• #34 Valithor423

    I'm curious as to why you go for Bloodthirster instead of Ravenous Hydra since Hydra can be used to proc an extra auto attack as well as do splash damage in team fights and to minions/monsters. It also procs on Yasuo's Q's since his Q counts as a basic attack. A well timed engage can knock the enemy team down to 30-50% health and even clean up. I lost count of how many quadras and pentas I've gotten playing Yasuo, and he only just came out!

    While I don't necessarily disagree with your runes, I find mine to yield a much higher output and sustain in fights and while jungling. -10% CDR at level 18 glyphs, 6.9% AS Seals, +22 AD at level 18 Marks, and +6% Lifesteal Quintessences. At level 18 I can use my ultimate every 28 seconds. The reason I use Lifesteal Quintessences is because my Q counts as an auto attack, allowing me to heal off of it as I would an auto attack. With a Ravenous Hydra, that's 18% life steal!

    Here's a screenie of my Masteries as well. Don't forget that Yasuo's Q and E count as spells and works with Expose Weakness.

    Also, I don't know why people don't play Yasuo support except for me. I win 9 out of 10 of my games with it.

    I usually don't get Guardian Angel, but their heavy burst warranted it. I always start with an early Statikk Shiv after Berserker's Greaves and Targon's Brace for that early farm and poke advantage. If I'm feeling really ballsy with my pokes or they have a lot of life steal or health pots, I grab Executioner's Calling after buying Statikk Shiv since it gives +25 AD, +20% Critical Strike (40% because of Yasuo's passive) and inflicts Grevious Wounds for 1.5 seconds on basic attack or Q. Infinity Edge is very nice as it increases your critical strike damage, effectively negating the downside to his passive. A late game Trinity Force is amazing since it applies on your Q's and increases your movement speed on basic attack and on kill (Or his Q since it counts as a basic attack) and deals bonus physical damage equal to 200% of base Attack Damage . Maw of Malmortius is a good fallback if you're playing against heavy AP champions or bursty champions like Veigar. With my flow shield up and I have a Maw of Malmortius, I can usually completely negate a Malazahar ult with it or survive a Veigar Q->R burst. If you can avoid the enemy team's CC, you can engage a 1v5 and come out on top every time. If the enemy team is tanky, I'll consider building a Black Cleaver so tear through their armor. Since my Q procs Black Cleaver's Passive, I can very quickly reduce their armor allowing my team to do increased damage as well as providing myself with a bit of health and damage at the same time. 


    I look forward to your reply :)

    EDIT: Original post was on 01/21/2014, y u no reply?!

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  • #32 SkyLoveR45

    My item build for Yasou is: 

    1. Mercury Tread's
    2. Statikk Shiv
    3.Phantom Dancer
    4.Ravenous Hydra
    5. Infinity Edge
    6.Randuin's Omen

  • #30 MisterHula

    This champ isnt that op as everybody's saying, he is really hard to play in teamfights.

  • #31 Refpsi

    I agree you must be very careful in team fights. However if you are he is capable of some incredible feats.

  • #27 vasvatutin

    I feel you are better off removing a point from Dangerous game (5% missing health and maan regain on champion kilL) and putting it into devastating strikes (6% armor and magic pen) as it will allow you to do a lot more damage early game (even to minions/monsters) and getting kills as a jungler might not always be favorable (by that I mean it might be better to give it the lane you are ganking the kill so they can win their lane which is something more desirable than you getting fed)

  • #28 Refpsi

    This is actually perfectly okay, but i feel dangerous game greatly adds to the high risk high reward play style. I don't see anything wrong with your method. I support it fully.

  • #22 ViolettManic

    My Itembuild every game is:

    -first statikks, then Zephir, then Infinity Edge, then Bloodthirster

  • #18 unit5016

    I have a quick question to Refpsi or anyone who is knowledgable, I am starting to focus on mid and AD melee carries. I usually built Youmuus but recently I've noticed many people not bothering anymore or it is core on only one or two champs in your builds (Refpsi). Now should I stop and only get it to snowball the game to an early end? I just in general get confused in terms of which armor pen item to get or early items with melee carries.

  • #19 Refpsi

    Ghost blade is great on whoever as long as you can guarantee that you are able to stick to the opponent and take full advantage of the active.It fits both early and late on Melee carries.

    Sitting on brut is not a problem. Most of your late game armor pen if you need it will come from Last Whisper. Taking armor pen marks is very effective if you are comfortable with lower AD in the early stages of the game.

  • #15 Chum

     This Build worked great for me

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  • #16 masterhfb123

    you have 4 defeat on your print screen...

  • #17 Akunza

    A Normal Win and Four Ranked Defeats. LOL

  • #20 Refpsi

    It's all about the Win. That's the only thing that matters, glad it worked for you.

  • #21 KILLxD13

    you focus too much in damage items

  • #13 Akunza

    Yasuo will be so OP if played and build properly when he comes live. A worthy ban in ranked too

  • #10 thechosenone124

    The passive isn't very polished. Doubling critical strike isn't like Riot at all. It adds nothing to gameplay. Draven's Wicked Blades added more to the game than this (it encouraged ax catching). The moving builds a shield may or may not add to gameplay. I'm having trouble gauging whether it makes Yasuo run around in circles like an idiot before he can gank.

  • #11 thechosenone124

    Also, if his ultimate keeps the enemy stunned for an entire extra second with no chance of removal or reduction... Yeah major fix issues. On the upper hand, his E is incredibly innovative. And the way his specialty is a knockup and ult lockdown is a very interesting gameplay mechanic.

  • #8 Tempeszt


    Just an FYI: His name isn't pronounced yay-sow, instead, it's more like yass-oo-ohOtherwise, this looks like a great guide, and as a jungler main, I can't wait to try it out!

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  • #9 Refpsi

    yeah I talk funny and am bad at reading.

  • #3 salexpie

    How do you feel mid lane Yasuo will be? I think with the wall and multidash he can be very effective against skillshot-dependent mages.

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