• #110 bogovbog

    well,the sure thing is that the best item for the beginning is BOTRK but i preffer The Black Cleaver bcs of more hp and brutalizer is op on zed so best first black cleaver and theb BOTRK :)

  • #111 Phelius

    Quite often, Zed's will get Bilgewater Cutlass and then build a Brutalizer. This allows them to still get a fair amount of damage from the Cutlass active and the uptime on damage due to the slow, and have good CDR and armor penetration from the Brutalizer. However, getting a BotRK over a Black Cleaver is without question, since the armor reduction, health and additional damage from the Black Cleaver don't do nearly as much in the early or mid game as additional attack speed, as well as the BotRK passive and active do for Zed.


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  • #105 Gluenx

    I cannot find the rune. Greater Quintessence of Desolation, maybe because i am only lvl 28. Zed is one of the first and one of my main characters I play enjoy the guide, if you can get back to me soon that would be appreciate it. Ill be max level soon and know my self if not.

  • #106 YoropicGGaming

    since the guide has been made the name of the rune has been updated to "Greater quintessence of armor penetration" :)

  • #107 Gluenx

    ah just seen that one but didn't see the 3.33% thanks


  • #91 rizebigfan

    Nice but i would like Randium or sunfire instead of angel guardian sometimes

    What do you think

  • #92 Spirits33r

    Zed is an all out damage assasin u should take lifesteal items instead of durability


  • #93 kajonator

    true dat

  • #94 rizebigfan

    yes but angel guardian is durability

    better get spirit visage for bonus lifesteal or randium for enemy slow

  • #89 dirtylittlerat

    good guide but i would suggest getting a hydra instead of bt, since considering its gonna be super late game i doubt your gonna be able to farm it to 30stacks and hydra is better then bt overall for melee champs. If your bt isnt fully stacked plus the active dmg would just make your death mark that much more deadly.

  • #90 HomerX221

    instead, just sell bt for hydra later on in the game, bt stacks are easily lost later.

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  • #88 Phelius

    The guide has been re-vamped! Hooray!

  • #85 Mackleless

    Just a bad build ... hextech ??? for what ? spellvamp ? You mean that instead of going for a BoTRK u prefer spell=vamp? I usually take the 1st 4 items , Maw of M. and Botrk

  • #81 Terminalfury

    Fail masteries and build. "Persevance" on assasin ? and why no "Veteran scars" ???

    hextech gunblade+trinity+infinity too bad, better build is Boots+BoTRK+BC+BT+LW+FM Too much ad+hp+ar pen

  • #82 HomerX221

    I also feel like the build is flawed, in the masteries, you are right, but IMO BotrK isn't worth it for zed as a rush since he doesn't focus enough on autoattacking early on to deal damage.I normally get it as a 3rd item when hexdrinker isn't needed.You need to go boots, brutalizer for early game damage,  BT(he has great AD scaling), clever(he benefits from it in mid-late game teamfights when he can apply the stacks to more than one target), BotrK(if you haven't gotten hexdrinker in laning phase), LW and GA or mogs or FM(get frozen mallet if you don't have ruined king, mogs or ga depends if their burst is focusing you, in that case, go for GA, otherwise, and if GA is on cd, go for mogs).

  • #83 Terminalfury

    Yes, but after you use your ult, then BoTRK does a big damage after tick. 

  • #84 HomerX221

    hmmm, let's suppose you got 5 autos and the active while the ult mark is on(best case scenario), if the enemy has 0 armor, you would deal 17.5% of his max health in damage.This is with NO ARMOR. In a 1000 hp enemy, 175 bonus damage.In a 3k hp enemy, 425. It gets more efficient the more hp the enemy has and the more penetration you have.Since most people get some armor early, you probably won't get 5 autos off and you have almost no armor penetration/reduction, I don't think it is worth rushing it.

  • #86 DJShevchenko

    He means the active on botrk deals a lot of dmg, if you use the active on the enemy you just marked it will deal a lot of damage, ot the auto attacks.

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  • #87 HomerX221

    I know, that comment is pretty old already, I've been playing zed a lot more often and rushing botrk too.

  • #79 Rush_aid

    sorry to ask, but im confuse... when using Death Mark, is the shadow spawn is 1 shadow or 2 ?? 

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