Curse Invitational 1st Round: Dignitas vs Reflex Gaming

Curse Invitational 1st Round

Dignitas vs Reflex Gaming

February 11, 2012 (Ziggs Patch)

     Series 3 of the Curse Invitational is between teams Dignitas and Reflex Gaming (RFLX). Another easy prediction for me, I think DIgnitas will take this series no problem. Nothing against Reflex but a lot of the underdog teams in this invitational are also young teams, and it is ashamed they have to play against all these seasoned veterans but sometimes thats the way the brackets are seeded. Dignitas have been together a long time and their newest member IWillDominate is filling Jatt's shoes quite well I must say. He has proved to be quite a skilled player and great addition to the team, achieving 3rd place with the remaining core line up in Kiev.


Game 1(VoD)

     Both teams start the game by counter jungling each other’s read, while aggressive gestures, not much happened due to this. Cassiopeia left her lane to go bottom and caught Alistar trying to ward the river. She gets enough damage onto him for Sona and Corki to put the finishing touches on him and Corki pulls firstblood at 5:30!

     The game remained very passive and Dignitas maintained their lead by taking Dragon at 11:40. In bottom lane Corki and Sona killed Graves every time Creschendo was up, Alistar could do nothing about it. Corki was 3/0 16:15 into the game, and they picked up bot tower to boot!

     Sejuani who had been trying to gank middle for Annie all game finally finds herself in perfect alignment to hit her with Glacial Prison. The thing about ganking Cassiopeia though is that you need to kill her in your initial engagement before she has enough time to gain distance and use Petrifying Gaze, otherwise you can pay for this mistake with your life! That is exactly what happened, the combined power of Glacial Prison and Tibbers was not enough to kill Cass and she turned around and took Sejuani with her before dying to Annie. When Cassiopeia returned to lane she quickly killed Annie and this free’d up her team to take another Dragon at 19:30.

Gallery: Cassiopeia Gank

     Irelia pushes top lane distracting Kennen while the rest of her team pushes middle. Somehow Irelia kills Kennen under the tower and immediately Dignitas make the call to Baron, RFLX is aware of this and begin their pursuit. Alistar initiates for his team but is caught in a hasty Petrifying Gaze from Cassiopeia. With Alistar being the only person stunned the rest of RFLX is able to chain their ultimates showing their combined powers and killing 2 members of Dignitas, losing 3 of their own, but ultimately stopping Baron. RFLX’s comp begins to look quite strong as one can only imagine the damage they may have caused if Kennen had been in the team fight.

     RFLX is once again found playing passive and letting Dignitas walk all over the map. They are given a few godly opportunities to engage and chain their ultimates uninhibited but do not act on these opportunities. Recognizing the passivity of their enemy, Dignitas go kill Baron at 28:00 and kill the remaining middle towers and inhibitor.

     Dignitas are later found top lane pushing down the base tower of RFLX. Baron has worn off and RFLX finds the strength to initiate! They get a perfect chain of ultimates together but only manage to kill Shyvana and Graves, showing that they have just fallen too far behind for their composition to mean anything against the sheer item strength of Dignitas. The 3 remaining members of Dignitas manage to kill the top and middle inhibitors, and both Nexus Turrets before RFLX respawn and they are forced to retreat.

     Dig picks up Baron at 35:30 before marching back up middle to finish off RFLX. The teams engage each other in middle and Sona dies but sets her team up with a BACE *for the win.

Gallery: Final Stand

*BACE: Scoring an ACE and killing the enemy Base

Winner: Dignitas

Game 2 (VoD)

     This game started off very rocky for the team that was 0-1 in the series. Shyvana invaded the enemy jungle around level 3 to try and steal the red buff. Galio came in to assist her and Morgana came in from mid also to follow Galio. Maokai had just finished killing his golems and was extremely low (~100hp) and tossed a sapling at his red because Morgana saw Shyvana. Once vision was obtained Maokai flashed in to smite steal the Red and then used Twisted Advance on Shyvana, Galio quickly took him out with a Resolute Smite and both him and Shyvana escaped the jungle unharmed. It may have been possible that Maokai did not know Galio was with Shyvana but the mistake really harmed his team. Galio now was an unstoppable pushing force with double buffs and Maokai fell behind in the jungle compared to Shyvana, which allowed him to have no gank presence for much of the early game.

