp typically with ap top/ap mid(been seeing them more often since bulwark was removed) I go mercs and trade out zephyr for a blade of the ruined king. I build so damage heavy so i can blow up the enemy adc. I find tht against a few carries (vayne kog maw and twitch) after 35 minutes or so if i focus more on tankiness than damage they can beat me 1v1 meaning in a teamfight i will be unable to remove an adc from the fight. so i focus on trying to jump to the adc when my team initiates ult and drop them fast as possible with my carries following in behind me and our other bruiser/ tank. typically I avoid being the first one to dive on the other team when my team has a better initiator like malphite, amumu thresh or Jarvan 4 but I do initiate when my team has champs tht peel for our carry better such as janna morganna or lux

    any comments, advice, etc? I am looking to see if I can improve my build so as to help my team win more often

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    And by that, I mean something like this:



    • Massive burst
    • Decent sustain in lane
    • More team fight utility than most bruisers
    • Fairly easy to learn


    • Easy to gank, most of his kit is hard to use defensively
    • Need items to be a tank, ultimate only gives him temporary tankiness.
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    Is this a serious guide or a parody? If it's serious you should write it like that because I doubt anyone will want to read twice amount of text just because you want to be funny. Keep it simple and use good English and formatting.

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    The quick guide and the individual item and rune pages seem to be different...can you clarify which is the most updated version?

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    ^_^ BE A MAN

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    I would say either Randuin's or FH. And FH is better because of the cdr.

    BTW: Evasion and Honor Guard suck so hard...

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    Randuins gives a lot more tankiness than FH, but FH gives more CDR. 

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    He is not at all easy to gank?

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    Quote from alexanderligthart »

    He is not at all easy to gank?

    Sure he isn't, his slow is a dash TO the person, and his knockup involves you standing there attacking them. Very easy to gank.

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    hes not aaaaaaaaall easy to gank

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    Is there any reason you don't get tough skin for top lane?

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    Indomitable is the same thing only for all dmg

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    because I want better masteries


    awwww u fixed the lore. It was so funny before. anyway this guide rocks and xin has a similar "i entered the fight so your all dead" effect as jarvan. well done

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    How do you feel about this build? :

    My friend says it's good to build phantom and lantren for early crit and armor life steal is full ad xin better for targetting ranged ad carry then ulti and focus ap

    is this good or bad?

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    If you are level 30 it's a shitty build, if you are lower it's a great pubstomping guide.

    Anyways, great guide as always Hashinsomething. Love the way you explain things.

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