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    Would you go as far to say that Yasuo counters a Yorick? I've played against Yasuo a few times as Yorick and I find that his passive shield denies any early poke without dumping out all of your abilities. Additionally, with Yasuo being a manaless champ with fairly low c/d's, he can harass his way to Yorick being OOM (and sometimes low on health) from sustaining with E.

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    His e, or omen of famine scales off ad but deals magic damage

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    Yeah, it's kind of like Shyvana

  • #59 Tetzar

    Hi.... The runes in your quick Guide and your Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells page do not match up... Should I be running health? or more AD?


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    Is it just me, or are the items and stuff still not updated? The only start I see is Bottle 7 pots and a ward, and that's not happening anymore.

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    How do people even take pleasure from play such a disgustingly coward a low champion... This has got to be Riot's worse design ever, on pair with teemo.

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    i have made my own build for yorick that can turn him into a machine. i get a mana crystal, health potion and mana potion to start. get it to become tear of the godess next.  then i either go for the pickaxe, or vampiric cepter. . take those and upgrade up to ravenous hydra. this gives you mass damage output, spray with your basic attacks and mass life steal and AD really early in game. depending on circumstance its either going to be aromor (Aegis) or more AD (Rageblade). finally i wait and purchase my boots all at once mid game (Swiftness with alacricity). next we get a warmogs, or upgrade our Tear to Manamune (maybe even by this point you will have gotten it to be the manamunabanana or whatever lol for super damage). by this point the other team usually surrenders or we win.

    i use teleport and clarity spells. my runes are all the basic AD with quints of Magic/Armor pen.

    you level your omen of famine first for basic sustain and then trade between war and pestilence until they both reach level 3 or 4 for mass damage. then get your war to 5 (for it will be your strongist ability at this point) and level up your famine up again for more life steal.


    its a little unorthadox as to what i see most people build, be they are noobs, or they are pro's. i never see a build like this, but it works on a few champs i have tried it on too. but with yorick. it is a recipe for mass slaughter. when i look at the overall damage after a game on the graph, i have double the damage of near all the other champions on either team. good luck ;)  

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    Clarity is shit, and therefore, you are shit. :)

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    Rough... But clarity is crap, and teleport ain't that good either :P

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    honor guard with 19 points? someone please explain.

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    xD IDK 

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    it would have been nice not to rush all the guides and spent some time on them. one example is Force of nature is not in the game anymore, but yet its in the build.

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    The guide isn't rushed it just hasn't been fully updated yet


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    Finally updated; sorry guys.  Had tough time finding someone who still plays top yorick


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    I havent played enough AP yi vs. Yorick to know how the late game play works out but in laning phase yorick cannot touch an AP yi. His q can proc the bonus damage on both Yorick's ghouls and his ulti. Since yorick has no hard cc Ap yis heal makes him unkillable. I understand that Ap yi isnt exactly high elo play but in my experience it works well into gold. Anyone have a different opinion?


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    This guide is completely updated by Pobelter as of November 04, 2012

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