Gallery: Maokai Mistakes

Maokai went top lane to try and gank Lee Sin and regain some control of the game. The gank was successful; however, Rumble and Lee Sin killed each other meaning neither really gained a significant advantage. Shyvana continued her jungling and even managed to steal blue from the enemy side. Miss Fortune also killed Graves bottom.

     Maokai headed bottom to try and gank his lane but Miss Fortune had already turned the damage on to Graves. Maokai arrives to late and Graves is killed and then Shyvana shows up to help secure the kill onto Maokai as well. Soraka is the only one left alive and she is chased down by Miss Fortune and Nunu who pick up the kill, making bottom lane a 3-0 pickup for Dignitas. Because everyone on Dignitas was low and had to recall from the slaughter bottom, RFLX try and capitalize on their absence by doing Dragon but they are unable to kill it fast enough and Dignitas manages to kill it anyways at 11:30.

Immediately following Dragon, Dignitas start to chase the outlying members of RFLX towards their bottom tower. Nunu manages to Ice Blast Soraka and she is taken down immediately leaving her team without a support! Morgana and Graves are now trapped at their tower with all 5 members of Dignitas just waiting for the creeps to come so they can dive. Galio runs in and uses his Idol of Durand to keep Morgana in place and tank the tower, while Lee Sin kicks Graves to death. Galio is rooted by Morgana and dies to the tower while Rumble shows up and kill Shyvana before dying to Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune is then killed by the tower and Maokai is left to face Nunu and Lee Sin. The yeti and monk cleverly bounce tower aggro and Lee Sin lands the final blow onto Maokai before using Iron Will to escape the tower range with 5hp! A crazy team fight by Dignitas, going 5-3 in total!

     The game starts to get really sloppy from here on by Dignitas. Shyvana and Galio invade to steal blue but they are caught by Maokai, Morgana, and Rumble. Shyvana is killed but Lee Sin comes down from top and kills Rumble and holds off Morgana and Maokai while Galio gets blue. In bottom lane Nunu kills Graves and Miss Fortune tower dives Soraka but does not escape alive. Dignitas manage to get 3 more kills for their team but not without losing at least 1 per exchange.

     Another sloppy engage by Dignitas happens by the enemy red. Galio pushes middle and invades but he is caught by Morgana and Maokai! Nunu and MF come to help but then all 5 members of RFLX are there. MF manages to kill Soraka and Maokai before her and all her team mates die, a 3-2 exchange in favor of RFLX. Dignitas is not really relinquishing their lead but they are not making wise decisions while having such an advantage.

     Dignitas finally meet RFLX in the first 5v5 since dragon in the river just below Baron. Both teams split up and damage and kills are everywhere. Morgana lands her ultimate on a lot of people, killing Lee Sin, but she dies. Galio holds some people in place with his ultimate but is hit in the face by Collateral Damage and killed by Graves. Nunu chases gets a big yeti slap on Rumble and denies Soraka’s escape with an Ice Blast allowing Shyvana to close in on the kill. A 3-2 exchange in favor of Dignitas.

     RFLX regroups quicker than Dignitas and manage to catch Galio and Shyvana away from the team, killing them both and taking down the middle tower. Lee Sin begins pushing on the tower top and Graves comes to defend it but he is flanked by Nunu who slows him so Lee Sin can get in reach. Graves manages to escape with some heals from Soraka but Galio uses Resolute Smite over the wall and picks up the kill which prompts a feigned retreat from Dignitas, leaving Lee Sin alone against the 4 responding members of RFLX. Lee Sin is so durable at this point that he provides the perfect bait for his team and Dignitas reemerge from the jungle to engage and they kill everyone except Morgana, only losing Nunu, and they go pick up Baron at 23:15.

Gallery: Graves

     Dignitas continues their sloppy play while they have Baron and are unable to utilize it for anything devastating because Galio gets caught alone, preventing his team from engaging in a proper team fight to end the game. The span of Galio’s mistake last until the next Baron spawn. RFLX know they need to get Baron or win a team fight now so they head to Baron to try and bait Dignitas. Dignitas ignores this and push down the remaining mid towers and start to do work on the inhibitor. This causes RFLX to hastily engage and they are overpowered by Dignitas. They manage to kill Shyvana and Galio but get BACED in the process and game 2 goes to Dignitas ending the series.

Winner: Dignitas



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