• #83 Akunza

    No more attack speed marks or movement speed quints?


  • #80 Joe_Farmer

    The maxing e by level 8 is op

  • #76 bbgametime

    I used this guide as a guideline and I have formed my own which works well for me, top and jungle. Firstly I start off with a dagger 2 health potions and I use flash and teleport for mobility and escape options, my final game build is mercury treds, then statik shiv, infinity edge, phantom dancer, randuins omen, and trinity force, and if I have spare money I sell the boots and get a zephyr. This build has high critical strike, attack speed, movement speed, and damage. While providing defence late game. This build is crazy for me and late game my attack speed and critical strike do crazy damage. For runes I use armour penetration marks, flat armour seals, magic resist glyphs, and finally attack speed quintestances. This provides attack speed and penetration and defence. And mysteries I go 23 attack. As I am only lvl 23. I thought I'd share this build.with everyone :) 

  • #67 Rodrake

    This guide has been updated with IWillDominate as its new author, and all the season 4 changes.

  • #66 pvans

    Just my opinion, but I absolutely love Tri-Force on Xin as "the" damage item.  Phage is such a strong item on him early too after finishing your golem.

  • #70 IWDominate

    Triforce is definitely a viable item on xin.  However, I would only purchase this item if I was snowballing hard in the early game.

  • #65 Trybexus

    good good thank you so much!

  • #62 Misfit596

    Don't forget, if you get fed enough, the Bloodthirster is a very viable item on Xin. it gives you 100 damage, plus more lifesteal, this provides the late game damage this build is lacking; it is also a very good alternative to Last Whisper, as it does 60 more damage and gives sustain. Last Whisper is an impractical item, as the ADCs and APCs you will be diving wont have enough armor to require it. If you are focusing the tanks, then you are playing Xin wrong. He is an assassin/fighter, not a tank killer, tailor his build to suit his intended targets.

    Also Locket of the Iron Solari is an OK item, i would rank GA over it though, and Ninja tabi is fine, but your major problem is getting CCed before your target is dead, you are already stacking armor, Merc. Treads seem a more viable pick for the majority of group comps. (unless you grab Zephyr, which is fun sometimes)

  • #63 Pikohchu

    This is not a top guide... Jungle Xin needs to be tanky. Tabi and locket give him crazy early game strength, allowing him to dive turrets easily in ganks. Also, the guide says to get Black Cleaver OR Last Whisper (even though gettting both is fine) and if you aren't building Armor Pen on Xin, 

    Quote from Misfit596 »

     then you are playing Xin wrong. 


  • #60 Nevran

    A stupid question. In general, after I got the boot and the wriggle, I try to rush sunfire cape more than the locket. If I understand the locket is really cheap, easy to build and has some very good stat for xin (CDR? Health? Armor? Utility? OHMYGOD LET ME LOVE YOU), I try to got in general the advantage I had with xin by rushing this nice giant belt. The damage output of Xin si so high than I think the synergy with sunfire cap is quite adapted. Tankyness + More DPS action, I think it is a good item.

    So my question is: Do you think I do the good choice at rushing it if I am in advance or with good gold base? Do you see it more as a late item? (Well, in general, we try to rush it early with some tank like shen so...)

    I ask that since I don't really the item in your build. Also, even if we all know that this item is really expensive, frozen mallet should be a good item for xin no? HP, damage and a very nice passive... Maybe it is better for laner xin, who can get more gold and will have more use for this item than a jungler xin.

  • #61 DanielBressman

    Well looking at the stats on both the items, Sunfire Cape is going to offer more durability and a decent damage burn, while Locket of the Iron Solari offers mixed stats of everything Xin needs. In most cases Locket is going to be an overall better pick but for split-pushing or high burst AD champions Sunfire Cape might be a better rushed item. Keep in mind every guide is generally an outline of what you're going to want to have by late game.

  • #58 Akunza

    Would building Blade of the Ruined King or Ghostblade be a option?

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  • #59 DanielBressman

    I've built BOTRK before but only when most of the enemy team is stacking health, other than that I think to get the most out of Xin you should always build him as a tank with utility.

  • #54 Dalin

    Do u build Wriggle's before Boots of Speed?

  • #55 Lexvink

    Normally no, it will allow you to gank better and move around the map. The move speed is especially crucial to keep up with the enemy and land the 3rd hit of Three Talon Strike when you do not have Red Buff. The only time I see myself getting a Wriggles before Boots is if my team is aiming for a relatively early Dragon.

    Edit: fixed that =S

    Last edited by Lexvink: 2/17/2013 8:22:48 PM
  • #56 WorrEU

    I take that as you misread his question and your answer would be "normally NO..."?

  • #46 adutchguy1986

    So where is the damage in this build? I really feel like this does not utilize xin's strengths at all. Is the guide just assuming you will build Tri or BT at some point in between items? Runic Bulwark is strong for sure, but obviously no damage and pricey to boot.

  • #48 frezol

    You don't really need dmg as Xin, you're here to jump on the carries, pop ultimate and let your carries do the job. If you're fed early you can get a Brutalizer ( arpen + cdr is really cool on him), but imo that's the only source of dmg you need.
    Aegis (bulwark if you face several/fed AP's) + Sunfire and/or Randuins is definitely the way to go.

  • #51 Lexvink

    Exactly what frezol said. As long as you are able to utilize your ultimate well and make use of the resistances you gain to be extremely annoying for the enemy divers or carries, you are doing your job. You do not need to kill them with 2-3 seconds, you can let your team do all the damage and crowd control them for years while chipping away at their HP pool.

  • #45 bloodmoney65

    How much does Spirit Visage really help? and why not trinity or frozen mallet? and why zephyr vs PD?


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