• #13 themalcolm

    I just got stuck with zed jungle, hadn't even played him in norms before, i went 12-6 tho and 2 deaths were from minions, lol 
    replaced BoTRK with GA tho.


  • #12 klezion

    Good build.Thank you!

  • #8 Volkihar

    How do I sustain in the Jungle with Zed..

  • #7 nbrannon92

    I almost always build a ravenous hydra when I play zed. The life steal and AOE are great for juggling pushing and sustainability early game. The active also adds to my ultimate burst damage. What's not to love? I was surprised not to see it in this build. Any thoughts?

  • #2 GothicPlague

    Max w before q? I think it should be the other way around imo. And btw FIRST!!!!

  • #3 jack_flacket

    w gives way more sustained damage at almost half the manacost and its an escape/flash

  • #4 ArcaneZaros

    Zed doesn't use mana :p

  • #5 Deathanatos

    Yeah Idk what the writer was thinking, get a point in W and max it last.  Getting more points in it just lowers the cost 10 energy and the cd 1 second which is definitely less useful than more damage and less cd on the AOE slash.

  • #6 Kureyami

    The point of maxing W is for trying to sustain your energy better when clearing camps or taking big objectives. You can max your Q second for high burst damage and kill potential, but W allows you to be more mobile and have more utility. Its honestly preference I think maxing W is better but others might think differently, remember this guide is how I like to play Jungle Zed.

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