• #82 ElementalMaster7

    Has somebody made a support Zac guide yet? My one game as ADC with Zac support was amazing. I got free double kills even though I had disconnected for 6 minutes into the game. I was Twitch, by the way.

  • #81 Aragurn

    I was just wondering if it would be wise to use Greater Seal(s) of scaling health instead of just getting more armor. Since the recent buff to health in the new meta, it would give you a great edge in early lane ganks also a late game advantage. Might be something to think about.

  • #79 ghost20018

    i wonder why he isnt banned like ammumu and shen are in ranked he is such a game changer with amazing gank potential he has a ability like nocturne where he can get there from far away except you dont know hes using it sometimes when there over extended i sneek into the enemy jungle and get them from behind its great plus his ult has amazing cc great ganks and amazing cc sounds worth more than shen he shuold be the six banned you know ammamu shen blitz thresh and then zac hes a really op champ u should take advantage of before nerfed and or reconized as a high priority pick

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  • #80 ElementalMaster7

    Don't worry about banning Zac. He got nerfed, but it's about his chunks.

  • #78 Lazaerov

    Janna should be added to his potential counters.  She pretty much cancels his e with both her howling gale and monsoon.

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  • #77 krapcher

    I think at full game build taking abysal scepter is bad choice always. You have very high damge with guise already and when you make it torment it is even higher. Warmog or sunfire cape is way better then scepter.

    I usually take ancient golem > boots  > (optional : ninja tabi or mercury's treads) > haunting guise > giant's belt > Sunfire cape > Torment or another giant's belt > Warmog > Sprit Visage

    I usually use this items because I never had hard game. If my team does bad I would get aegis after guise so I wouldn't buy sprit visage, warmog or sunfire depends on which one I don't need most. All in all taking abysal is not good choice for me.

  • #76 M4ss4cr4

    IMO this build lacks dmg HARD

  • #74 Jadehex

    What is your opinion on the idea forgoing the wraith upgrade (aren't all of his abilities aoe?) in favor of the tenacity upgrade? I would think that it would free up your boots so you wouldn't have super redundant Magic Resist with Visage (well obviously it wouldn't be redundant against heavy magic damage, but in most cases it probably would be) , and maybe go early sorc shoes to compensate for the missed early game damage?

    I honestly don't know so I would like your opinion on it. Thanks :)

  • #75 Shakarezz

    Go to Item build and check Spectral Wraith vs Ancient Golem Section


  • #71 Xodiaz

    Okay i have really a question!!

    Attention here it comes:


    Why u take Defender, Unyielding and Block in your masteries?

    My own brain said to me that Resistance and Legendary Armor are better.

  • #73 Shakarezz

    Add up the Armor and MR you get and then multiply it by 6%. The amount of MR and Armor gained is minimal

  • #66 killzone28

    XJ9 Made this guide!

  • #67 Shakarezz

    No, he did not. Guide was fully written by Dominate and myself

  • #64 GoliathGTX

    The skill order in the "abilities" page and the "quick guide" page is different.

  • #65 Shakarezz



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    Notes: SPAM
  • #62 R04Ch1

    What do you think about picking Rylai's Crystal Scepter later. You could swap it with Sunfire in the late game, so you got some AP in the lategame.

    Or taking Frozen Fist to slow the enemy. You can spam your abilities with that ans the Spirit Visage, because you got a lot of cooldownreduction. Its 2.4 seconds on your w. Thats not much, so the Fist should work well.

  • #51 mellored

    What about haunting guise?  Health and MPen seem ideal.

    Torment can also add alot of damage to an imitator.

  • #60 DanielBressman

    Quote from mellored »

    What about haunting guise?  Health and MPen seem ideal.

    Torment can also add alot of damage to an imitator.

    Zac's main roll is an initiator and Haunting Guise CAN be a decent pick in some cases, but generally building tank is a far better option.

  • #68 mellored

    Seems like it would be pretty ideal for early jungling.  Picking up sunfire cape second and you should clear in no time, as well as deal more damage when you gank.  Then add Mercs, Spirit Vistage, abyssal, Thornmail.

    And later, torment would be good for initiating.    Dive in do % max, and % current (which should be near max) to everyone in the area.  With pen, everyone should be heavily wounded for your team to clean up.  And you can either bounce away, or survive with your passive.

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