• #23 clf

    MF counters Zyra in laning, cause she can just use her E and it will instantly kill any plants

  • #22 Pristal

    Thank you for the helpful guide.

  • #12 CurseZekent

    Hope this guide helps you guys out now that it's been updated for the Preseason! Enjoy!

  • #11 LauraOpenShot

    How do you take E on level 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.... i call hacks...

  • #10 aragorn42

    why do you build the guardian angel? I understand its purpose, but wouldn't it be better if you got another item to help your team like mikael's crucible or even left the slot open to buy more wards. I am just looking for the explanation of buying a GA i do not want to follow a build if i do not know the mechanics behind it

  • #8 Feranoxx

    is buying banner of command valid on her since her plants get the aura? or is it too gimmicky and not "supporty" enough to actually play it?

  • #9 Alclarity

    I've tried it in a few games, if you can rush it early and time it well with a lane push from base it helps alot more than it does later in game.. problem is rushing it early denies you things like sightstone and mikaels.. shurelias or twin shadows

  • #5 checrazy

    Zyra & MF best Bot lane in current meta =)

  • #4 Embighten

    I've been playing a lot of Support Zyra:

    I max W second over Q because the CDR is much better, allowing you to spam your E more.  Plus with one lvl in Q the plants spawned will deal the same amount of damage as they would at lvl 5, as plant damage is based on your character level, not the skill level, and Q's damage output isn't very good without AP.  Also something interesting I use for her item build is getting Zhonya's Hourglass, as it lets to survive teamfights better to get more CC down, plus you get armor to dampen the damage from the enemy AD carry, and AP to poke better.  I get GP10's first, but if we're racking up kills i'll go for hourglass.  Just my 2 cents

  • #3 TyrannonvanDazok

    I miss a very important spellcombo in lane.   E-W-Q-W. This makes one slow plant and a range plant and maximises damageoutput by one plant shot at least.


    Also i would like to know what you think about Rylai after GP10s and Wards. It feels strong on Zyra with that stacking slow. Ofc theres the standard build with aegis, shurelias and zeke, but this one has its own benefits.

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  • #1 Tellysavalas

    Recommended items + W skill rank 5 = 70% CDR.  A bit excessive I would think.

  • #2 salexpie

    That's probably due to supports being underleveled by late game, so you would generally have one level of w.

    Also some items look to be situational on her such as Zeke's Herald. You normally would only get that if your team greatly benefits from the aura.

  • #6 SkyDementor

    Funfact: the maximum of CDR is 40%

  • #7 Tellysavalas

    Yes, that's what I was saying.  The previous guide recommended a ton more CDR items + Zyra's 20% W.  It's been updated since my comment apparently.

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