• #56 33walla33

    no blade ?? is it not one of zed's core item

  • #55 Fuchs0071

    Kayle is a hard counter as well


  • #53 Get_Phat

    -_________________________- WHALER


  • #42 TheHappyEmo866

    Would it make sense to build a spirit visage on him If going against an AP character top? I feel that the MR would help a lot and the 20% bonus to lifesteal and regen  would work nicely if combined with either a BotRK or Ravenous Hydra. 

    What are your thoughts on this idea? 

  • #43 HomerX221

    Better get hexdrinker, more survivability for its costs and is better late game.

  • #41 Slevankelevra

    The reason irelia is an issue is she can rush warden mail and you're in a world of pain, especially with her sustain, and nasus isn't really an issue since he is so weak before he gets some q stacks you can brutalise him early

    Lee sin or xins ults aren't that useful because you can jump straight back to your ult and use w if you need to chase them down, lee is a bit slippery bit still not too bad. Q also does more damage than e because your shadow shuriken does extra damage where your e only slows more. The issue with zed top is you lose roam potential early and most tops can afford to stack tartlet early armour early which really hurts zeds damage

    jax should be an issue, his pre six is way weaker than zeds and his stun is easy to dodge with zeds kit and doesn't dodge his abilities.

  • #37 InCr3D4Bl3

    I would build Frozen Mallet instead of Warmogs... And may a BotRK instead of GA or Bloodthister.

  • #38 HomerX221

    I recommend only getting a mallet if they have a really heavy kiting team, otherwise, stay with warmogs.I think BotRK over GA is a good idea if they are not focusing you/they have a really tanky team, with low damage.

  • #39 DewXp

    I really suggest to not build a warmogs, Zed is an assassin, and building Warmogs really takes away form his assassin feel. Instead I would pick up a BoRK instead as it adds sustain and then he pops champions like balloons. :) If youre looking for more damage and health tho, you could pick up something like Frozen Mallet, or even Tri Force, even tho the mana would be wasted.

  • #35 Pikohchu

    Westrice builds BotRK on Zed. I find myself not auto-attacking very much, besides to proc my passive.. is it worth it, or used mainly for its active during ult?

  • #44 TheHappyEmo866

    I've been playing him exclusively for the past couple weeks and the BotRK is easily one of the best investments IMO for zed. It builds a nice sustain in for when you are farming or just finishing a kill you've started in a chase as well as the active ability which nukes the enemy's health. There has been many occasions where I was running from the entire enemy team after a backdoor attack and took out their carry without taking damage simply by ulting, activating BotRK and using Q behind me while I kept running. 

  • #34 Pikohchu

    Sooooooo.. is GA better or Warmogs?

  • #36 Ayedriano

    I Would say Warmogs so you can stay in fights longer. Also, GA has a high cooldown.

  • #27 Heyimbehinya

    What about nasus? I feel like nasus is almost impossible to kill after lvl 6 unless he's really really bad. He has tons of lifesteal to heal through zed's harass and his ulti pretty much counters zed's ulti.

  • #28 HomerX221

    It is more like a skill matchup, depends a lot on how you play pre-6

  • #29 Heyimbehinya

    to be honest only played a game zed vs nasus so far and got 2-0 on him then started getting camped by his jungler and he got some free farm. Tried to kill him again and he destroyed me with his ulti. I can't even kite him due to his widow...

  • #30 HomerX221

    You mean wither? and by the way, buy wards, the jungler will always camp top if a nasus is on his team so he gets free farm.

  • #31 Heyimbehinya

    yea sorry was watching a show at the time i was writing this post and they were talking about a widow hence why i wrote widow there lol yea i always ward but even so they like standing in the bushes and i cant risk much cause if i get hit by this wither its gg. Btw why Q over E? The harass on Q is nice but E does more dmg and its not a skillshot. Do you think Q is a better option?

  • #32 HomerX221

    E is better if the enemy is more tanky top lane, if you can burst him down(e.g. vland and kennen), go for Q, though E also works in that case.Q is also better if you are getting zoned, since it lowers the energy cost and allows better csing from a distance.

  • #33 Heyimbehinya

    ok thanks for the input, appreciate it :)

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